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Best Rival 2 slice toaster


2-Slice toasters from Rival – Ratings & Informative guide


The best 2 slice toasters are not just from major appliance brands. Sometimes, it takes a Rival to take on the giants and prove that great things can come in simple packages. For consumers who want to try out a different brand that offers competitive price and genuine value for money, it pays to know what distinguishes the Rival brand from others on the market.

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster from Rival:



Ease of Use

The best Rival 2 slice toaster is engineered to be easy to use. Rival two-slice toasters don’t need a rocket scientist to figure out their full functionality. The units are pretty straightforward, no bells and whistles to leave the user scratching their head in confusion. The levers and knobs or dials work like any other similar component on other toasters. Toasting functions and shade settings ensure comfortable and basic bread toasting.


User Safety

The best Rival 2 slice toaster models come with a high-lift lever that raises the toast to an optimal height to allow problem-free extraction without the need for a kitchen tool to pry the cooked bread out. The toast can be removed easily. The bread slots are also made wide enough to accommodate English muffins and small baked goods without a hitch.



Bread slots on Rival two-slice toasters are made extra wide to fit bagels and thick slices of bread. The machines are equipped with four functions. The Bagel setting allows users to enjoy nicely toasted cut sides and exceptionally warm uncut sides on Bagels. The Defrost function allows problem-free, single-cycle cooking of frozen bread. The Cancel feature ensures hassle-free stopping of the cycle when the user feels the toast is cooked fine without the need to finish the entire cycle. The Reheat feature brings toast to a freshly warm temperature without overcooking.



3 Best Rival 2 Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2021



It pays to know that Rival products are available on the market to give consumers a genuine choice on what two-slice toaster to get for the kitchen. It can be a refreshing experience to be able to find good Rival products on the market that can take on the giant brands easily. Three Rival two-slice toasters are described below to simplify any shopping experience.



1. Rival 16041 2-Slice Toaster White


2.-Rival-16041-2-Slice-ToasterDesigned to deliver advanced toasting capability, the Rival 16041 2-Slice Toaster makes a great addition to your collection of kitchen equipment. It has wide slots that enable effortless placement of slices of bread and other bread-based items.

Extraction of the toast is not an issue, as the unit has a high-lift function on its bread slots to raise the cooked bread high up for easy removal. The bread slots have auto-centering guides to ensure that bread items are in full contact with the heating element for even browning results. The browning knob provides six different settings so everyone in the home can enjoy bread cooked as they prefer.

The browning knob is easy to use so selection/control is effortless. Thanks to the Cancel function, the user can stop the toasting cycle midway even when it’s not yet completed. This proves to be a convenient functionality when you feel the bread is toasted sufficiently to your liking.

The crumb tray removes easily for hassle-free cleaning out of small bits of bread and bread crumbs in the slots. This 750-watt toaster provides great toasting results.


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2. 2-Slice Toaster Rival


Equipped with stainless steel components and a smart and sharp black housing, the Rival 2-slice toaster makes toast exactly the way the user wants. It has a control knob that allows effortless selection of the level of doneness, so users can select from light to dark to enjoy their toast.

This eliminates the guesswork, ensuring that bread is cooked exactly the way you want. The toaster makes it easy to take cooked bread out of the carriage, thanks to the wide slots and the high-lift functionality. The self-centering bread guides ensure that slices are placed optimally close to the heating element of the toaster, to ensure consistent cooking results.

The black finish provides a consistently neat look by not being prone to smudges and scratches that can mar the flawless appearance of the machine. The black finish also makes it easy to wipe off smudges and fingerprints.

The recessed sides make the toaster easy to lift and transfer from one location to another. This toaster accommodates thick bread slices and bagels for a variety of breakfast staples.


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3. Rival Premiere Collection TT6200 KS


1With four easy-to-use functions, the Rival Premiere Collection TT6200 KS makes a nice addition to any kitchen gear collection. The toaster allows users to cook bagels exactly how they should be cooked: nicely browned and crispy to the bite on the cut side and warm on the round side.

The Defrost function ensures single-cycle toasting of frozen items straight from the freezer, eliminating the need to use a separate cycle to thaw the bread out first. The Reheat feature ensures that toast doesn’t get overcooked when re-warmed. The Cancel function stops the toasting cycle even when it’s not yet done, so users can enjoy the toast when they want to.

The Rival Premiere Collection TT6200 KS ensures effortless removal of food items from the carriage thanks to the extra lift lever. The toaster is designed to be durable for lasting use. The controls are easy to learn and will not require a steep learning curve to utilize fully. The adjustable shade selector enables every member of the family to enjoy toast just the way they prefer, from light to dark and any level in between.