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Best rice milk maker


Rice milk makers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you are here just to find the best rice milk machines, Grandma Jen recommends the Tribest Soyabella SB-130 as it offers the best performance at a fair price. This model is a budget-friendly choice that offers more than enough value for every penny spent. It’s easy to use, convenient, and boasts a filterless design, which means that it is even easy to clean. Besides, it even comes with several accessories that you can utilize to get the most out of the appliance. For example, you can employ it as a typical coffee grinder, if that’s what’s on your mind. What’s more, most of the people who have chosen it seem to have only good things to say about it, so why shouldn’t you consider it, as well? If you can’t find the Tribest Soyabella SB-130 in stock, your next best option should be the Presto Pure IAE15 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a rice milk maker


Nothing beats a fresh cup of rice milk in the morning. Whether you’re lactose-intolerant, vegan, or simply looking to cut down on dairy products, a rice milk maker machine can help you achieve your goals both efficiently and conveniently.

Most of the models we have analyzed can be used with various types of nuts, as well, which means that you’ll be able to get the most out of the product. To make an informed decision and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, just throw an eye on our easy-to-read buyer’s guide.

Capacity matters

One of the first details that you have to bear in mind is the amount of rice milk that you want to prepare at once. Some people live in households where up to other three or four members of their family might want some rice milk, as well. In that case, you need a higher capacity model.

On the other hand, if you live alone or just with your partner, you may want a smaller machine. Sometimes, it comes down to this. If you choose a high-capacity unit right off the bat, you may be able to use it and later, once your family becomes bigger. If you get a low-capacity alternative, you might end up selling it or giving it away at some point or the other.


Look at the interior lining

Whether you intend to use the machine for preparing rice milk for your baby, toddler, teenage son or daughter, yourself, or the rest of your friends and family, you need to make sure that the interior lining of the appliance has not been constructed using plastic.

The healthiest choice is a model that boasts a stainless steel iron lining. The only issue is that such units tend to be a tad more expensive than their plastic counterparts. However, you’re investing in your health and that of your loved ones, so make sure you choose wisely.


Ease of use and convenience

Cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be a tedious process that you end up worrying about. There are two designs that need to be taken into account nowadays. While some models are filterless, others come with a filter. The first are remarkably easy to clean, but the second need time and effort on your end.

Most people have nothing against using individual filters, cheese cloths, or any other method of their choice just to know that their appliance is cleaned spotless in a timely fashion. So, you should choose the unit that best suits your needs and preferences.



3 Best Rice Milk Makers (Reviews) in 2021



While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can at least suggest several that have won the hearts of buyers all over the world. Since the following units have acquired the best rice milk maker reviews, we thought we’d include them in our selection.



1. Tribest Soyabella SB-130 Soymilk and Nut Milk Maker


The neat thing about this Tribest model is that it can be utilized with all sorts of nuts, whether they’re cashews, almonds, soybeans, or any others that might have crossed your mind. Rice milk can also be prepared with the help of this product, and you might want to know that it’s also available as a set with the assistance of which you can even make tofu.

This particular alternative can be used for making rice milk in as little as fifteen minutes. If you’re into raw vegan food, you needn’t worry about anything as this unit can prepare a batch of rice milk in as little as thirty seconds.

Because it is equipped with an efficient grinder, this model can also be tailored to your various other needs. Some owners have reported using it as a coffee grinder, and it appears that it does a great job. Many buyers speak highly of its capabilities and say that it has managed to go beyond their expectations.

If you have little children, you might want to know whether or not this model features parts made of plastic. To put your mind at ease, we’ll let you know that it does not and that even its grinder is made of stainless steel.



If you have been looking for a model that will make it possible for you to make rice milk in a short period, then this model will definitely help you with this. It is capable of making rice milk in just fifteen minutes.

Moreover, it may also be used as a coffee grinder, it is not just a rice milk maker, since it includes different accessories that make the model fit to use for various purposes.

This product is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable and safe to use. It is very important because, we all know, plastic parts may give off toxins.

You can rest assured that this model is safe for you and for your kids, because it contains no plastic parts that can get heated.



Washing the model can be a pain if you don’t clean it right after having used it. People advise placing the filter in a jug of water after you’re done with it.


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2. Idavee Brand Presto Pure IAE15 1.9 Liter Automatic Hot Soy Milk


The Presto Pure IAE15 is the ideal helper in any kitchen as it can assist with the making of various recipes, including, but not limited to, soups, juices, porridges, and milk from rice, nuts, or seeds. You can experiment with various recipes hassle-free, and you can start feeding your family a more nutritious and healthier diet, by including more foods that are easy to digest and contain high-quality ingredients.

The stainless steel body has two layers to ensure proper insulation for the foods cooked inside. A feature you will surely appreciate is the filterless grinding, which will make the unit easy to clean once you’re done with it.

You will also love its sleek design. Created to have the same size as a regular coffee maker, this excellent rice milk machine will integrate perfectly with the rest of your layout. The half a gallon capacity makes it one of the largest on the market, and that is why it is so easy to use for cooking healthy soups, milk, or porridges for the entire family.

The inside of the unit, including the blades, is also made from stainless steel, so the machine is easy to clean, and it is not at risk of rusting.



Besides being a great tool for preparing different types of food, such as soups or porridges, this model also does a good job when it comes to making rice milk.

Another important feature is that the body of this model is made of stainless steel which means it is durable and furthermore, insulated.

It has an eye-catching design and a good size. This will make it easier for you to use the model and clean it, of course.

What is very important is that the item has a self-cleaning function which has the purpose of helping you with the cleaning and which will make your life a lot easier.

The half gallon capacity of this alternative makes it one of the favorite options of those who like their nut or rice milk pretty much every day.



If you don’t add enough water, the bottom might burn.


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3. SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker & Soup Maker


An improvement over a former model that has enjoyed a lot of popularity with users, the SoyaJoy G4 offers everything you want in a rice milk maker. As you may already suspect, it is not only good for making rice milk, and it can be used for a wide variety of foods.

The Perfect Grind feature ensures that you will obtain the maximum milk output you can get from rice, nuts, or seeds, depending on your preferences. The five functions available make cooking a breeze, and you would not believe how easy it is to make excellent recipes at home. Besides milk, you can make soups and porridges, and the filter-free design ensures that cleaning the unit will not be a chore.

The model also comes equipped with a boil over sensor. You can be sure that no mess will occur in your kitchen, which is a big plus. Also, you will notice the water markings on the pitcher that will indicate the amount of ingredients and water to pour inside without risking anything.

A few accessories, such as a mesh filter, a plastic pitcher and a cleaning pad are supplied with your purchase. They will make the cooking process easier, and, all in all, they make this excellent rice milk maker stand up above the competition head and shoulders.



The interesting thing about this model is that it comes with a boil over sensor which will help you rest assured that your kitchen will not be a mess while preparing something.

More than that, the rice milk maker has water markings that will help you see how much water and how many ingredients are inside.

Another aspect you might want to know about is that this item comes with a plastic pitcher, a mesh filter and a cleaning pad. They are absolutely necessary and you will not lose time looking for them online since they’re included in the deal.

This new model has 5 automatic functions that stand for various types of food, such as soups or raw kinds of milk.



There’s no temperature barrier on the outside and since it is made of stainless steel, it can be hot to the touch. Users are advised to keep the appliance outside the reach of children when in use.


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Unavailable products


Gourmia GSM1150


If you are looking for a more affordable option, be sure to check out this Gourmia model as it also has people raving about its functions. One of the core advantages offered by its design is that it has been outfitted with several simple buttons with the help of which you can select any of the five available settings.

Another reason you ought to give some thought to this option is that it takes the cake when it comes to versatility. It can be used for many applications as you can cook anything from compotes, smoothies, and all sorts of beverages, to rice milk, veggie juice, and soups. All of this can be done with the same machine.

Besides, the model features an anti-scald protection that enables you to maneuver the appliance both efficiently and safely. Something that needs to be underlined is that this product does not feature an interior lining made of plastic.

The exterior design might put off some people as it has a plastic cover. Nonetheless, the internal components are made of stainless steel, so this nut milk maker is safe to use. Based on the owner feedback, it appears that this is a perfect choice for compact kitchens especially as it can do so many things.




Joyoung DJ13U-D81SG


Despite being a bit pricier compared to other alternatives, the fact of the matter is that this Joyoung appliance is one of the most convenient and versatile units we have stumbled upon. It is a smart nut and bean milk maker as it can be computer controlled. In fact, the model is so cutting-edge that it even allows you to utilize it on a totally automatic mode.

Because the grinder that this choice has been equipped with is said to be extremely efficient, you can even drink the milk without having to strain it. At least that’s what the manufacturing brand is saying about the product.

While this advantage still has to be seen by some of the people who have bought it as they report tasting the grittiness, the model does an excellent job if you were to estimate its value solely by its non-dairy milk making properties.

Other users say that this particular model works better than an older version as the concoctions turn out considerably smoother. In the end, it might boil down to your personal preferences and your taste sensitivity. The bottom line is that, since the blades that this unit has been equipped with are very sharp, it gets the job done as it should.