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3 Best Reusable Chopsticks – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Reusable Chopstick + Reviews


Everyone loves a good Asian dish but with that also comes the constant wonder – should you eat the noodles with the fork or should you try, for the millionth time, to learn how to use the chopsticks properly? Believe it or not, finding a decent pair of chopsticks to eat with could prove a difficult task, especially since the ones offered by takeout restaurants are of poor quality. If you are looking to find the best reusable chopsticks, Grandma Jen considers that you should opt for the Happy Sales HSKS7/B because the set is perfect for traveling, it features a beautiful Cherry blossom design, and the chopsticks feature textured tips for enhanced gripping. If you cannot find the Happy Sales HSKS7/B, opting for the Happy Sales HSKS3/B instead would be a smart move in terms of quality, design, and price.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you are not pleased with the poor-quality chopsticks provided by your favorite Asian restaurants, but still want a decent pair, you have come to the right place. Below you find a comprehensive guide of the most important features to look for if you want to find the best reusable chopsticks.

Materials used

Historically, chopsticks have been around in China for over 5,000 years, so you would think the Chinese people have found the right material to use in their creation. Traditionally, chopsticks are made from bamboo wood and are easy to split. This type of wood is found in large areas throughout Asia, so it comes as no surprise that more and more cultures borrowed the practice and started creating their own types of chopsticks.

Even though wood is the most popular material for making chopsticks, the wealthy people in Asia used to have chopsticks made from animal bones and precious metals, often enough engraved and painted in true works of art. Nowadays, one of the most common material used is plastic. However, the best travel chopsticks remain those made out of wood because they are reliable, lightweight, and durable enough.


Shape and style

Depending on the Asian country you will visit, you may be surprised to find out that chopsticks vary both in shape and in length. For instance, traditional Chinese chopsticks are longer, more square, and blunt at the tip, while Korean and Japanese chopsticks are similar, meaning rounded, more slender, and tapered to the tip.

You can choose the best wood chopsticks depending on your favorite Asian culture or the one closest to your knowledge or expectations.

If you’re not really sure how to pick a good pair of chopsticks, you can easily go through reusable chopsticks reviews online and find the most affordable and convenient products for you available for sale.



The design is another important aspect when searching for the perfect pair of reusable chopsticks. Throughout the years, these simple eating tools have become the symbol of beauty and craftsmanship, so you should definitely consider this aspect if you plan on buying a good pair of chopsticks. Look for engraved wood designs, colorful designs or the ones that depict specific tales if you want to have a unique set.

Keep in mind that the most beautiful chopsticks remain the wood ones because they can be easily carved, painted, and sculpted to become true works of art. On the other hand, metal chopsticks will give you a more sophisticated look, and they can also come in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.



3 Best Reusable Chopsticks (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The best reusable chopsticks are showcased below. Earning top scores from most of our online reviewers, these three products represent the perfect choice for both unskilled and professional chopsticks users.



1. Happy Sales HSKS7/B Travel Chopstick with Case


The set consists of one pair of chopsticks, and one decorative chopstick box to take it with you every time you travel. Bring your own chopsticks to the table and help restaurants go greener by reducing waste on regular plastic chopsticks.

This product features a wonderful Cherry blossom design on a black background and is perfect for all elegant ladies who want to show off their style through the slightest details. Since these chopsticks come in an elegant keeping box, they make the perfect birthday gift or small party favor everywhere you go.

These are specific Japanese chopsticks that come with textured tips for enhanced gripping. This pair of chopsticks will stay firm in your hand and won’t slide back, helping you pick the perfect grab of food every time. The chopsticks are suitable both for beginners and for professional users.

Most customers who purchased the product were pleased with its quality, claiming the chopsticks come with a great, bright design, and are comfortable and firm to use. However, against what it was advertised, these chopsticks are made from hard plastic, and not lacquered wood. If you were looking for a pair of traditional bamboo wood chopsticks, you might want to consider other products.


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2. Happy Sales HSKS3/B Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks


This item is sold for a very convenient price and can make a great party favor or even birthday present to those who love Asian culture. The chopsticks come with a matching case with the same beautiful floral print. Made in Japan, these chopsticks strictly follow the Japanese culture and customs to provide authentic eating experiences in the comfort of your own home or at the restaurant.

You can now have the chance to go green and save the planet by taking these beautifully crafted chopsticks with you everywhere you go. From takeout restaurants to real cuisine restaurants, these reusable chopsticks will add glamour and sophistication to every course you are serving.

The product is evenly lacquered, and the ridged tips for better gripping are everything you need to have an exceptional culinary experience, no matter what you’re eating. From sushi delights to noodles or chicken, these chopsticks are skillfully crafted to help you eat as fast as with a fork.

Although most of the clients who purchased this product were more than pleased with the showcased quality, we must say that the chopsticks are, in fact, made of plastic and not lacquered wood as displayed.


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3. Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Long Lightweight Chopstick


If you already master the chopsticks art, this set of metal eating tools is the perfect one for you. The chopsticks are made from durable and hard metal with a silver tone to provide a comfortable, yet safe experience every time you eat. The item is more durable than regular bamboo chopsticks and ten times more durable than the disposable ones made from cheap plastic.

The swirly design combined with the tapered end provides easy food pickup from all angles, ensuring you will finish eating dinner before the food gets cold.

The size of these chopsticks is 8.8 inches and are crafted in the traditional Chinese style. The item includes five different pairs, suitable to feed an entire hungry family at once.

Thanks to the lightweight design you won’t feel tired even after prolonged use, so you can rest assured you will enjoy all the delights of a traditional Asian meal without injuring your fingers.

One thing to keep into consideration is that metal or stainless steel chopsticks are mainly intended for professionals or at least those who know how to handle regular chopsticks at first. If you’re new to this, we suggest first practicing with other materials such as wood or hard plastic.


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