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Best red 4 slice toaster


Red 4-slice toasters – Ratings & Informative guide


What’s the best red 4 slice toaster? If you are struggling with separating the wheat from the chaff, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always keen on giving a helping hand to prospective buyers, so we’ve put together an informative guide. Remember to read as much info as possible before finalizing a purchase and correlate your needs and requirements to the features of the product you’re looking for.

A.1 Red 4 slice toaster


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 4-slice toaster:




With toasters, safety is a no-brainer, as it pretty much refers to insulation. Since it’s difficult to realize whether you’ll be suffering from any burns once you buy and use the unit, we recommend going through some customer reviews. Other buyers can let you know if the chosen unit is cool to touch.



Some people like bagels, while others prefer waffles or English muffins. To make sure that you’ll be able to prepare all of these in the morning, choose a model that comes with special functions, ranging from bagel to warm and reheat settings.


Price and recommendations

Nothing beats consumer ratings if you want to get the right toaster. Some users write detailed reviews on the price, convenience and durability of their chosen models, so be sure to check them out.



3 Best Red 4-Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2021



To considerably improve anyone’s buying journey, we’ve compiled a list of the three most acclaimed units we have stumbled upon during our research. All of the following appliances have been granted the appreciation of many American and worldwide buyers and are generally known for being the best 4 slice toasters out there.



1. Dualit 4 Slice Classic Toaster Apple Candy Red


If you have been looking for an alternative that is well worth your time and money, perhaps you should take the time to look at the specs of the Dualit 47171. Aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, it’s also a good alternative for those prospective buyers looking for convenience and versatility.

Since it has been outfitted with extra-wide slots, there won’t be anything stopping you from using this toaster with anything from frozen waffles to bagels and even buns. A broad variety of bread can also be utilized, but that would be expected from an appliance built with the needs of the modern user in mind.

A stainless steel construction and design are beneficial for a number of reasons, and since the Dualit 47171 boasts it, we might as well go into detail. On the one hand, this feature means that the toaster will withstand the test of time. On the other, you’ll only have to wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel in case any accidental spills happen in its proximity.

Most of the people who have selected this unit say that it’s capable of outstanding performance and that it even looks good on their countertops.



This model has every feature you might be looking for in a red 4-slice toaster, and that’s because it is a clear winner in terms of versatility. It comes with extra-wide 28mm slots that can accommodate a variety of bagels, bread, and even buns.

Given that the unit has been equipped with a removable crumb tray, you will be able to clean it with ease, without having to put in an effort.

As a stylish alternative, it is very likely that the Dualit 47171 will blend in the interior design of your kitchen and go well with the rest of your red appliances.

The stainless steel body that this model has been outfitted with can ensure resilience and ease of cleaning.



Some owners have expressed concerns about the shipping process as their ordered models came with one or two dents. However, the customer service was swift to resolve the problem.


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2. Cuisinart CPT 180MR Classic 4-Slice Toaster Metallic Red


2.Cuisinart CPT-180MRIf you are looking for style and convenience but are not willing to break your entire budget over a toaster, you might have just found what you are looking for.

The Cuisinart variety is considerably more affordable compared to the formerly mentioned KitchenAid unit, but a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality.

Granted, the CPT-180MR might not come with the same number of features as the previously described unit, but it takes the cake when it comes to user experience.

The Cuisinart CPT-180MR features six setting browning dials, defrost and bagel buttons. All of the buttons have LED indicators, which means that the appliance is easy to customize even in the morning, when people’s visions isn’t as well-defined as during the rest of the day.

The unit can be bought in a variety of colors, ranging from metallic red to brushed stainless. The CPT-180MR is backed by a 3-year consumer warranty.



An affordable product that still offers a reasonable array of modern features and is particularly easy to use.

It allows the users to choose his or her favorite bread color with six browning settings and moisture heavy pastries such as bagels can be easily handled by selecting the dual toast setting.

LED indicators next to the dials will prove helpful in the dim light of the morning. Other features that increase user experience include a sliding tray to easy discard crumbs and a cord wrap underneath the unit to manage power cords when not in use.

Many people find its retro design very appealing. You can’t really go wrong with the ‘50s classic look. It’s become such a big part of American aesthetics that will probably never go out of fashion.



A number of customers have complained about the lack of reliability after 5 or 6 months of use. This is somewhat alleviated by the three-year warranty and service offered by the manufacturer.


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3. KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster


1.KitchenAid KMT4203CAThis KitchenAid variety is probably the best red 4 slice toaster on the market today. Somehow, the developers of this model have managed to construct the perfect appliance both for professional and home use.

The KMT4203CA combines versatility with a beautiful design all the while offering the convenience of some of the most popular functions that people are looking for nowadays.

The model can be purchased in two color variants: black and red.

Some of the most attractive features of this variety stand in the automatic lift and lower function, the seven shade settings and the bagel and frozen functions.

This is an easy-to-use and convenient 4-slice toaster that does what it is supposed to do and does it well.



It has a multitude of smart features for added convenience, including a sensor that detects whenever bread is placed in the slot and lowers it automatically. Since the manual levers used on older models were notorious for breaking easily, this function also contributes to greater reliability.

Adaptable to your needs, the user can choose from seven different shade settings according to his preferences in toast color and crunchiness.

Bread is automatically kept warm for up to three minutes after toasting, thanks to the aptly named Keep Warm function. This greatly decreases the urgency for user involvement in the process, making your morning routine more comfortable.

Highly versatile product, it can be used for toasting bagels and defrosting bread or waffles of appropriate size



Users have noticed the bread is automatically lowered for another cycle if kept in the machine for too long after it’s done toasting. This won’t spoil the toast but can be slightly inconvenient nevertheless.


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Unavailable products


Nesco T1600-12


3.Nesco T1600-12We felt compelled to include the Nesco T1600-12 in this list, as it is probably the most affordable unit we’ve come across. While some online marketplaces sell it for a little over one hundred dollars, Amazon customers can benefit from the retailer’s sale discounts and get it at a much friendlier price.

The functions of this unit include bagel, defrost and cancel. The reheat one is part of the deal and can be utilized for warming cold breads.

As is the case with other products in the same line, this one has a high lift feature that allows users to remove the toast safely and in a timely fashion. Cleaning the Nesco T1600-12 is a piece of cake, as it features a slide-out crumb tray.

Believe it or not, the Nesco variety has gathered only positive reviews, which means that 100% of the individuals who’ve chosen this variety have never felt sorry for having purchased it. Most of the buyers emphasize that the unit has all the features one might ever look for and offers great value for the price.