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If you have been trying to find the best raclette tabletop grill, Grandma Jen recommends the Swissmar KF-77041 as it appears to be the most highly recommended choice in the line. It is a convenient and versatile appliance that comes with eight heat-resistant spatulas and eight raclette dishes, as well as a reversible cooking surface. With the help of this model, you will have no trouble taking your friendly meetings to a whole new level by allowing your family and buddies to cook their own food as they wish. Also, the heat control that the unit has been equipped with is an advantage in itself as it allows you to customize the process as you like.you can safely rely on the functionality and ease of use of the Swissmar unit instead of working in the kitchen for an entire day before your guests arrive. If the Swissmar KF-77041 is unavailable, be sure to consider the second best option, the Swissmar KF-77045.



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If you want a cheese-based filling meal that encourages interactivity around the dining table or between guests at your party, the best raclette tabletop grill should do just the trick. Like a chocolate fondue, the raclette grill creates a relaxed and informal dining atmosphere, where dining participants cook what they put in their food servings and do the cheese handling themselves. This way, the host is freed from all the cooking and serving and just has to make sure all the food options are constantly refilled and to everyone’s preference.

B. Raclette table top grill

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a raclette tabletop grill:



Variable Heating Capability

Most of the products found in the best raclette grill reviews employ electric heating elements offering the convenience of adjustability. The top tier can cook meat and veggies and not just warm them up, thanks to the heating components generating more than enough heat. This is while ensuring the cheese on the raclette trays at the bottom tier do not get burned.


Reliable Cooking Convenience

Although the origin of the raclette is racler, literally meaning ‘to scrape’, the cooking surfaces of a raclette grill should not make you work hard to scrape off the cheese and the variety of food items you cook on it. Most models come with one heat resistant spatula or several that you can use to remove the cheese from the raclette dishes, and they also ship with heat-protected raclette tongs that allow you to turn and remove the food. Non-stick surfaces such as ceramic coating, teflon and other types of non-stick coating should be featured in the cooking surface of the grill and the raclette trays.

Some premium models come with a second (or even an only) cooktop made of granite , giving an alternative cooking surface offering moderate yet consistent heat. This granite slab is often a favorite component for many users and is what is considered the most exciting thing about the best raclette tabletop grill.

The nonstick cooktop component can have either a flat or ridged surface or both, to accommodate every user’s preference.


Easy Use and Maintenance

The controls should be pretty straightforward, so you basically just switch the grill on and just cook the food. The unit can be placed on the table and everybody can have their turn cooking their party food.

Cleanups should be easy using warm water and a clean dishcloth to wipe the food debris away without the need for abrasive cleaners and tough tools.



Some models are made for a romantic dinner for two, serving the dining needs of two people. Others offer service for four, while models that come in the higher price ranges can serve from 8 to as many as 12. The larger number of persons served means greater versatility and more interaction between more diners.

Choose the one that offers adequate service for your application.



4 Best Raclette Tabletop Grills (Reviews) in 2020



1. Swissmar KF-77041 Classic 8 Person Raclette with Reversible Cast


2.Swissmar KF-77041 Gourmet 8-PersonShipped to the buyer with 8 raclette dishes and 8 heat-resistant spatulas, the Swissmar KF-77041 Gourmet 8-Person raclette grill puts a flair of variety, a touch of fun and class to any dinner party. The party host can enjoy the event along with the guests without having to do all the hard work.

The food options for grilling are simply laid out on the table along with the 8.9-pound, 17.8- by 11.5- by 6.7-inch raclette grill so everyone can handle the food making themselves. Offering a healthier way to dine, this unit features a reversible nonstick cooktop where everyone can grill their choice of veggies, seafood or meat while broiling the cheese and sauces on the raclette dishes on the bottom tier.

The 8 included heat-resistant spatulas make sauce or cheese scraping easy and safe. To ensure nothing less than perfect results, the unit comes with variable heat control for easy and hassle-free use. A recipe booklet helps you get started with some terrific food suggestions.

Built to North American electrical standards, this raclette grill offers a unique dining experience as well as tabletop entertaining. This time, the host doesn’t have to do all the hard work and simply joins the party!


It has a considerable loading capacity, coming with eight heat-resistant spatulas and eight cheese dishes, which means it can be used to serve as many as eight people at once – more than enough for the everyday needs of a family.

This model has a reversible grill top which is coated with a non-stick base, making it perfect for grilling and making crepes and any other edible specialties.

The heat can be controlled and adjusted to obtain excellent results, regardless of the dish you are preparing.

A user manual with delicious recipes is also included and contains many different cooking ideas, all of which can be made by using the raclette table grill. It allows you to customize the cooking process with ease.  



It does not include a granite cooking surface, and even though one can be fitted without too many problems, it has to be bought separately and only after you are sure it will match the size of the grill.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($108.5)





2. Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette with Granite Stone 


3.Swissmar 8 Person Red Classic with Granite StoneFrom Swissmar comes this 8-Person Red Classic Raclette Grill with Granite Stone that transforms the party atmosphere to a classy, fun and exciting event every time. The reversible nonstick plate lets you grill meats and veggies while the cheese melts in the raclette dishes on the bottom tier.

Equipped with a capable heating element that outputs 1200 watts of power, the raclette grill is geared with variable heat control for easy and efficient use. The included heat-resistant spatulas make it easy to scrape the melted cheese onto the grilled food. Built to North American electrical standards, this is the best raclette grill you can get for the money!

The granite stone heats up longer than the non stick cooktop but maintains its temperature longer, ensuring consistent grilling performance. Your guests can cook right at the table so they can create their own personalized dishes in just minutes while you join them in the conversation.

This raclette grill makes dining interactive every time, and family dining genuinely shared experiences. Nobody gets relegated to doing all of the cooking chores since diners are encouraged to make their food their own way. All the food items for grilling are just laid out on the table, along with the cheese, sauces and seasonings so everyone can control what goes into their food.



This raclette tabletop grill has a large capacity, and can feed up to 8 people at once. Coming with just as many spatulas and raclette dishes, it is more than enough for the everyday family dinners.

The item includes a granite stone grill top measuring nine by 14 inches, this being a significant advantage over similar products.

It is easy to clean and take care of, requiring little time to be set up and ready for use.

Another positive feature is the fully adjustable heat control, which allows you to vary the temperature depending on the dish you are cooking. The 1200 watts of installed power is more than enough for casual cooking.

Last but not least, the grill is backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.



Some users claim that feeding eight persons is not possible, as with a maximum payload they could only prepare meals for 5 or 6 hosts.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($100.21)





3. Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette Table-Top Party Grill


Despite being one of the most reasonably priced choices available for sale nowadays, this Gourmia option might be just the perfect option if you have a small family or don’t plan on organizing large parties. Because of its shape and design, this unit can be utilized by as many as six people, so you should try to keep your expectations a bit realistic.

While it is smaller than other units out there, the fact of the matter is that the GEG1400 is considerably more entertaining than many of its competitors as it comes with a party grill, a sombrero grill, as well as a cone bowl.

The cooking surfaces are easy to clean and won’t require you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen following your party. Plus, the versatility ensured by this appliance cannot be denied as it can be used for preparing many types of dishes. You’ll have no trouble preparing anything ranging from s’mores to veggies, cheese, seafood, and meats.

Another detail that seems to be worth mentioning about this product is that it is compact and convenient and that its design allows you to disassemble it with ease. This way, you won’t have to leave it on your countertop forever as you will benefit from the freedom of storing it wherever you have enough space.



The product is one of the most affordable options you can obtain in this category, but it also has great value for the money. It is suitable for small parties, being capable of feeding six people at most.

This model comes with a unique control dial which can be used to adjust the temperature depending on the dish you are preparing.

Easy to use , the item can be read from more angles without difficulty.

It also features a sombrero-like top, on which one can peg on meat or vegetables for quick grilling, and a bowl for broths and steaming.

Another positive aspect is the certification, which guarantees that you will be receiving a safe, efficient and high-quality cooking device.  



The top part is hard to clean with spikes on it, and even when removed cleaning is not that easy. It is bulky and might require more space for storage than other products.


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4. Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette 8-Person


1.Hamilton Beach 31602The 11-inch by 11-inch nonstick cooktop isn’t the only thing going for the Hamilton Beach 31602. There’s also the lower tier holding 8 trays for 8 users to melt cheese on for topping the grilled food. Perfect for impromptu parties at home, this unit will even encourage conversation between guests at a party.

Enabling diners to make their food their own way, the raclette grill comes with adjustable temperature for easy use. Everyone can fill their own plate with the best grilled flavor topped with cheese pre-melted on the rectangular pans and scraped onto the grilled food using the included plastic scrapers. This is a product made in the USA, ensuring consumers of quality build and reliable craftsmanship.

The nonstick cooktop is made dishwasher safe as are the spatulas and raclette trays. Feast on marinated chicken, thinly sliced filet mignon, shrimp, veggies and a host of other food options shared on the table while you talk and grill away.

Just open a bottle of wine and dine to your heart’s content as the night passes by amidst flowing conversation. The unit ships with recipes worth trying during your raclette party. The one-year warranty testifies to the manufacturer’s commitment to great product quality and after-sales service.



As with the other models we’ve mentioned, this one is capable of ensuring the cooking space for as many as eight individuals, therefore making sure that all of your family and friends are well-fed and happy.

The adjustable temperature boasted by this choice is an advantage in itself as it allows you to have complete control over the cooking process.

On top of everything, the Hamilton Beach unit comes with a nonstick grill, so you won’t have to spend countless hours in front of the kitchen sink trying to clean it.

Most of the parts of this appliance can be cleaned using the dishwasher, aside from those that are electrical.

It’s one of the highly recommended choices we came across for small parties and get-togethers.



One of the most significant cons of this unit is that it is not as budget-friendly as some of the others in the same line.


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