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Best quinoa strainer


Quinoa strainers – Ratings & Informative Guide


Quinoa is a type of cereal known for its edible seeds and nutrient content similar to rice and wheat. However, properly cooking it is harder than you might think, and this is why you will require special tools and kitchen appliances. Out of all, the most important is a new quinoa strainer, but if you don’t have the time to search for one by yourself, Grandma Jen will help you out. After going through plenty of online reviews, Grandma Jen concluded that a reliable option on the market is the Bellemain 5-quart because it will strain even the tiniest pasta and grains, including quinoa, it is made of heavy-duty steel to last for many years, and it is dishwasher safe. If you cannot find this item available, the OXO Good Grips could prove an excellent alternative as it is a reliable model that could help you with your kitchen work.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a quinoa strainer


Searching for the best quinoa strainer available for sale could prove a difficult task, especially since there are many items worthy of your attention. However, by following our simple guidelines, you can easily end up with the right product for your needs. Here are some of the features you should take into account when looking for some good quinoa strainers.



Materials used

Depending on how much you are willing to pay for such quality kitchen tools, you can choose a strainer made of plastic or stainless steel. Plastic is by far the most affordable option but it may not last you more than a couple of years, depending on how often you choose to rinse and strain quinoa or other ingredients.

In addition, it can easily clog and may not be that sturdy or reliable when dealing with large quantities of foods.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a not so cheap quinoa strainer, one made of stainless steel is definitely more durable and will last you many years from now on.


The draining capacity

Regular strainers may not be suitable for all types of ingredients, as pasta, rice, and quinoa may easily fall if the holes are too big. This is why it is important to search for a product with small holes made of the same material as the main body of the strainer to prevent clogging and ensure a more efficient draining.

Keep in mind that quinoa must be washed and rinsed accordingly if you plan on using it for cooking delicious recipes. And, since this ingredient is more difficult to work with than other foods, the strainer you use will have to be specifically designed for it.

This means smaller holes with an improved draining system to allow all excess water to drain faster, without you having to tilt the bowl. This will save you time and help prepare quinoa seeds perfectly so you can later use them to cook vegan course meals and desserts.

If you have doubts regarding a certain product, you can always go through some online quinoa strainers reviews and see the opinion of other customers.



Another important feature to look for in a good strainer is the handle. Strainers with two handles are easier to use for bigger quantities of quinoa and will provide a better control over the content. On the other hand, smaller strainers often come with just one handle either made of wood, aluminum or plastic to ensure a good grip and a lightweight design.

Lastly, after you finished cooking and using all the right tools for your quinoa, don’t forget to look for an awesome dish strainer to properly dry all the dishes.



3 Best Quinoa Strainers (Reviews) in 2021



With so many good products available on the market, it comes as no surprise that choosing the right strainer could prove impossible. However, after consulting many online reviews and customers’ opinions, we have decided to showcase some of the most popular quinoa strainers below.



1. Bellemain Micro Perforated Stainless Steel


This item is innovative by comparison to other old-fashioned colanders that usually feature large holes. Thanks to the new and innovative design, this strainer will allow to drain all ingredients faster and prevent water from clogging up with food.

The holes in this colander are small enough to allow you to strain a wide variety of ingredients, including pasta, rice, quinoa, grains, fruits or veggies without having to worry about losing some on the way.

Thanks to the featured micro-perforations, all your food will drain easily and fast, so you can proceed to the next cooking operations.

The item is made of quality stainless steel that will last you a lifetime and won’t change its color or appearance in time. It is rust-proof and safe to use in the dishwasher, so you can clean it in just a matter of minutes.

The strainer was specifically designed to meet the rigors of professional kitchens and will help you easily prepare your ingredients, including quinoa seeds, so they can be turned into delicious dishes.

Lastly, the strainer is also resistant to stains and high temperatures and is easy to clean either by choosing traditional hand washing or putting it in the dishwasher.



From pasta to rice – the best thing about this item is that it can be used for virtually anything thanks to its small holes.

As this strainer is made of stainless steel, you can rest assured that it will be with you for a long amount of time.

More than that, it is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to take care of cleaning it by hand.

It has two well-designed handles that will help you to maneuver it with ease, and that’s a benefit that you might fail to enjoy with other products.

Best of all, this product puts up with the abuse of hot water. Based on the feedback it’s received over time, it lasts without changing its color over time.



Since the holes of this strainer are quite small, you may find it hard to wash the model. The dishwasher may not be able to clean it thoroughly.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Rice Quinoa and Small Grains Washing Colander


If you prefer a plastic strainer instead of one made of stainless steel, this new product from OXO could prove the winning choice. The item is specifically designed to allow water straining at the ideal rate in order to get rid of impurities, dirt or starch from quinoa, barley, rice, pasta, and more.

This strainer features small square holes to prevent tiny grains from falling through and making a mess in your sink or on your kitchen counters. This way, you will ensure the right amount of ingredients remains in the strainer.

Also, the design allows you to easily tell when the water is clear and all grains are clean so you can begin your cooking process. The pour spout is equipped with small extra draining holes to remove excess water faster.

We really liked the non-slip handles of this product that are soft and comfortable. They reduce hand fatigue thanks to their ergonomic shape and will help you easily grab the strainer to remove excess water and agitate the grains for a thorough cleaning.

In addition, the handles will also help you pour the contents of your strainer into your cooking vessel and start preparing food right away.



This fashionable model will definitely be a good addition to any kitchen.

It will help you notice if the water or the ingredients are clear or if you still need to work a little on them before cooking something.

If you prefer plastic strainers rather than those made of stainless steel, then this item may be a good choice for you.

The non-slip handles will help you maneuver the model easily. It will be possible to get rid of hand fatigue with this particular item.

Another important thing is that the water drains as slow as for you to be able to move your hand around the quinoa, in order to see if there are any impurities left.



Even if it is dishwasher safe, it may be risky to wash the model at a very high temperature, as it is made of plastic. We suggest hand washing it instead.


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3. Winco MS3A-8D Strainer with Double Fine Mesh


This product will prove useful in every kitchen and household. All items from Winco are designed to meet the standards of professional kitchens and are reliable and trusted by end-customers.

This specific strainer was created to help you wash, rinse, and dry various foods, including pasta, rice, quinoa, vegetables, and fruits. Thanks to the small holes, the water will drain faster and won’t clog the rest of food. Moreover, the small holes will also prevent small grains and quinoa from falling off and making a mess in the sink.

The item comes in a medium size so it is perfect for preparing smaller portions of food, which is great if you’re on a diet or you’re watching your calorie intake The strainer measures about 6 inches in diameter and is about 1.5 inches deep, making it suitable for quinoa and other smaller foods.

According to some of the customers who purchased the product, the strainer will also work for draining the pulp from juicers as it features a fine mesh inside a larger mesh.

It is made of durable and reliable stainless steel with a wooden handle to ensure a good grip and help you maneuver the item safely around the kitchen.



As this Winco strainer has small holes, it will be the perfect tool for your kitchen that will help you get rid of the mess that appears in the sink while cooking.

If you live by yourself or if you have a small family, then this model may be a good choice. It is compact and is designed to be used for small amounts of food.

This item is entirely made of stainless steel, except the handle, which is made of wood in order to help you maneuver it easily.

Moreover, this product will work very good for draining the pulp out of juicers, because it has a fine mesh inside and a larger one on the outside.



Since the model has two layers, it may happen that small pieces of food will remain stuck between the two layers and you will find it very difficult to get them out of there.


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