Quesadilla makers – Jen’s Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’re here just to find the best quesadilla maker, Grandma Jen recommends the Hamilton Beach 25409 as it offers the best performance at a fair price. You can make 6 wedges of quesadilla in just 5 minutes, so this machine is ideal for both preparing a meal for your family, as well as for parties, when you have to make a lot of the same dish. The cooking plates are non-stick, so you will not risk burning your quesadilla and when you have to clean them, just wiping them clean with a damp cloth will be enough. The locking lid keeps mess to a minimum, so you will find this machine great for cooking delicious quesadillas every day. If you can’t find the Hamilton Beach 25409 in stock, your next best option should be the George Foreman GFQ001 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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Quesadillas make for great snacks or on the go meals and these Mexican treats have been a staple to many homes across the US for some time now. Even if you are not a big fan of unitaskers like quesadilla makers, you will find that these appliances are very handy when it comes to creating a tasty meal right away. If you are looking for the best quesadilla maker around, you will find that there are many models on the market. We want to help you identify the best product so you can enjoy tasty treats along with your friends and family.


Top Features – An overview




There are certain things to take into consideration when you want to select a quesadilla maker. For instance, the size of your kitchen may weigh in on this respect. A larger kitchen can obviously accommodate a larger unit, so you can prepare several quesadillas at the same time. However, if you want a quesadilla maker, so you can enjoy some tasty treats during college, while you are staying at one of the dorms on campus, a smaller model may be a much better choice. With so many readily available models on the market, you will find that there is one for you, provided that you shop around for a little while.



Quesadillas are generally easy to make and a lot of fun. A great quesadilla maker should be able to prepare up to 6 tasty wedges within just a few minutes. The best advice is to go for a brand model that offers efficiency and great quality in the same package. The models created by renowned manufacturers are known for being very fast at making quesadillas, and many consumers love them for this reason. Try reading a few of the quesadilla maker reviews written by users, and see what they have to say about the existing models on the market.

Nonstick surface

Whenever you are considering to purchase a quesadilla maker, do not forget that it is pretty much like any other appliance you are regularly using in the kitchen. This means that no matter how careful you are, some food spills will occur. If you want your kitchen appliance to be easy to clean, go for a model that comes with a nonstick surface. This, of course, will help with the cooking process, too. There will be no burned quesadillas to worry about, and you will always enjoy the same great tasty treats. Plus, you will not have to scrap burned remains from the bottom of the cooking plate.


Locking lid

If you are to look more into the best models offered on the market, you will notice that they have another thing in common. They come with a locking lid, which ensures two great things. First of all, the heat generated by the quesadilla maker will be trapped inside, which will help your quesadillas to bake really fast. Secondly, the locking lid prevents spilling from happening, which means that you will have less to clean after you are finished with it. Additionally, a quesadilla maker with a locking lid looks slick and occupies very little space on your kitchen counter.


Additional benefits

Although they may not be make or break points to consider when you are shopping for the best quesadilla maker, some additional benefits you can enjoy from certain models must be mentioned. For instance, the possibility for upright storage is appreciated by many consumers, because with so many kitchen utensils and appliances in the kitchen, it may seem like a really difficult task to accommodate all of them at the same time. Let’s not forget that the quesadilla maker is a unitasker, which means that you cannot do many other things with it, except for quesadillas.

Power and preheat lights are also a convenient add-on, because they let you know when it is the right time to use the device in order to make quesadillas. This may not sound like much, but it can help you be more efficient in the kitchen, especially when you are in a hurry, and you want to make a great tasty breakfast within minutes.

Some models are delivered along with a booklet of recipes. Many consumers consider this a pretty nice touch and they say that it helped them put together many delicious meals, especially in the morning, with minimum of effort.


If you want a good and reliable quesadilla maker, you should know that there are plenty of models that are reasonably priced. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a model that gets the job done. Even the best manufacturers with years of experience in creating innovative kitchen appliances offer quesadilla makers for really great prices. So, when you shop for a quesadilla maker, do not forget that the most expensive models are not necessarily the best. Reading reviews from users and shopping around will help you get one for a really good price.



5 Best Quesadilla Makers (Reviews) in 2020



1. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker


1.Hamilton Beach 25409If you love Mexican restaurants but do not really care much about all the waiting, why not give the Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker a spin to make dinner cooking easier and more interesting?

This quesadilla maker is hot and ready in only five minutes and cooks 6 wedges at a single time, which definitely beats heading out to your favorite Mexican restaurant and waiting to be served.

The nonstick surface wipes clean easily so you won’t have to scrub away the dirt and spills that are left on the plates. This quesadilla maker easily satisfies your appetite for restaurant-grade Mexican quesadillas right in the comfort of your own home.

The lid has a locking mechanism that ensures less mess while cooking and also enables effortless upright storage of the machine when not in use.

The power and preheat lights let you know when the unit is switched on and ready to cook, so you will know when to put in the needed ingredients for the quesadillas. The unit accommodates 6-inch tortillas that you can enjoy with some Mexican salsa or pair up to make some homemade filled quesadillas. It also ships with some great recipes you can try in your kitchen, for variety and optimization of the unit.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($29.98)





2. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker


2.Hamilton Beach 25409Easily the quesadilla lover’s dream appliance, the George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker, Red is a terrific little machine that lets you prepare beautifully cooked quesadillas right in the comfort of your home.

Make homemade quesadillas in less than five minutes on the large 10-inch plates that feature 6 deep-dish pockets so your favorite fillings can be added without spilling.

The plates are treated with the exclusive George Tough Nonstick coating to ensure easy cleanups and eliminate the need to use butter or fat spray so the tortillas don’t stick to the plates. The appliance is also equipped with press-and-seal lines that lock in the fillings to deliver cantina-style, mess-free finger foods.

The George Foreman GFQ001 lets you enjoy hot, mouth-watering quesadillas in your own home, so you won’t have to go to a restaurant and wait to be served. The power on indicator light lets you know that the appliance is switched on or off.

The Ready indicator light alerts you when it’s time to put in your favorite quesadillas ingredients. Thanks to the slip-resistant grip, the appliance is easy to carry or transfer to another location. The quesadillas maker offers vertical storage so you can save on space on the countertop or in a cupboard.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($23.99)





3. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker


5.Betty Crocker BC-2958CRThe Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker, Red offers a terrific alternative to restaurant-style quesadillas. This versatile kitchen appliance is great for quesadillas, nachos, quiche, hors d’oeuvres, mini frittatas, giant cookies, croissants and more.

Dinner making can be fun, fast and energy efficient with this easy-to-use machine that bakes 12-inch pizzas with a crispy crust. The baking plates have a nonstick coating so the tortillas won’t get stuck on them. The coating also facilitates cleanups so you won’t have to use abrasive cleaners or to do vigorous scrubbing to clean off spills and debris. This appliance bakes homemade pizzas made fresh when you want, with the ingredients you love as toppings.

Eliminating the need to use a large oven, the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR even lets you start with a frozen pie or fresh dough to make your own pizza right at home. Enjoy a wide variety of quick meals and unique snacks prepared quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time with family and friends instead of having to stay in the kitchen cooking all the food.

The Ready-to-Bake indicator light tells you when it’s time to add in your favorite ingredients such as the tortillas and the fillings, or the pizza crust and the toppings. The Power-On indicator light provides a convenient way of telling when the unit is switched on.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($41.8)





4. El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker


3.El Paso 10023Outfitted with non-stick plates, the El Paso 10023 Quesadilla Maker offers easy clean-ups. The plates let you put in the tortillas without having to use butter or to spray fat on them first. This ensures that you can eat healthy while enjoying your favorite south-of-the-border quesadillas recipes.

The quesadilla maker features a built-in drip reservoir that ensures less mess during cooking by catching drips and spills. The power on/off light lets you know if the unit is running, so you won’t have to resort to using your hand to check and risk getting burned. The Ready Light cues you when it’s time to add the quesadilla ingredients including the tortillas and your favorite fillings.

This kitchen appliance offers an alternative to restaurant-style quesadillas. With it, you can make quesadillas every time you have a hankering for some Mexican food.

The machine ships with some really great El Paso Chile recipes you can try in your own kitchen, so you can make the most of the machine with a variety of ingredients and cooking methods. The El Paso 10023 offers convenient dinner cooking without needing too long to prep or heat. It is ready to cook your favorite quesadillas in less than ten minutes, so you can sit down to dinner after a tiring day and not be hassled with a lot of preparations.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.95)





5. Bella 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker


4.BELLA 13506Offering an alternative to frozen TV dinners that have to be heated in a microwave oven, the BELLA 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker makes mealtimes more fun and exciting for the whole family.

The perfect kitchen appliance for the working individual, this quesadilla maker is equipped with non-stick plates that eliminate the need for butter or spray-on fat to ensure that the tortillas do not stick to the cooking surface.

The built-in drip reservoir catches spills and debris when cooking, making cleanups easier and more stress-free. The appliance has a power-on light so you will know it is running. Along with that, the Ready indicator light lets you know when to add your favorite quesadillas ingredients so you won’t have to go through the guesswork.

Use the included El Paso Chile recipes to explore the use of various ingredients and cooking methods so you can make the most of the kitchen appliance.

The compact build enables easy placement on the kitchen countertop and also facilitates storage. The quesadilla maker delivers crisp, golden brown quesadillas that are easy to cut into serving pieces thanks to the creases created by the plate ridges. Enjoy terrific quesadillas in the comfort of your own home, so you can save on a trip to your favorite Mexican restaurant where you have to wait to be served.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($53.89)





Benefits of owning your own quesadilla maker


Quesadilla is a Mexican dish that is extremely easy to cook at home. You can also order in or have quesadilla at restaurants and fast food places, but if you really like this dish, you will end up spending a bit of money each time. You can reduce spending and enjoy a great tasting quesadilla at home by getting a quesadilla maker for your home. Once you are decided to start making your own quesadillas, you only need to find out which quesadilla maker is best for your needs and begin cooking.

There are many health benefits associated with Mexican cuisine and quesadilla is no exception to the rule. Eating one quesadilla in the morning ensures enough fuel to take you through the first part of your day, without needing to nibble on unhealthy snacks until lunchtime. You will find that this dish is filling and very tasty and it is really easy to put together breakfast if you have a quesadilla maker. A good source of fiber and calories, quesadilla is the type of dish you could eat every day. Not to mention, there are so many recipes you can try that you will never grow bored.

Basically, quesadilla is the combination between a tortilla, some chicken meat and some white cheese. You can always add veggies and other ingredients to the recipe, so you can enjoy a great taste without having to go to a restaurant. One great advantage of having the best home quesadilla maker is that you will be able to be in control of what goes in each dish you are making. That means that you will be able to get rid of all the extra salt or other preservatives added in the recipe, as this usually happens with foods made on an industrial scale.

One great part about quesadilla makers is that they can be used for making other dishes that include tortillas and other ingredients. As long as they are basically cooked in the same way, you can use your trusted quesadilla maker to create interesting delicious meals for the entire family. Having quesadilla every day becomes really easy and you will be able to experiment with all kinds of recipes, even vegetarian. You don’t have to be restricted by an available menu and you will be in charge of making great quesadilla recipes that are just to your liking.



How to use a quesadilla maker


Quesadillas are great as quick snacks, breakfast items, a fast option for lunch, and they can even be served at dinner time. The easiest way to make this Mexican dish at home is by getting a quesadilla maker. Here we will show you how to make quesadillas at home with the help of such a machine. If you already have a quesadilla maker, you may simply read the instructions provided, but if you are still considering the possibilities and you have yet to buy one, we will show you all the needed steps for making your own delicious quesadillas with the help of this kind of cooking appliance.

It is important to have all the ingredients ready, so some tortillas that have been in the freezer, shredded chicken meat and cheese should be at hand. If you have everything ready, you can proceed to making quesadillas. The first step is to plug the quesadilla maker and wait for the indicator light to change, as this tells you that you can start assembling the quesadilla. Since there are plenty of models that need preheating, it is important to let it do its job of warming up the plates, as this will help your quesadillas cook faster.

First you need to place a tortilla on the bottom cooking plate. Spread shredded cheese on top and make sure that it is spread evenly. After that, add the shredded chicken meat and place the second tortilla on top of everything. As you can see, we are using a regular quesadilla recipe, since we only want to demonstrate the easiest way of using a quesadilla maker. After that, you need to press down the lid of the quesadilla maker, and let it cook for the indicated time. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes for the quesadilla to be ready, and you can serve it hot, or let it cool, as you like it.

There are many different quesadilla recipes on the Internet, from classic to vegetarian. You can experiment with all kinds of combination, since this is a versatile type of dish you can use for any meal of the day. It is also a healthier alternative to fast food dishes, and it is easy to cook, not to mention it is loved by adults and kids alike.

After you are done with the quesadilla maker, you will need to clean it and store it away until next use. The best way to clean quesadilla maker depends on what kind of machine you have. The best out there come with non-stick cooking plates, so you just have to use a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces with care. It is never a good idea to immerse an electric quesadilla maker in water, and if the plates cannot be removed, this is the indicated way for cleaning your machine.



Types of quesadilla makers we have reviewed with the help of Grandma Jen



Best large quesadilla maker


1-best-large-quesadilla-makerSome people have a larger appetite for quesadilla than others, which is why they go for larger models of quesadilla makers. If you want such a machine for making quesadillas every day, for the entire family, we know exactly what you need.

These models have certain features that make them stand out from the rest. Besides the fact that they are large enough to accommodate tortillas of larger size, they are also deeper, allowing for bulkier ingredients to be accommodated with ease, such as meat and veggies.

So, if you want to make more than just simple cheese quesadillas, we recommend getting a larger model with deeper pockets. A good unit would be one that does not need any added grease to avoid sticking, so non-stick cooking plates should be on your list.

Since you are dealing with a larger unit, it doesn’t hurt to get one that is easy to clean. There are several models competing for the title of the best quesadilla maker with removable plates on the market, so one of them could be the one for you. Follow our recommendations and you will be able to make large quesadillas that taste great and are filling enough to be suitable for any meal of the day.





Best electric quesadilla maker


2-best-electric-quesadilla-makerQuesadillas are fun to make and the process should be easy, too, that is why we recommend getting an electric quesadilla maker. These units do not require you to hold them over a stove and babysit them like you would normally do when using a pan to prepare your quesadillas.

They are extremely convenient and they help you put together breakfast fast and easy. If you are truly looking for the best quality quesadilla maker on the market, chances are it would be an electric model.

Such a quesadilla maker just needs to be plugged in, preheat for a little while, and then you can assemble your quesadilla directly on the bottom layer.

After that, you just lower the lid and let your quesadilla cook, the whole process taking just a few minutes. If you have a few leftovers, in the form of shredded chicken meat and cheese, and some tortillas, you will love how easy it is to make breakfast, once you have a quesadilla maker at your disposal.

All the models included in our selection are made from high quality materials, and they are easy to use and easy to clean. They are a great alternative for preparing healthier food for you and your family.





Popular brands


Quesadilla makers are manufactured by many companies, but there are a few that should be mentioned, as they stand out from the crowd. Here are the brands you should look for, if you are looking for a reliable quesadilla maker.



Hamilton Beach – with over a century of experience in creating food processors, blenders, and many other kitchen appliances, such as quesadilla makers, Hamilton Beach is one of the best known manufacturers in North America. Their outstanding customer care and involvement in providing clients with the best products and the best information on how to use them highly recommend this company.



Cuisinart – Cuisinart products are often used by professionals who are fond of how great and easy to use these appliances are. Their partnerships with famous chefs geared towards offering their customers helpful tips and tricks on how to cook amazing meals at home are among their strong points.


GF_healthy logo_final_out

George Foreman – with an obvious focus on family values, this manufacturer is well known for their high quality kitchen appliances, and their quesadilla makers can be found in many American homes across the nation.




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