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Potato ricers – Ratings & Informative guide


The best potato ricer is just one click away, especially if you’re tired of options that don’t meet the standards of any quality-lover. Not to waste any more time, we think you should look into the OXO Good Grips because the model seems to be the first one that buyers and reviewers recommend for demanding customers. It has ergonomic and non-slip handles, meaning you won’t drop it even if you use it with wet hands. The craft quality is top-notch, and it is created from sturdy materials that won’t alter the taste of the potatoes. Furthermore, it will give a creamy texture to the potato paste, and it respects all the industry’s health and quality standards so it will be by your side, in the kitchen, for many years to come. If you plan to buy two products or if you want an alternative, the PriorityChef PR-01 can be just as useful.



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When you are in the mood for a potato puree, what better way to achieve the fluffiest, most delicious texture, than using a potato ricer? This type of kitchen appliance is very handy, because it basically allows you to turn your boiled potatoes into creamy puree without having to peel them. You just place the potato inside and you squash it, so that all the tasty flesh is pushed through the holes of the ricer, while the skin remains separated. This following buying guide is aimed at helping you choose the best potato ricers in 2021, so you can, too, make the most delicious potato puree with great ease.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a potato ricer:



The size of the hopper

One thing you need to establish right from the get go when it comes to selecting a potato ricer is the size of the hopper. Usually, it is highly advisable to boil potatoes that are about the same size and are not too large, so that they are well made on the inside. The hopper of your potato ricer must be able to accommodate your potatoes, or else you will have to cut them in chunks, which will make the whole process less enjoyable and a bit more complicated.



If you decide to buy a potato ricer, it is extremely important to get one that is safe for you and your family. That means that it has to be made of good quality stainless steel, so that the material does not get rusty with time and risk to contaminate your food. This is a major concern when it comes to kitchen utensils of all kinds, and potato ricers are no exception to the rule. So always pick a model made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and it does not change the taste of your food in any way.



Depending on how often you plan to make potato puree, you can go for a cheaper or a more expensive item. Keep in mind that you can use a potato ricer for making applesauce and smash fruits for various recipes, so you may have more than one purpose for your little kitchen utensil. However, since most potato ricers do pretty much the same thing, you do not have to worry about anything else than getting good quality at a decent price.



3 Best Potato Ricers (Reviews) in 2021



Given the broad array of products that are available for sale nowadays, you might still be having second thoughts as to which one you should select. If that’s the case, we suggest you have a look at our selection below as it comprises some of the most sought-after units we were able to come across while doing our research. 



1. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer


If you are looking for a potato ricer that pretty much does everything you want it to, the OXO Good Grips should clearly be on top of the list. The best rated potato ricer, according to buyers, this model is made from stainless steel, while its soft handles make it really easy to manipulate.

You will not have to worry about your foot tasting funny or about having to put a lot of effort into washing this potato ricer, which is a great plus. The ease of use puts this model in a league of its own. Its non-slip knob helps you place the ricer over bowls, so you can easily use it for making mashed potatoes. The results will be quick and efficient, so you will not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking food for your family.

Especially families with babies will appreciate how easy it is to create baby food recipes, since this ricer creates a fluffy creamy texture of any boiled veggies and fruits.

The smoothness of texture is really something to write home about and you will find yourself hard pressed to return to other methods of making mashed potatoes and other purees.



The durability of the product is ensured by the stainless steel used for its construction. This allows long-term use.

Featuring soft, non-slip handles, the ricer is easy to manipulate. Moreover, its ergonomic design allows easy care and fits the palm comfortably.

Cleaning it involves no difficult steps or too much effort. The ricer is dishwasher-safe. Even if you wash it by hand, the residues will easily rinse off with running water.

The non-slip knob allows the ricer to be placed over bowls and pots of various sizes. This will also save you time when cooking and keep the kitchen tidy.

The product is not only ideal for making smooth mashed potatoes but it can also be used to rice cauliflower, carrots, apples, and various ingredients needed for baby foods.



At least one customer found the product a bit small to fit a medium-sized pot. The product measures 11.9 x 3.5 x 4 inches.


Buy from for ($25.99)





2. Priority Chef Potato Ricer and Masher Stainless Steel


Turning potatoes and other boiled veggies into delicious purees has just become easier. The PriorityChef is a great option for anyone looking to make mashed potatoes with great ease. Forget about spending time and effort in the kitchen.

This model, which is considered by many people to be the best potato ricer on the market, comes with all the needed conveniences and ergonomics for making your life easier. People with arthritis will particularly find this potato ricer a breeze to use. The easy leverage will not strain your hands and joints, so you will be more than happy with the results.

Besides potatoes, you can use it to mash turnips or carrots, and you can get a bit creative with your recipes. For healthy eating, boiled veggies are a much better choice than fried varieties, so buying a potato ricer like this one means that you will be able to improve your lifestyle, as well.

The long handles of the model are created for offering you the most ergonomic setup for mashing potatoes. Made from high quality stainless steel, this is a rust proof kitchen utensil that will serve you for many years to come.



Ergonomically designed and comfortably cushioned, this potato ricer is committed to helping users to create perfectly smooth mashed potatoes with little effort. It can even be used by people with arthritis.

The design ensures easy leverage, which prevents you from getting sore or tired hands when using it. Moreover, the product is both non-slip and non-stick offering an easy grip.

The materials it is made from not only provide long-term use but also ensure rust, corrosion, and deformation-resistance. Furthermore, the product is resistant to stains and can be stored easily.

The ricer use is not limited to potatoes. You can use it for other veggies like turnips and carrots and even baby foods. Take its versatility even further and use it to make fresh juices.



At least one customer says the ricer is too small for a whole large potato. It is best to cut such potatoes in half and use one half at a time.


Buy from for ($23.95)





3. Norpro Stainless Steel Commercial Potato Ricer


The best potato ricer reviews in 2021 also mention the Norpro as one of the models worth taking into consideration. Made from stainless steel, this potato ricer is sturdy, it does not rust, and it is also resistant to deformations.

That being said, by paying very little, you are getting yourself a great kitchen utensil for making vegetable purees and for mashing fruits for obtaining juice, or for other recipes.

The model is 11.5 inches long and can hold a quantity of 22 ounces, which is enough for stuffing whole potatoes inside for easy mashing. Because the ricer fits with ease over pots or bowls, you do not have to worry about your kitchen becoming the scene of a veritable cooking war, while you go about preparing food.

This model is designed for people who prefer a ricer with a larger capacity. One thing must be mentioned and that is that washing the ricer by hand is recommended, instead of using a dishwasher. Ease of use, ergonomic design and superior capacity are the three most important characteristics of this particular model, and this is why so many people prefer it.



Designed to ensure long-term use, the ricer is made from stainless steel and is rust-resistant. Moreover, it has great resistance to deformation as well. The build is sturdy enough to keep its original shape regardless of the amount of pressure applied.

The ricer is primarily designed for potatoes but it can easily be used with other veggies, fruits, and other ingredients that can be mashed.

Measuring 11.5 inches and holding 22 ounces, the ricer offers the possibility to mash a large amount at once. Large potatoes can thus be used without cutting them in halves.

It can be placed over bowls and pots of various sizes, large ones included. This will make sure your kitchen does not get messy while cooking your favorite recipes.



It is recommended to wash the ricer by hand instead of using the dishwasher. Even so, the residues will easily rinse off with running water.


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