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3 Best Portable Pizza Ovens – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Portable Pizza Oven + Reviews


If you are looking for the best portable pizza oven, then search no more. Recommended by thousands of users, the Presto Pizzazz is Grandma Jen’s number one choice. With its impressive design and performance, this superb pizza oven is one of the most praised models available on the market right now. Extremely efficient at cooking and baking a large range of food products, this versatile oven is a dream come true, delivering high-quality pizzas in less time than any other model. Designed to be as compact oand straightforward to operate as possible, this pizza oven can be moved from place to place in no time. Earning top scores from the best portable pizza oven reviews, this highly efficient and compact model may be just the one for you. In the unfortunate event that you cannot find Presto Pizzazz in stock, you can easily choose the second best option, the Betty Crocker.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Getting a new portable pizza oven is never a simple task. With an abundance of models and brands on the market, it is quite difficult to settle for just one. To help you get the best model around, we compiled a small list with the most important aspects to take into account whenever buying a new portable pizza oven for you and your family.

Design and size

Unlike the static versions that can come in any size and shape, a portable pizza oven must be far more compact and lightweight. When shopping for a compact model, the size and shape of the model is the first most important feature to look for.

Avoid selecting heavy and bulky models as they are renowned for their little portability capacity, and choose the smallest and most lightweight models you can find. The small size allows these models to fit in small spaces easily. Easily transportable and taking up less space in the trunk they are the best choice for you.



Today a modern pizza oven can be used to bake heat and cook a huge variety of convenient food products. While their primary function is to bake pizzas, they can be used to cook almost anything. From chicken nuggets to egg rolls or even heating frozen fish, these highly flexible models are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their money.

Getting a versatile pizza oven will bring lots of benefits, in the long run, helping you save a lot of money and time. Before purchasing a new portable pizza oven, remember to check all its specification and select the models that can be used to cook and bake as many different food types as possible.


Ease of use

The best mobile pizza oven for sale must be extremely user-friendly. Equipped with intuitive and straightforward controls a good model will help you get the perfect pizza with the simple push of a button.

While some models may offer additional controls for temperature and time, the most efficient ones come with preset buttons for various food types. Even the classic models that you can use over a stove must be designed to be as simple to operate as possible.



3 Best Portable Pizza Ovens (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Searching through all the portable pizza ovens, we stopped at three of the best models available for purchase today. Each of these models scores top ranks on all the main features mentioned above, making them perfect choices for anyone who want to own a versatile and compact pizza oven.



1. Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven


Earning high praises from reviewers, this high-quality compact pizza oven is considered to be one of the most versatile and efficient models in use today. Using a new and innovative rotating plate dual heating technology, the Presto Pizzazz is capable of delivering the perfect pizza in no time. Fast, energy efficient and highly versatile, this is the pizza oven of the future.

Created to be as compact as possible while delivering the same high-quality baking capabilities as a large model, the new Presto Pizzazz is a marvel of technology.

With a top focus top heater and an efficient bottom heater, it is capable of uniformly baking the crust and the topping at the same time. Compact and stylish, capable of baking almost any type of food, this pizza oven is also incredibly simple to operate.

With only two controllers, you can independently adjust the top and bottom heating and the cooking duration. Its rotating tray keeps the food in motion, making it ideal for a huge range of products.  Used without limitations to heat, bake and cook almost any type of available frozen foods, the Presto Pizzazz is by far one of the most versatile small pizza ovens on the market.


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2. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker


Fast, simple and fun – these are the primary qualities of this superb classic portable pizza oven. Loved by all its buyers for its incredible simplicity and ease of use, the Betty Crocker delivers the most uniform and consistent baking results each and every time.

Ideal for all those who crave for a quick and tasty snack, this lightweight compact oven is a great alternative to regular ovens and stoves. With a clear focus on size and mobility, this great portable pizza oven is one of the few models that you can take along with you on trips.

Perfect for the holidays, the Betty Crocker will deliver a delicious 12-inch pizza within minutes. Capable of baking any frozen product as fast as a classic homemade pizza, this is the perfect oven for all those who love to experiment and try something new each time. Easy to operate and even easier to transport and store away, the Betty Crocker is perfectly adaptable for both home and away use.

Whether you are in for some frittatas, nachos or even croissants or you wish for a more consistent homemade pizza or pie, this is the perfect model for you!


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3. Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto


Delivering the same top quality taste as an expensive portable wood fired pizza oven trailer, this superb small stovetop pizza oven is a favorite among all pizza lovers. Easy to operate and able to use almost any type of gas stovetop, the Pizzeria Pronto is the best choice for extended use.

Designed for comfort and efficiency, this top quality stovetop oven can bake any pizza in less than six minutes after preheating. Using a new and intelligent design, it can deliver an extreme 600F internal temperature, far superior to any conventional gas or electric pizza ovens.

Its steel and cordierite stone base allow it for perfectly uniform heat dissipation, making it one of the most efficient stovetop ovens you will ever use. Durable and highly resistant, capable of baking any pizza in no time, the Pizzeria Pronto is a real crowd pleaser.

Best for pizza parties, where speed and efficiency matters, this small pizza oven is capable of continuously supplying everyone with delicious treats every couple of minutes. Small, compact and easy to transport from one place to another, this excellent high-quality model is the perfect choice for all those who want to be able to bake tasty pizzas anywhere they are.


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