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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Popcorn Machine + Reviews


If you are the in the market looking for the best popcorn machine, then you are in the right place. Grandma Jen recommends Great Northern Popcorn Company’s Red Matinee model as it offers excellent performance at a fair price. The beautiful retro design will surely bring back memories of earlier days and can easily find its place in any home, bringing a touch of color and joy along with it. The 640 wattage ensures a fast performance which can cater the much-beloved popcorn to a high number of people, with little waiting time in between batches. Moreover, its stainless steel construction and the sturdy tempered glass used ensure durability, meaning you will be able to enjoy this item for a long period of time. In case Great Northern’s Red Matinee model is not available, your next best option should be Great Northern Popcorn Company’s 6010 machine, a reliable alternative which provides similar benefits.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding a good popcorn machine is not always an easy task. If you are going through reviews looking for suitable devices for sale, then you surely know this can be time-consuming, as there are many things you need to consider before making your choice.

As we are well aware that time is a valuable asset, we decided to help you out by compiling a list of things you should take into account in order to choose the perfect model.

What wattage suits your needs?

Wattage is basically an indicator of cooking time – the higher it is, the faster the machine makes those corn kernels pop. If you’re looking for a home theater model to quickly make the popcorn that you need, then choosing one with at least 640 watts or more is a good idea.

Models with lower wattage work very well if you know that you won’t need to make large batches one after another in a short amount of time. If, however, you want your popcorn to be ready in no time or you are hosting an event, then you might want to consider a machine with 860 watts or more.


Choose the size of the kettle

Each popcorn machine can produce a certain amount of quarts per hour. With a cooking time of 3 to 4 minutes, you can calculate the approximate popcorn output.

For example, a small 4 oz kettle makes approximately 5 quarts per cycle and this means about 85 quarts per hour. This is a very good size for small batches of popcorn that can be enjoyed in a lunchroom at work, for example. With this in mind, when you go through popcorn machines reviews, take a look at the kettle size and choose a smaller or larger one, according to your needs.


Quality materials

Regardless of the wattage or kettle size of the machine you are considering, it’s always a very good idea to review the manufacturer and see what type of materials are used for the item. What you are looking for are models made of premium grade stainless steel and tempered glass, as this is less prone to scratch and get damaged.

Another thing to keep in mind is going for those models featuring metal gears, instead of plastic ones. Although it might seem like a small detail, this can drastically affect the product’s overall quality and durability, influencing your overall satisfaction with the product.



3 Best Popcorn Machines (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Based on the research that we performed, it appears that the following models might just as well be some of the best popcorn machines out there today. These three models are a perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase a high-quality, fully-featured product.



1. Great Northern Popcorn Company Red Matinee 


If you’re going through reviews of popcorn machines to find one that brings back memories of earlier days, then this model, with its carnival or movie theater antique style design, might be the right choice.

Its tempered glass windows allow you to see the corn kernels getting popped, while the 640 wattage ensures a fast and consistent performance. The machine works on standard 110-volt power sources, so if you are a popcorn fan, you can easily install it right into your home and start enjoying some very pleasant movie nights.

The good thing about this device is that it comes ready to use out of the box. The premium paint used ensures a good resistance throughout time, while the enhanced colors brighten up any space, bringing along a party vibe that can get you in the mood for getting together with your friends and family.

The machine can make approximately 2 or 3 gallons of popcorn per batch, and the resulting snack is kept warm by the built-in hot light. Moreover, the heavy-duty powder-coated stainless steel construction means that the product will withstand the test of time. In terms of maintenance, you can rest assured it can be easily cleaned with water.


Buy from for ($179.99)




2. Great Northern Popcorn 6010 


The deluxe version from the manufacturer, this model features a 3-position control switch instead of 2, as well as an 860 wattage. Approximately 3 gallons of popcorn can be made per batch, making this a suitable alternative if you know you’ll need larger quantities done in a short amount of time.

The device comes with a built-in warming light, a stirrer, and a pot heater, as well as with a  popcorn scoop. The heated warming deck ensures a uniform popping process, while the reject kernel tray stores the unpopped kernels, which means the popcorn you take out is light, fluffy and ready to be enjoyed.

Once the product is delivered, you can easily set it up, as only minor assembly is required. Its durability is ensured by the stainless steel construction, while the lovely antique design makes it a very nice addition to your home movie theater.

An optional cart is available from the manufacturer in case you want to move the machine around, which also brings the full retro flavor to your home. However, if you don’t want to go for this option, you can still place the maker on a tabletop next to your favorite kitchen utensils without any risks.


Buy from for ($212.85)




3. Paramount Popcorn Maker New Upgraded Feature


This Paramount Popcorn Maker includes everything you need to get your favorite movie snack ready in no time, except for the ingredients themselves. The device features 4 control switches that allow full operation on the light, warming deck, stirrer, and kettle.

This model is truly easy to use, as the high-performance hot oil kettle is detachable but also operates a built-in electric stirring system that provides excellent results right at home.

The two detachable doors are made of tempered glass, so you can see the kernels getting popped and rest assured that the machine will withstand the test of time. Also in terms of durability, the heavy-duty construction is made of steel and designed for extended use.

Moreover, the additional heated warming deck built into the base of the machine ensures a consistent performance. This means that you can pair it up with a cool cotton candy machine and have everything you need for a crowded and fun party right at home.

In terms of maintenance, you don’t need to worry, as the removable kettle support brackets provide access for easy cleaning of both the kettle and the machine. No tools or assistance are needed for this operation, which means you can do it yourself whenever you see fit.


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