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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Popcorn Machine Oil + Reviews


If you are here just to find the best popcorn machine oil, Grandma Jen recommends the Paragon Coconut Popping Oil as it offers great value at a fair price. This popcorn popping oil wins in terms of convenience as it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so you can easily store it anywhere handy. Using the Paragon Coconut Popping Oil, you will enjoy popcorn just as tasty as the one you would get in a movie theater in the comfort of your own home. The flavor and the aroma are exceptional, and this popping oil gives the popcorn that buttery golden hue. If you can’t find this product, your next best option should be the Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Buttery Oil as it is a good choice that should help you achieve that movie theater popcorn taste in your own home.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the best oil for popcorn machines might take some time, effort and a lot of popcorn popping. There are a few factors  you should pay attention to when purchasing your oil for popcorn popper for home use.


Many manufacturers tend to sell their popcorn oils in big containers which could take a long time to consume completely, depending on how often you and your family have a movie night at home.

Storing a bigger container in your fridge for a longer period of time would take up space which is better used storing more perishable goods, like fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore, the fact that popcorn popping oil doesn’t need to be refrigerated makes it very convenient in terms of storage.

Enquire about the storage conditions and choose a good popcorn machine oil that can be kept at room temperature, in a cupboard in the kitchen or the pantry.

Keep in mind that if it’s coconut oil based, your oil will solidify at temperatures lower than 76 degrees. If you find your oil to be solid, it doesn’t mean it’s gone bad, it only means you have to bring it to a melting temperature in a pan before using it for your popcorn making.



If the popcorn popping oil of your choice is only suitable for a professional popcorn machine, then the entire purpose of you enjoying homemade popcorn in the comfort of your own home is lost. Not everyone has the resources or willingness to invest in a popcorn machine, or even the household space to store it.

By choosing a product that can be used not only with a popcorn machine but also with a pot or a popcorn maker, you ensure you’ve got what you need for your movie nights at home.

Plenty of popcorn oils for sale are versatile enough, and even if they were manufactured for a certain popcorn machine brand, they could also be used for popping at home in a pot.


Long lasting  

Even if you are not a frugal person, you should still aim to get the best value for your dollar, whatever it is you might want to purchase, from gadgets to salad olive oil. The same applies to the popcorn oil of your choice — go for a product that lasts long, and choose an oil that allows you to use a small amount to acquire the desired popcorn taste and texture.



3 Best Popcorn Machine Oils (Updated Reviews) in 2021



After combing through numerous reviews of popcorn machine oils, we recommend these three products as the best when it comes to a cinema-like popcorn made at home.



1. Paragon Coconut Popping Oil


This popcorn popping oil was produced with the intention of being used with the Paragon popcorn machine, but you can also use it to make popcorn at home, in a pot or a popcorn maker.

Most reviews rave about the taste of the popcorn made with this oil — it tastes just like the popcorn bought at the movie theater. The Paragon Coconut Oil has Beta Carotene added and that gives the popcorn that appetizing, golden color. The aroma is exceptional, as tantalizing as the smell that makes you buy popcorn when going to the cinema.

This is non-hydrogenated coconut oil, and it has a high concentration of medium chain triglycerides consisting mostly of short-chain fatty acids. The Paragon Coconut Popping oil is non-GMO, trans fat-free and is considered non-allergenic.

There is no need to refrigerate it; you can store this oil anywhere at room temperature. It will solidify at temperatures lower than 76 degrees, so you will have to melt it in a pan before popping the popcorn.

It comes in a one gallon container so it will last forever and that’s why it’s capable of providing such a good value for the price. You don’t have to worry about going rancid, as coconut oil is highly stable against oxidation and is frequently used in products where long shelf life is desired.


Buy from for ($15.76)




2. Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Buttery Oil


People that reviewed this product swear by the amazing buttery taste that this oil from Snappy gives to popcorn – just like the one you buy at the cinema.

The Snappy Popcorn Butter Burst Buttery Oil is extremely versatile, and it can be used in two ways — you can either use it to pop the popcorn, or you can use it to top your popcorn after you pop it. There’s also the variation where you can use it both ways for an extra buttery flavor.

What makes this oil one of the most popular choices available is not just the excellent buttery taste, but the texture of the popcorn after using the Snappy Butter Burst Buttery Oil — unlike real butter, this oil doesn’t make popcorn soggy.

No refrigeration is required. You can just store it at room temperature, and because it’s made of soybean oil, it doesn’t require melting, which makes it very convenient.

It comes in a gallon container so you and your family can enjoy tasty popcorn for quite a while before finishing the product. If you don’t have a big family and are afraid you won’t be able to finish the oil before the expiry date, you can purchase it with a friend and thus share the product.


Buy from for: See the Price!




3. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavor Coconut Oil


Another interesting choice in your search for a good popcorn machine oil, this one from Franklin’s is considered by many reviewers the secret ingredient to making your home cooked popcorn taste just like authentic movie theater popcorn. You can use it to make popcorn in a pot, a popcorn maker or a Franklin’s Whirley Pop Popcorn machine.

It has a delicious buttery flavor and it’s considered a healthier option than butter when it comes to your popcorn. This butter flavored coconut oil is vegan, gluten-free and contains zero trans fats.

What makes this oil such an excellent choice is its versatility as the producer prompts you to use it for cooking other things as well, like meat, eggs, and vegetables. This way you’ll make sure you’ll use the full 30-ounce jar by the time it reaches the expiry date.

The jar comes with a wide opening for easy access and that makes it very convenient in case the oil solidifies: it will be much easier for you to scoop it out of the jar.


Buy from for ($24.99)
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