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3 Best Plastic Cutting Boards – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Plastic Cutting Board + Reviews


Finding the best plastic cutting board is not an easy task. It can turn out to be very tedious and time-consuming actually. In order to make things easier for you, we decided to present you some of the most popular plastic cutting boards. Our first recommendation is the Stanton Trading 799-30. This cutting board is a great addition to every kitchen. It is made of high-density polyethylene which makes it very resistant to impacts, and it also absorbs very little moisture. Any type of knife is safe with this board, even those professional knives that you care so much about. And if cleaning your cutting board was something that used to worry you before, you should know that this board can be safely washed in the dishwasher. Our second-best recommendation is the OXO Good Grips Utility – a cutting board that is made of polypropylene which makes it durable, resistant to odors, and impenetrable.



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A plastic cutting board is considered a must-have in every kitchen. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to maintain, a plastic cutting board has proved to be resistant to moisture and odors. Also, most plastic cutting boards are dishwasher-safe which will manage to take away all your concerns related to foodborne illnesses.

In order to find that cutting board that meets your expectations, you have to do some thorough research of the market. Lucky for you, we managed to gather all the information you need in this article. Before taking a look at our plastic cutting board reviews, you should check out these important characteristics every good plastic cutting board must have.

Plastic cutting board vs wood  

The market is flooded with so many different options of cutting boards. We are left with so many questions and confusions when it comes to choosing the one that meets our every need. Is a plastic cutting board better than a wood one? No one can really answer this question.

If you search the internet you will find multiple debates on this subject. But what we should bear in mind is the fact that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is only you who can put things into balance and decide for yourself.



Different cutting boards are meant for different jobs in the kitchen. Some people opt for a flexible plastic cutting board because it is light and easy to handle. It makes it very easy for you to pour your chopped ingredients into your pan because you can fold it into a funnel.

There are people who prefer a plastic cutting board set which usually comes with several plastic cutting board sheets. With this option, it might be easier for you to avoid cross-contamination because you can restrict the usage of some boards with certain types of food. For example, you may choose to cut your meat on the same board every time and use the other ones for your other ingredients.



We have heard about those wood cutting boards that need extra care, but this is not the case with the plastic cutting board. You can toss these boards in the dishwasher without worrying that they will warp or crack. Being dishwasher-safe, you no longer need to worry about lingering bacteria or germs.



3 Best Plastic Cutting Boards (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Have a look at some of the most highest-rated plastic cutting boards. We know that you are curious to find out more about them, and that is why we prepared a full description for each of these popular cutting boards in the section below. You get to make a choice from three plastic cutting boards which promise to offer amazing results.



1. Stanton Trading 799-30 Cutting Board


This cutting board has a textured surface which makes it easier for you to carry your culinary feasts anywhere you need. The high-density polyethylene offers this board an increased resistance in time. Also, thanks to this high-quality material, you don’t have to worry about odors. And, another great feature of this cutting board is that it is very resistant to moisture.

The non-absorbent surface will help you keep your kitchen safe and clean. The bacteria stand no chance in front of this durable and strong cutting board. Also, it has a high resistance to impacts. Another important aspect is the large size of this cutting board.

It has never been easier and more enjoyable to chop, mince, dice or slice your ingredients thanks to its generous dimensions. If you are one of those people who love their knives very much, you should know that this cutting board has proved to be very easy on knives. Don’t worry, your professional knives are safe, too!

And, to make your time spent in the kitchen even more pleasant, cleaning this cutting board is a very easy task. You can wash it by hand or just put it in the dishwasher for a better sanitization.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Utility Cutting Board


This cutting board features deep grooves on one of the surfaces which will prevent any excess liquids, from your meat or juicy fruits and vegetables, from spilling. Your kitchen countertop will remain clean and safe. Furthermore, this cutting board will make it easier for you to avoid cross-contamination because it is double-sided.

For all those juicy food items, we recommend you use the grooved surface because it will collect all the juices. You can use the other side of your cutting board for all your other types of food. Also, it has proved to be resistant to odors and very durable against deep scratches.

Another important characteristic of the thick polypropylene is that it will not dull your knives. Feel free to use any type of knives that you want, including the professional ones. When you are done with your cutting board, you have the option to place it in the dishwasher, or you can wash it by hand.

It is perfect for any medium or large jobs, and thanks to its non-slip handles, you will be able to move the cutting board anywhere you need it. It is stable, and it will not slide on your wet countertop when you are cutting your ingredients.


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3. Winco CBWT-1824 Cutting Board


This product is made of polyethylene plastic which offers a wide range of advantages to its users. You no longer have to worry about staining your beautiful new cutting board because thanks to its non-porous surface, the board will look like new for a longer period of time.

Also, it has proved to be very resistant to moisture, so you no longer have to avoid cutting those juicy ingredients. Furthermore, this cutting board is durable and low-maintenance so you can enjoy a pleasant time in the kitchen. Once you have this cutting board, you are set for a long time because it has proved to be very resistant.

You can now carry your food on your cutting board without worrying about slipping or sliding from it thanks to its matte surface. Are you always concerned about bacteria and germs when it comes to buying a new cutting board? All you want is a cutting board that will help you avoid foodborne illnesses or cross-contamination?

All these worries are perfectly understandable since you use this cutting board to prepare your food on it. That is why being able to wash it in the dishwasher is another great characteristic of this cutting board.


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