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8 Best Pizzelle Makers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pizzelle Maker + Reviews


By reading our comprehensive buying guide, you can check out what products are appreciated by the cooking veterans and see what the best pizzelle maker to add to your household is. Even if this piece of cooking equipment doesn’t cost a lot of money, there is no point in getting one and realize after a few weeks that you don’t like it. Our team invested a large amount of time checking the most important criteria and analyzed a big number of models together with the customer reviews. After comparing the pros and cons of each of the selected models, our number one recommendation is the CucinaPro Non-stick Electric Pizzelle Baker Press. Since this product is available in black and silver, you can get one that fits your kitchen’s design and the thick heating plates favor a uniform heat distribution. If this product is not available, the second-best option is the Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press.



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8 Best Pizzelle Makers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Our team examined every product on this list and considered their size, design, price, and how easy it is to clean them. We also checked comprehensive reviews from users to see how the selected products would improve their cooking activity. Based on this big amount of information, we put together a list so more consumers will confidently make their choice without having to spend a lot of time and money.



1. CucinaPro Non stick Electric Pizzelle Baker Press


You can add a new dessert to your Christmas dinner since this waffle-looking dessert named pizzella is traditionally served on Christmas days. Pizzelle are a traditional Italian cookie that looks very much like a waffle. In general, it is made from eggs, sugar, butter, flour, vegetable oil and some flavoring.

Depending on the cooking method and ingredients, pizzelle can be hard and crisp or soft and chewy. This pizzelle maker is designed to give a helping hand and widen the culinary experience of every cooking enthusiast.

The classic aspects of cooking have received a freshening unique approach through this pizzelle maker which will awake new ideas and add a bit of magic to the cooking process. The developing team has been motivated by the love of gourmet cooking which is present worldwide and they invested serious effort trying to offer the customers a great product.

When it comes to this good-looking pizzelle maker, the high-quality chrome used for it will give the feeling of a new kitchen appliance for years to come. In general, the baking plates of the pizzelle makers are black but you can choose the model with the silver baking plates if you are looking for a more vintage aspect.



This pizzelle maker can make 2 large pizzelle at a time. Its thick plates are designed for uniform heat distribution and the cooking time is quite small since you can have 2 freshly made pizzelle in under a minute.

The longer handle allows for better control and will keep your hands from burning while you are cooking.

Even if it is your first time making pizzelle, you have all the ingredients for success. You can impress your family with 5-inch pizzelle with different patterns.

Also, this product has a small light that lets you know when the pizzelle are cooked.

Because of the large pizzelle dimensions, you can use them as cones for other recipes.



If you use this pizzelle maker for a large number of desserts, you need to check them before the light turns on. The plates get very hot during the cooking process and the pizzelle will be done sooner.

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2. Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press


Cuisinart is on a quest to make every home-chef a pizzelle expert using this amazing product. It bakes two thin, 4-inch pizzelle at once so you will have enough to serve your guests in just 10-15 minutes.

Also, it doesn’t matter how pretentious your family and friends are. With the Cuisinart pizzelle press, you can cook for every one of them a delicious dessert. This product has 5 browning shades so you can make pizzelle dark or light, soft or chewy, and light or dark. There is no need to turn off the pizzelle maker when you want to readjust the setting.

This feature can be used to cook other recipes. You can set the pizzelle maker for a soft pizzella and use it for cannoli or form it like a cone and fill it with cream or custard. This way, your cooking universe will get bigger and more delicious.

It can be tricky to figure out by yourself the amount of batter to put on the press so Cuisinart makes this job easier as the pizzelle maker comes with a measuring scoop. This way you will avoid making a mess in your kitchen and will not waste the delicious batter.



The five-setting browning control makes it very easy to get the perfect pizzella and it gives you the chance to broaden your culinary universe since you can experiment with your cooking.

It has an indicator that lets you know when the plates are hot enough so you can start cooking. In addition to this, it has an indicator that lets you know when the pizzelle are ready to eat.

The baking plates distribute the heat uniformly so the pizzelle look and taste the same. Also, the pizzelle can be removed without breaking thanks to the non-sticking plates.

The compact design makes it a great choice if you are looking for a kitchen appliance that doesn’t take a lot of space.



The handle of the pizzelle maker might be a bit too short and you might burn your fingers once the plates get hot if you are not being very careful.

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3. CucinaPro Polished Electric Pizzelle Baker Press


If you get this pizzelle wafer maker, it will be easier to follow holiday traditions. In less than 45 seconds you can cook 2 traditional-size homemade pizzelle and you don’t need someone helping you due to its one-handed hatching lid.

Adding a plate of freshly baked pizzelle to dinner will definitely impress your guests, especially if you cook them with this affordable pizzelle maker. Each of the cooking plates has 2 different patterns so every time you cook 2 pizzelle, they will have a different pattern on each side so your friends might believe that you own several pizzelle makers.

Not only the pizzelle are good looking, but the manufacturer offers this product with both black and silver cooking plates so every customer has the chance of getting something that will fit their kitchen’s design.

The locking hatch helps you to press the top and bottom parts completely so the pizzelle will have an even thickness. So there will be no parts that are more cooked and taste different than the rest of the pizzella.

Apart from its fast-baking process, the press also has an indicator light that lets you know when the plates are hot enough for you to begin cooking.

Once you and your family use this pizzelle maker a few times, you can start and experiment with the versions of pizzelle. Because they are 5-inch, you can use them as ingredients in other recipes as cones.



The cooking plates’ pattern will give some unique looking pizzelle which will certainly impress your guests.

As you keep cooking this delicious dessert, the baking time for each pizzella gets shorter because the baking plates are already enough and the press doesn’t lose a lot of heat when you are removing the cooked pizzelle.

Once you and your family use this pizzelle maker a few times, you can start and experiment with the versions of pizzelle.

Because they are 5-inch, you can use them as ingredients in other recipes.

A pizzelle maker review showed a softer pizzella can be used for cannoli or as a cone which could be filled with other delicious ingredients.



It would have been easier to clean the plates if they were removable. But there is no way you could detach them without breaking something.

You need to use some vinegar and cream of tartar to remove the aluminum oxide from the plates before you use the press for the first time.

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4. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic


This pizzelle waffle maker is a great choice if you are looking for something with a vintage aspect. Manufactured in the USA, the Palmer pizzelle maker is known amongst home chefs to cook tasty crispy pizzelle with a nice pattern. In addition to their taste, the pizzelle are ready to eat in half the time needed to cook them with a hand iron.

Once the baking plates reach the temperature required for cooking, it takes about 30 seconds to make 2 delicious pizzelle. For the pizzelle maker’s body, the manufacturer has used chrome and cast aluminum and the plates are also made of cast aluminum. It comes with a 5-year warranty in case the customer encounters any issues with this product.

According to the pizzelle maker reviews, customers have been using this product for years without any issues. People who have been using for years the Palmers pizzelle maker can tell the taste and quality of their homemade pizzelle are just like the traditional ones.

In addition to this, the aspect of the pizzelle maker is quite similar to the traditional pizzelle maker. Only the legs and handles are made of plastic so this kitchen appliance doesn’t scratch the kitchen’s furniture and gives an ergonomic feeling while cooking.



This pizzelle maker can be used with ease by beginners and with the help of the guide book, anyone can make a batch of delicious pizzelle in a short time without spending a lot of effort.

The bigger plastic handles make the cooking easy while keeping your hands at a safe distance from the hot plates.

Due to its closing hatch, you will get pizzelle with an even thickness and a uniform aspect.

It has a nice aspect and a sturdy build. Although it might feel heavier than other pizzelle makers, it gives you the feeling that you will use it for a large number of years.



It has no timer or light that lets you know when the plates are hot enough or when the pizzelle are done cooking. You need to get some experience before getting the perfect batch of pizzelle.

If you don’t know exactly how much batter to pour, you will make a mess.

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5. Chef’sChoice 834 PizzellePro Toscano Nonstick Pizzelle Maker


If you get this pizzelle maker, you can start cooking when your relatives park their car and once they finish unloading their luggage, you can serve them a hot batch of tasty pizzelle. It will take you less than 30 seconds to cook 2 traditional-size homemade pizzelle. Even if you are in a hurry and not fully pay attention, the plastic handle and steam guard will keep you away from burning your hands.

There is no time to wait for the plates to get hot again after you just removed 2 pizzelle from the baker. Due to its instant temperature recovery and one-handed hatching lid, you can keep on cooking until you decide you have enough or run out of batter.

In general, pizzelle are cooked as tabletop staples and they are usually part of festive dinners. You can mold the pizzelle into basket shapes or cylinder cones and add to them appetizing fillings. With the Chef’s Choice, the cooking potential is unlimited with its instant baking technique.

The baker comes with a recipe book to get you started. After you become familiar with the Chef’s Choice, you could experiment with all kinds of pizzelle without spending a lot of time or needing any extra cooking tool.



The decreasing of the cooking time for the pizzelle is one of the best features of the Chef’s Choice which makes it a great kitchen appliance for festivities or special celebrations.

The non-stick cooking plates simplify the process of cooking. There is no need to apply butter or a small quantity of olive oil before starting to cook and it makes the cleaning process so much easier.

Even if you don’t wipe the plates right away, there will be no leftover batter sticking to them.

Its compact design makes it easy to store the baker away whenever you don’t need it and the used materials are easy to clean so it will look like new for a long time.



It is impossible to control the temperature of the cooking plates. As you keep cooking, the plates become hotter and you must be experienced to get the same result for every pizzella that you cook.

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6. Chef’sChoice 8350000 PizzellePro Express


This mini pizzelle maker might be the most desired cooking equipment for every person that is a big fan of traditions and festive dinners. Using this pizzelle maker, you can cook 3 pizzelle at one time and immediately start cooking another 3. Because of the instant heat recovery, there is no need to wait for the plates to get to the right temperature so you can continue cooking.

It comes with a light indicator that lets you know when you can begin cooking and once you get going, you will stop only when you have enough pizzelle for all of your guests. It only takes 45 to 60 seconds to bake 3 pizzelle so you will finish in no time.

In addition to this, it has electronic controls so you can set how light or dark and soft or crispy the pizzelle will be. To make sure you get the perfect pizzelle, the manufacturer added a locking latch that gives the pizzelle a uniform thickness.

Even if you aren’t that experienced when it comes to traditional cuisine, there is no need to worry. Even if you pour in too much batter, your kitchen will not turn into a mess since this pizzelle maker has an easy-to-clean overflow channel.



This pizzelle maker can be stored away without it taking a lot of space. You can store it in an upright position because it has a compartment for the cord to be wrapped underneath and kept.

The electric knob makes it very easy to obtain the perfect pizzelle even if it’s your first time cooking this traditional dessert.

It is very easy to clean due to its non-stick plates and overflow channel for excess batter. Even if you are cooking some soft and chewy pizzelle, there will be no batter sticking to the plates.



The handle is a bit too short and you might burn yourself if you are not using a glove to open it. Also, there is no steam guard which only adds to the risk of injury.

The size of the pizzelle is a bit smaller than regular pizzelle so you can’t really use them for other recipes. There is no way you can use these pizzelle for cannoli.

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7. Palmer 1000T Electric Pizzelle Iron Non Stick


The Palmer 1000T is manufactured in the US and this model has been incredibly popular among pizzelle lovers because it is quite similar to the old iron pizzelle makers. It also has the same sturdy construction and helps you make some of the most delicious pizzelle without the struggle of removing the stuck pieces of pizzelle once you are done cooking.

It is designed to bake 2 thin 5-inch pizzelle with a different pattern on each side and the cooking time is under 1 minute so your cravings will be taken care of in no time at all.

It might not be a cheap pizzelle maker, but it is worth every cent. The manufacturer has used chrome and cast aluminum for the body of this pizzelle maker and it’s backed with a 10-year warranty so you and your family will enjoy pizzelle for a long time.

Regarding the extended warranty, the company representatives stated that every owner or user of this pizzelle maker can contact them directly and talk to them regarding the repairs under the warranty claims. This type of customer service shows the company cares about the clients and how much it trusts the quality of its product.



It is very similar to the old iron pizzelle makers and it gives you the same ribbed pizzelle. Also, the 10-year warranty offered by the manufacturer makes you trust the brand.

You can have 2 pizzelle in 30 seconds and there is no need to wait for the plates to get to the right temperature again.

In addition to this, the pizzelle will not stick to the plates no matter what recipe you decide to use or for how long you cook them.

It is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a wet cloth and you can store it away until the next time.



It doesn’t have any kind of indicator that lets you know when the baking plates are hot enough so you can start cooking and when the pizzelle are done.

The extra-long handle makes it difficult to store and sometimes you might hit the handle when walking around the kitchen.

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8. CucinaPro Polished Pizzelle Maker


The CucinaPro pizzelle maker is a great addition to your kitchen or it makes for a great gift at your friend’s wedding. It bakes 2 large pizzelle at a time and it has non-stick cooking plates so you will not have any problems when it comes to sticking and staining.

The manufacturer decided to use extra-thick baking plates in order to ensure an even heat distribution. This way, you will get uniform-looking and tasting pizzelle for your dinner.

This product is a great fit for less experienced home chefs since it has a light indicator to let you know when you can begin cooking and when the pizzelle are done. In addition to the light indicator, it also has an audible click it makes when the pizzelle are ready to be eaten.

The handle is made of materials that are not good heat conductors so it doesn’t get hot no matter how long you use the pizzelle maker. It is also long enough so you don’t place your fingers around the hot baking plates. Furthermore, the CucinaPro pizzelle maker is equipped with a steam guard to keep your hands from getting burned when you lift the lid.



You can turn the pizzelle into ice-cream cones or cannoli shells. The unique patterns of the baking plates will add to the beauty of your desserts.

It can be used by anyone. Despite its simplicity, it makes the tastiest pizzelle in less than 60 seconds and they taste like you’d remember from your childhood.

The extra-thick baking plates provide even heat distribution so the pizzelle will have the same texture.

The pizzelle don’t get stuck to the baking plates and these can be easily cleaned by using a wet paper towel.

Also, it doesn’t take a lot of space when stored away due to its compact size.



There is no knob to control the temperature so you need to pay close attention as you keep cooking because the plates will keep getting hotter and the cooking time shorter.

It doesn’t have a channel to collect the extra batter so things might get messy if you don’t own a measuring cup.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Getting the right pizzelle maker needs a bit of time as you need to compare a few products and check some of the customer reviews. Even if some of the models available on today’s market might be an offer too good to be passed, you might end up wasting your time and money.

Because not everybody owns and uses regularly a pizzelle maker, there is not a lot of solid information that you can check before buying the pizzelle maker. Nevertheless, there is no need to spend your time worrying as our team put together a comprehensive buying guide so you can get the pizzelle maker that completely fulfills your needs.

So check out some of the most important criteria that we identified.



Materials used by the manufacturer

If you are looking for a pizzelle maker that will be part of your kitchen for a long time, go for a model with high-quality materials. Avoid the products with handles and legs made of cheap plastic as these will break after a short time of using.

The materials used for the baking plates can also vary and they are extremely important. Spending a few more dollars might get you a model with non-sticking plates which will make the cleaning process easier.


The pizzelle maker’s capacity

Depending on the selected model, you can cook at the same time 2 or 3 pizzelle. The traditional pizzelle is around 5-inch wide. Smaller pizzelle are cooked with bakers that can cook more than 2 pizzelle at the same time. If you plan on using the homemade cooked pizzelle for other recipes, the smaller ones might give you a hard time.


The cooking time

The cooking time is greatly influenced by the quality of the cooking plates. Depending on how quickly they get hot enough, you can start baking the pizzelle. Some of the models feature an instant heat recovery so there is no need to wait for the plates to get hot again.

Depending on how soft or crisp you want the pizzelle to be, some of the pizzelle makers have multiple levels when it comes to the cooking time. So you don’t need to have a lot of experience in order to get the perfect pizzella.

In addition to this, having a non-stick pizzelle maker will save you time since you don’t have to remove the stuck batter after you remove the cooked pizzelle.


How thick the pizzelle should be

Depending on how thick you like the pizzelle, you should select the adequate model. You can get thin, crisp pizzelle by using a model that doesn’t have a lot of space between the baking plates or thicker pizzelle if there is more room for the batter.

No matter how thin the pizzelle are, make sure the baking plates provide an even distribution of heat. Otherwise, you will get some pizzelle that have 3 different cooking shades and tastes.


How easy it can be cleaned

In general, the cleaning process of a pizzelle maker doesn’t take a lot of time. You just need to remove the glued batter and wipe the baking plates. Having non-stick baking plates will definitely make the cleaning easier. In addition to this, some models have a small channel designed for batter overflow.

If you are not sure about how you should clean the pizzelle maker, you can always check the manual that is shipped with the product.


Storage features

You might want to look into this if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage room. Pizzelle makers that have a higher capacity usually take more space on your kitchen counter. Also, pay attention to the baker’s handle. While its purpose is to keep your hands at a safe distance from the hot plates, it might take up a lot of space.

Some of the handles are not detachable so it might be a problem when the time to store away the pizzelle maker comes. Some of the more ergonomic pizzelle makers have a space where the cord can be wrapped and you can store it upright.



In general, the package includes some additional accessories to improve your culinary experience. The pizzelle maker might come with a measuring cup so you don’t make a mess when pouring the batter. Also, a recipe book might be included.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a pizzelle maker?

A pizzelle maker is a kitchen appliance used to make a traditional Italian dessert named pizzella. It is quite similar to a waffle maker as it has a top and bottom baking plate and you pour batter into it. The batter is poured into a pizzelle iron and is placed on a stovetop.

Older models of pizzelle makers require that you hold the pizzelle iron by hand but modern pizzelle makers are electric and no stove is required. You can make hard and crisp or soft and chewy pizzelle depending on the recipe and how long you cook them.

Pizzelle are a traditional food for Easter and Christmas and you can eat them often at Italian weddings or baptisms. It is also common practice to make a sandwich out of 2 pizzelle with hazelnut spread or ricotta cheese. Also, you can use a warm pizzella to turn it into a cannoli shell by using a wooden dowel.



Q: What can I use a pizzelle maker for?

Well, as the name says and it shouldn’t come as a surprise, you can use the pizzelle maker to make pizzelle. Depending on your preferences, you can make them soft, crispy, hard, chewy, thick or thin. However, you can use these freshly made pizzelle to create other delicious desserts.

For example, while the pizzelle are still warm, use a wooden dowel and form them into ice-cream cones. If you want them to be as close to the real ice-cream cones, add some sweetener to the recipe and put them into the fridge so they become crispy. However, don’t pour the ice-cream into the cones until you want to eat them.

The filling will soak into the pizzelle and will make them soggy. In addition to this, pizzelle can be turned into small baskets. Take a small bowl or cup and press the pizzelle into it until they change their shape. It’s recommended to use a small amount of olive oil on the bowl so it doesn’t stick.


Q: How do I clean my pizzelle maker?

You might need to clean the pizzelle maker before using it for the first time. You can test this right after you get it even if you don’t plan on cooking some pizzelle. Plug it in and wait several minutes. If you notice an unusual, chemical smell, it might be aluminum oxide from the baking plates.

Let it turned on for around 10 minutes and after the plates cool down, wipe them with vinegar. Some of the models have non-stick baking plates and a small channel to collect the overflown batter so there will be little cleaning to be done. Just wipe the plates after cooking with a wet towel.

However, if the batter gets stuck to the baking plates, spray some water and keep the pizzelle maker turned on so the leftover piece of pizzella gets softer. To avoid the pizzelle getting stuck, you could apply some butter before you begin cooking.