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3 Best Pizza Slicers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pizza Slicer + Reviews


If you are set on getting your hands on the best pizza slicer for the money, but you lack the time to do the needed reading on the topic, we’ve got you covered. After going through many reviews and feedback comments, we have concluded that the Kitchy Cutter Wheel is the model that you should purchase. The model features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to cut any pizza into even slices, and it has a very sharp blade that will not disappoint. What is more, this model has a design that includes a blade guard that can actively protect your hands from those cuts you used to have from old school slicers. If this model is unavailable, we recommend that you check out the KitchenAid Pizza Wheel as it is an equally reliable unit that might also fit your needs.



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To help you opt for a good pizza slicer, we have composed a list of features that you should not neglect when searching for a product of this type. So, read ahead and choose wisely!

Why are pizza slicers important?

As you know, pizza is a type of food that, when not cut, is impossible to eat. Up until relatively recent times, pizza was cut using a knife. Although this way of slicing pizza gets the job done, it is a well-known fact that the blade of a knife damages the structure of the pizza by dragging the cheese and other similar toppings off the crust.

To avoid this, it is best that you use efficient pizza scissors or, better yet, special cutters or slicers. The later devices are quite practical as they can deliver great results. The cutters come in two types of design. On the one hand, there are those items that are shaped like a wheel and, on the other hand, those that look similar to the blade of a knife, with the sole difference that these blades have rounded edges.

Nevertheless, the market is filled with more models that are up for sale that might have different designs. However, the units mentioned above are some of the most popular out there.


Solid grip and versatility

Another aspect that you should not ignore while looking for a reliable model is the type of grip that the unit supplies its users with. From this point of view, it is prudent that you acquire a device that has a non-grip handle that is highly ergonomic and comfortable in the hands of the user.

Moreover, the device that you buy should be highly versatile. By this, we mean that the slicer that you select should be able to cut any type of pizza, regardless of the size of the crust or the number of toppings on it.


Easiness to clean

Last but not least, pizza slicers reviews recommend that you get a model that is easy to clean. This is important because cutters come in direct contact with the food. Given this aspect, it might be a good idea to get a unit that is developed from 100% stainless steel, a material that will not rust, not even after years of constant use.

As a plus, stainless steels happens to be one of those metals that are very easy to clean and also very durable. Therefore, investing in the best slicer for pizza that’s made of steel will surely not be something that you will regret.



3 Best Pizza Slicers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you want to get a reliable pizza slicer but don’t have the time to do your own research and browse through countless models, then you’re in the right place. We’ve created a list with some of the most appreciated models on the market so you can choose a high-quality slicer.



1. Kitchy Cutter Wheel


If you want a great pizza cutter that can help you slice pizza like a pro, check out the Cutter Wheel sold by Kitchy. This device has a sturdy, highly-efficient blade that can help you cut any type of pizza and it also comes provided with a non-slip handle that has a beautiful finish you are prone to love.

Furthermore, the model is said to have an ergonomic shape that can easily fit inside one’s hand for better control over its trajectory. As a result, by purchasing it, you will surely be a pro when it comes to slicing pizza. Because the model is small in size, you will definitely not find it difficult to store in between uses.

According to the seller, the product is made of stainless steel, a durable material that is also very easy to clean. Besides, if you don’t like doing the dishes, you might want to know that the device can also be cleaned by using a dishwasher.

In order to help you keep your fingers unharmed while using the device, the manufacturer has fitted it with a protective blade guard that can be opened and closed in accordance with your preferences.


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2. KitchenAid Pizza Wheel


Another product that might stir your interest is the KitchenAid Pizza Wheel. This item has a blade in shape of a wheel, and it also features a practical handle that comes attached to it so that you can maneuver it effortlessly.

The already described wheel is made from stainless steel and, thus, it is safe to be used when cutting food. Additionally, the angled model can also be employed whenever one needs a device that can cut Belgian waffles and other different desserts. Furthermore, this cutter measures 8-inches in length, and it has a 3-inch diameter wheel.

The handle of the unit features a built-in thumb and finger guard so that your fingers are kept safe from possible cuts. Moreover, the guard is said to add the necessary stability to the model. To clean the device, you only have to place it in the dishwasher, as it is compatible with this type of cleaning process.

According to current users of the model, this cutter is worth the money. Its main advantage is its sturdy construction and its durability. Still, some users have noted that, after years of use, the model does not perform as well as in the beginning.


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3. Checkered Chef Cutter


If you are not a big fan of wheel-shaped blades, we recommend that you give this model a go. The device comes supplied with a reliable blade that is highly efficient when it comes to pizza cutting, and it has a small design that it makes effortless to store in between uses.

To make sure that the blade of the model is not damaged when not used, the manufacturer offers its users a special plastic sheath where you can place it for safekeeping. According to the seller, the model is capable of cutting even slices, and it can do so without messing the topping on your pizza.

Because it is made from one piece, if you clean this blade after each use you should not worry about germs hiding in its cracks. Apart from being used as a pizza cutter, this unit can also be employed when slicing brownies or cutting herbs and other vegetables. Therefore, this product is more versatile than other units that you might find on the market.

The model measures 14.4 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches, and it has a total weight of 10.4 ounces. At the time that we have carried out our research, the item had received numerous positive reviews.


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