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3 Best Pizza Pans for Oven – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pizza Pan for Oven + Reviews


If you want nothing but the best pizza pan for oven and you don’t have time to spare, Grandma Jen recommends you to get the T-fal AirBake as you will have no reason to regret your choice. The particular micro-dome technology used by the manufacturer helps with baking any pizza much faster, which means that you will no longer have to wait for your pizza to bake. The non-stick finish offers a double advantage. For starters, you will not have to use any grease to prevent your pizza from sticking to the pan, and that means that you will reduce the number of calories you eat. Also, the non-stick pan is easy to clean, and it poses no other troubles like unsightly burned areas. A 10-year warranty is provided with your purchase. If for some reason, the T-fal AirBake is nowhere to be found, Grandma Jen has the perfect solution; the California Home Goods is a pizza pan almost just as good.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


What should you be looking for when you are shopping for a pizza pan? There are many opinions on the matter, but there are clearly certain aspects you need to consider. We are here to help you decide on the best oven pizza pan, and for that, we want to supply you with the perfect buying guide.

Materials used

When you select a pizza oven for home use, you need to learn a few things. For instance, you will need to know what kind of material is used in the making of the pizza pan. This material has to have proper heat resistance, since you will be placing the pan inside an oven, and its ability to withstand superior temperatures is a must.

The material must conduct heat evenly, to allow the baking to happen. Carbon steel, aluminized steel, and cast iron are all great choices, and they will offer you all the advantages you need for baking the perfect pizza. The best cast iron pizza pan will be, however, a bit heavier than the rest of the options, so these are some things to keep in mind.


The non-stick coating

In this day and age, you can hardly go without the non-stick coating for your cooking appliances. It is well known that various foods can quickly become unhealthy if you add too much fat. If you need to oil the pan before usage, that will be plenty of fat that you are not even aware that you are adding. The non-stick coating solves this issue fast and easy.

Also, it must be kept in mind that this helps with easy cleaning. A model that is dishwasher safe is even a better choice because it will demand no extra effort on your part.


Other considerations

There are a few other things you may want to learn about. For instance, a hole pattern in the bottom of the pan will help with even heating, according to the best pizza pan for oven reviews. Carrying handles are nice to have, too, as they will allow you to move the pan around, without burning your hands and dropping food all over the place.



3 Best Pizza Pans for Oven (Updated Reviews) in 2021



There are plenty of great models available for sale, but we chose to list only the best pizza pans for ovens, according to reviews from users and experts’ opinions. As they offer all the advantages you would expect from such a cooking utensil, they are all great buys you will not regret.



1. AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan


Now you do not have to worry about burning your pizza or not having enough time to defrost a frozen pizza bought from the store. The T-fal AirBake offers everything you need in a pizza pan and even something extra. The aluminized steel sheets are air insulated, and they conduct heat without putting your baked goods at the risk of burning. Such a simple advantage can take you a long way when you are baking pizza.

T-fal goes to great length to make sure that buyers are satisfied with their purchase. You get 15% less baking time if you go with this particular pan since it is designed to focus heat where it matters without any losses. This happens due to a specific technology, called micro-dome that helps with this aspect. You have never baked pizzas this fast in your life.

The non-stick finish comes in handy in more than one way. It is well known that the number one reason why baked goods can become too greasy and too rich in fat happens because you need to oil the pan. There is no reason to do that if you are using the T-fal AirBake. The non-stick bake does not allow heat spots and prevents burning.



This amazing nonstick pizza pan is great at releasing moisture because its perforated surface allows it to do just that. Moreover, the holes allow the heat to reach your pizza properly and helps it cook faster and better.

Being made of two sheets of aluminum, this product will last for a long time time, because the two sheets protect the pan from damage caused by overheating.

One of the most important features of this model is that it is very easy to clean. You will not waste half an hour on cleaning your pan anymore.

This nonstick pan may also be used to cook other types of food besides pizza. You can try to prepare fries or frozen foods.



If you are planning to cook a large pizza for a family/friends dinner, for example, this product may not be the best choice for you. It has a smaller size and it is usually used in cooking pizza for a simple dinner table.


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2. California Home Goods 14-inch Cast Iron Pizza Pan


Do you need your pizzas to be cooked to perfection? What more solid choice than a pizza pan that is capable of distributing the heat evenly, so that your pizza does not remain uncooked at the center, and burned around the edges? This pan is perfect for retaining heat, and it is safe for use in a kitchen oven, as it can withstand temperatures of up to 500F.

You may like to learn that this pan is pre-seasoned and you will not have to break it in, so to speak. As soon as the pan is delivered to your door, you only need to grab it and start baking pizzas. You can use this pan for more than just pizza, even if that is something it does to perfection. Grilling veggies, broiling and frying meat, and other cooking tasks can be completed with ease with its help.

The side loop handles do not just make this pan look beautiful and restaurant-level quality. They help with moving the content of the pan around, helping you avoid dropping the tasty morsels on the kitchen floor, instead of a plate already waiting to be filled with goodies. Keep in mind that this pizza pan is also easy to clean.



This great model will offer your pizza the possibility to be cooked equally at the center and at the edges. Moreover, it is oven safe and can be used at temperatures of up to 500F.

Pizza is not the only type of food you can cook in this pan. You can also use it for broiling meat, for example.

This well-designed pan will definitely make it very easy for you to put your pizza on the plate by using the handles of the model. There won’t be any risks of dropping food on the floor anymore.

It is said that cast iron is the best material for making this type of kitchen tool because it generates the heat to distribute equally. This model is made exactly of this type of material.



Since this pan weighs approximately 8.5 pounds, it may be hard for you to maneuver it, especially when there is a pizza in it, which, of course, will add weight to the pan.


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3. Baker’s Advantage Nonstick Pizza Crisper 12-Inch


This model is not called the Baker’s Advantage for nothing. The symmetrical pattern of holes drilled through its bottom is not there just as an element of design. These holes help the heat circulate to bake your pizza to perfection, and achieve that delicious crust everyone loves. Whether you want to heat up a frozen pizza or cook one using your skills and some ingredients, you will find this pan quite handy and convenient.

The pan is made from 0.4 mm carbon steel which grants it both durability and a low overall weight, allowing you to manipulate it with ease. This material is also an excellent heat conductor, helping with fast baking. There is no need to worry about burned spots, as the Baker’s Advantage ensures proper heat distribution.

Another thing that must be mentioned about this particular model is that the nonstick coating allows you to clean the pan with ease. Also, when you need to transfer the food from the pan to a plate, you will encounter no problems, not to mention that you will not have to add any more fat to your baked goods. It is also dishwasher safe, oven safe and freezer safe.



This pan is made of 0.4 mm of carbon steel. This means that it will definitely not leave your kitchen very soon, because this material makes it durable.

Moreover, given its construction, this model does not weigh too much, which is a very good feature, because it means that it will be very easy for you to use the product.

Being dishwasher safe, freezer safe and oven safe, this pan will make it possible for your to cook different types of food for your family, not just pizza.

It’s dishwasher-safe, so it will enable you to save some time that you’d otherwise have to spend in the kitchen.

More than that, the hole pattern will help your frozen pizza bake evenly on all sides.



If you have a smaller-sized pizza oven and you plan to use the pan inside the oven, it may happen that this particular model will not fit your oven. You have to measure your oven carefully and realize if this product might be be good for you.


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