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If you are a pizza enthusiast and you want a more authentic feel to your food, then it’s time you look at the best indoor pizza oven, for sale. Grandma Jen recommends the Presto 03430 as it is priced reasonably and you not only get a pizza cooker but also a multifunctional oven with a rotating tray. We all have experienced the trouble of getting the perfect crisp on both sides of a meal without one of them getting burned. The Presto ensures that this is no longer a problem by having heating elements on top and bottom. The product also further ensures that no food burning accidents happen as it has a timer signal to let you know when it’s done and automatically turns off the heat.  If you haven’t found the Presto 03430 in stock, then the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR is a reliable second choice as your kitchen ally.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a pizza maker


As pizza is one of the most popular foods today, it can be useful to have a reliable oven to help you get the crust you best desire. Besides, these modern home appliances can be used to prepare other types of food, as well. Pizza maker cooking is easy if you have the right tool. To help you find that right appliance for you, here is a short list to keep in mind when looking for the perfect model.

Main types of pizza ovens

Some of the most popular types of pizza makers are convection, wood fired or electric countertop ovens.

Convection ovens are most similar to their standard kitchen oven counterparts. However, they are specially designed to distribute the heat throughout the cooking compartment.  This type of product is ideal for you if you look for an appliance easy to clean as it usually has a crumb tray that can be removed.

The most popular pizza maker machine for business is the wood fired stone oven. The wood fire heat is distributed evenly heating the stone, and the smoke gives the pizza an authentic Italian feel and taste. However, keep in mind that they are very expensive and require lots of space.  Since they reach the highest temperature out of the three, we recommend you consider one if you have a backyard as it is safer outdoors.

Electric countertops are the most common home pizza ovens. They are powered through an electrical outlet and are compact and easy to use.  There are several models available on the market. Some rotate the dough while others are oven shaped. While they may not reach the same heat level as the other two, the countertops are most efficient and practical for home use.


Volume and space

When looking for an oven, keep in mind the designated space area for the product. As mentioned, wood fire ovens are large, and as they require wood power, they can be less easy to control than others. Convection based tend to be a little bulkier than electric countertops so they would require more space than the later.


What should it run on?

To cook a good pizza, the heat level in the oven must reach high temperatures. To do so, it requires a large amount of energy.  If you don’t choose the wood fire type, the oven can operate on gas or electricity. While natural gas is cheaper, it will reduce the cooker’s mobility. Some electrical appliances are now built to use less energy for better cost efficiency.



3 Best Pizza Makers (Reviews) in 2020



Taking into account the user feedback, these three models have earned some of the best pizza maker reviews and are a perfect choice for anyone searching for a long term, efficient product.



1. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven


The Presto 03430 is countertop oven that can bake in half of the time required by a traditional kitchen oven.

As it starts cooking the moment it is plugged in, you no longer have to worry about pre-heating. The product has lower and upper heating elements that can be operated individually. If you are interested in a fluffier pizza crust, then you can turn on only the bottom element at first and let the dough rise.  

The product also has a cooking timer that can also be used for reheating food products and automatically turns off the elements once it is done. Another plus is the removable baking pan that is easy to maintain clean and store.  The Presto 03430 is also energy friendly as it promises to save as much as 60% in comparison to a traditional oven.

Users praised the heating capabilities of the two elements as you are not limited to cooking only pizza. Many of them reported using the Presto 03430 for multiple types of foods, such as fish fillets, egg rolls, and even chicken breast or thick slices of salmon without over drying the meat. Another element applauded by the product’s buyers is the fact that it does not heat up the room.



If before you had to heat the oven before putting the pizza in, then you might want to take a look at this model. You can put your pizza inside right when you plug the product in.

The cooking timer is there to announce you when your pizza is done and ready to be eaten.

Additionally, pizza is not the only type of food you can prepare by using this kitchen tool. You can also prepare fish, chicken and even thick slices of salmon.

Another important feature is that the baking pan is removable, which means that you will find it very easy to clean.

Moreover, you can say goodbye to the hot air in the kitchen during summer, because this tool does not heat up the room.



If you have kids or pets, you may want to take into account the fact that this type of tool is a finger-burning hazard so make sure they’re not near the appliance while it is in use.


Buy from for ($49.67)





2. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker


A very easy to use pizza over is the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR that can cook up to a 12 inches pizza. The product is highly versatile and can also be used to making omelets, cookies or anything else you can think of.

The product is built with two non-stick coated baking plates stacked one of the other. The temperature is self-regulated by an internal thermostat, and there is a power on/ready-to-bake indicator that notifies you when the time is right to put in the ingredients.  The non-stick factor is essential in a product that strives to be easy to clean, and the model does that exactly. Plus it has a compact design that makes it easy to store and does not take up too much kitchen space.

The majority of users are very happy with the cooking possibilities of the product. The base has a floating hinge, and both lids are heated, making it easy and quick to cook food on both sides.

Buyers successfully used the Betty Croker for chocolate chip cookies, party mixes end even frittatas. Just remember to use oven gloves when handling the on product as the lids can get scalding and can cause skin burns.



As this model is a multi-purpose one, you can use it to make not just pizza with it, but also omelets or even cookies.

Besides, the incorporated plates are non-stick which means that you will have no trouble with getting your pizza out of the oven and you will not struggle with washing the tool, as well.

There is also a “ready-to-bake” indicator that allows you to put the ingredients just at the right time and at the right temperature.

This model offers you the possibility to make a pizza which can be up to 12 inches. At the same time, the item is well-designed and compact, which means that it does not take up too much space.



On the other side, the tool does not have a timer and a temperature setting. You will have to stay nearby while cooking the pizza in order to avoid unwanted mistakes.


Buy from for ($41.91)





3. Hamilton Beach 31700 12 Inch Cooker Red Pizza Maker


The Hamilton Beach 31700 is easy to use pizza maker that rotates for even cooking and has a viewing window that enables you to check the food status constantly.

Cooking with the appliance is easy as it has the option to adjust the level of heat when on and the oven does not require preheating. It is also built with a timer that after 30 minutes shuts off automatically. The heating system has both top and bottom elements for balanced baking.

Also, to ensure that the food is evenly cooked, the model has a rotating inner pan. For the type of cooks who like to constantly check the status of food or to ensure it does not get burned, the manufacturers have equipped the appliance with a viewing window on the top pan.

The model promises a 40% more cooking power and a 52% less energy use than the regular kitchen oven. The adjustable heat option is considered especially useful by its happy customers especially when cooking other food than pizza (even vegetables). They are also pleased that the top window does not steam up when cooking. The product also does not heat up the room as conventional ovens do.



The interesting thing about this kitchen tool is that it has a window at the top which allows you to see what is happening inside. You will not have to open the pizza maker to see what’s going on anymore.

The built-in timer makes it possible for the tool to automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

The manufacturer states that this model cooks up to 40% faster and is up to 52% more energy efficient than other kitchen ovens.

It allows you to cook other types of food besides pizza, such as quesadillas, cookies or even vegetables.

Furthermore, for a balanced baking process, this appliance has been equipped with a heating system that comes with both top and bottom elements.



Some customers say that this product heats up the kitchen too much. If you plan to use it several times in a row, you have to prepare for it, especially if it is a hot summer day.


Buy from for ($59.38)




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