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3 Best Pizza Cutters – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pizza Cutter + Reviews


If you are in a hurry, and you don’t have time to read the entire buying guide below, but you want to know about the best pizza cutter available, see here what Grandma Jen has to say on the matter. The OXO Good Grips 4-inch is the model that is most often mentioned by buyers in their glowing reviews because of all its outstanding qualities. Made from stainless steel, the sharp blade will easily cut through even the thickest crust of pizza, allowing you always to split the delicious Italian pie into equal parts. Because of the non-slip grip, you will find this pizza cutter easy to hold in your hand. The model can be washed in a dishwasher, so it requires zero maintenance. In case you cannot find the OXO Good Grips 4-inch, the Culina Pizza 14″ is a second best, according to Grandma Jen who approves it as a great kitchen helper.



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Cutting your pizza using a regular kitchen knife can be a real bummer, since the hot ingredients forming the topic will just end up gluing to the blade, making it harder and harder for you to cut through the crispy crust. An individual pizza cutter, on the other hand, is designed with such issues in mind, and therefore, it is quite a nice addition to someone’s kitchen if they often bake pizza.

Why hygiene is crucial

Pizza cutters, just like any other kitchen utensils, are in contact with your food, so they need to be safe for human use. It is highly recommended to get a model made from stainless steel. This material is often used for kitchen utensils and appliances because it resists corrosion, rust and it cleans fast and well. As far as the blade of the cutter is concerned, this is the type of material to choose.

The best pizza cutter reviews, however, insist on taking a closer look at the handle, too. This should be made from a lightweight material, but it should not be prone to developing bacteria. Solid plastic handles are better than wooden handles because they are less likely to retain dirt and grime. Make sure to get a model that is dishwasher safe.


A good solid grip

Since you will be working with sharp objects in the kitchen, it is recommended to get a model with a good solid grip. Ergonomics are important for overall comfort, but a non-slip grip is equally essential. You will not have to worry about cutting yourself, if the cutter comes with a guard, too. This way, even, by some twist of fate, your hand still slips from the handle, you will not be able to hurt yourself.



The best pizza cutter for the money may come in different shapes, but the most common one is the wheel. You just need to start from one side, and roll the wheel over the pie, until you reach the other side. This way, you will be able to slice pizza in a comfortable manner.



3 Best Pizza Cutters (Updated Reviews) in 2021


The following models are, at the moment, the best pizza cutters available for sale. They all enjoy a lot of positive feedback from buyers and for all the right reasons. No matter which one you decide to purchase, you will not regret your decision.




1. Oxo Good Grips 4-inch

This model from OXO Good Grips is designed to cut through thick pizza, which is why it aims to be larger than other models you can find on the market. You will discover that the ergonomics for this model are outstanding as soon as you start using it, and this is the number one reason why so many buyers love it.

Created by a company with a long-standing tradition in making kitchen utensils, this one does not disappoint either. Made from high-quality materials, it makes sure that your kitchen work will be done effortlessly. The blade is made from stainless steel, and it does not suffer from the usual mishaps other models prove capable of.

The blade does not rust, it does not corrode, and it does not become wobbly after a few uses. Your hand is protected during the cutting process by the anti-slip grip and the thumb guard. The latter is made from die cast zinc, and it is as durable as the rest of the cutter. The cutter is comfortable when held in your hand and it does an excellent job at slicing through your pizza so that you can create perfect slices each and every time.



You can cut through the thickest crust pizzas with the help of this sharp blade that is created to accurately cut through mushrooms, melted cheese, and pepperoni without a problem.

The model is easy to keep clean, and its design is aimed at safe human use. It is dishwasher safe, its stainless steel blade does not rust, and the handle does not become home for bacteria.

The thumb guard is made from die cast zinc, and it is very resistant. You will enjoy a high-quality product for a long time, and you will not risk cutting your fingers in the process.

The non-slip grip contributes to the overall appeal of this pizza cutter that will feel nice in your hand and will allow you to slice your pizza with a steady hand.



Keep in mind that this model is really large and that some users find it difficult to use and would prefer a smaller one.


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2. Culina Pizza 14″ Stainless Steel


This option is 14″ in width and, according to the manufacturer, you can use it to effectively chop, cut and mince vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and meat with little to no effort. Its blade is made of stainless steel. The wooden part of the model is thick, and it has a circular log shape that promotes a smooth cutting motion. What is more, because of its design and generous size, this model is perfect when it comes to slicing pizzas.

Apart from being easy to use, this item is also easy to wash as it only has to be rinsed with soapy water to clean it. However, because it does not come provided with a blade cover, you should be careful where you store it. From this point of view, a knife magnet might be the perfect choice.

Previous buyers have noted that this product is effortless to handle and that its shape enables a rocking motion that you are likely to enjoy while cutting or mincing ingredients. The user is said to have total control over the blade.

Given its numerous features, many have argued that this cutter can be regarded as the perfect gift for a pizza enthusiast.



The blade of the cutter is made of steel and, therefore, it won’t rust or lose its precision easily. Given its durable construction, this choice is likely to last.

Moreover, the wood handle of the item is practical. As a result, you won’t find it difficult to use it.

The product is rigid enough to withstand the pressure that you might put on it. Even more so, it can supply the user with the needed balance to cut various types of ingredients with little effort.

According to the seller, this model can also be used by people with arthritis.



One buyer claimed that the product that he was shipped was not as sharp as he had expected it to be.

There have been customers that were unhappy with how much space this model takes up. Still, it should be noted that the seller has made the dimensions of the cutter available.


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3. Oxo Good Grips Clean Cut


This handheld pizza cutter allows you to slice your pizza like a pro, without dirtying your hands, and without having to deal with knives that cannot go all the way. The way this cutter works is elegant and straightforward, and you will find it hard to get back to the traditional wheel design or another type of cutter, once you start using this one.

The wheel is 4 inches large, and it does a great job when it comes to slicing to both thick and thin pizza pies. You don’t have to worry that you may cut yourself since the large blade guard keeps your fingers well protected. The same guard comes in handy when you need to place the cutter away in a drawer, and you do not want the blade to get damaged by accident.

It must be noted that the wheel is made of stainless steel and it is resistant to corrosion, rust and general wear and tear. It is dishwasher safe, so the cutter will not give you any headaches. The non-slip grip is soft and comfortable, so you may find it quite enjoyable to use this kitchen utensil next time you are having pizza.



Slicing pizza can hardly get any easier than when using the OXO Good Grips Clean Cut, an ergonomic model with great results.

The 4-inch wheel is large enough to deal with really thick pies, but it will do the same fantastic job when you have to cut through thin pizza, as well.

When you need to clean the cutter, you can just remove the handle and then wash the blade separately, to remove even the smallest traces of dirt from it.

It serves to know that the blade guard is there for a reason, to protect your hands during the cutting process, and also for protecting the blade when you store it away.

The non-slip grip is also useful since it will ensure that you will not end up cutting yourself by accident while slicing pizza.



Since this model does not look like a traditional wheel cutter, some buyers say that it proves a bit more difficult to clean.


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Unavailable products


Outeam Chef Sharp


Everything about this pizza cutter spells quality. The first thing you will most probably notice about this particular model is that it is entirely made from stainless steel. It does not come with a handle made from a different type of material like other models do, and its solid construction is a great plus. The stainless steel used will not rust, and it will sustain a lot of kitchen duty without a problem.

Besides being far more hygienic than most similar products on the market, this cutter has a particular design. It does not come with a wheel like other pizza cutters do, and some may consider this a drawback. However, this simple aspect can be used to your advantage. The rocker blade can be utilized for cutting all kinds of stuff in the kitchen, from veggies to fibrous herbs.

You can wash it with great ease. Stainless steel, as a rule, does not catch rust, and it is highly hygienic. You will only need to run the cutter through water with some detergent dissolved in it and then wipe with a dry cloth. You can store it away in a kitchen drawer without a problem.



The pizza cutter is made entirely from 304 stainless steel, which means that it is more hygienic for use in the kitchen than other models that come with the handle made from a different material.

One thing you may like about it is that it is highly versatile since it can be used for chopping, mincing and slicing veggies, herbs and other foods you may need to process in the kitchen.

This cutter is easy to use since you just need to rock it from one side to another using both hands; you will feel like a real chef when you are doing this.

Unlike other models that are bulky and difficult to store away, this one can be easily accommodated inside a kitchen drawer.



It does not have a wheel design, which may be a drawback for some, but this is the cost of being a versatile cutter that you can use for other types of kitchen work.