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3 Best Pastry Rolling Pins – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pastry Rolling Pin + Reviews


If time is pressing you, and you can’t afford to read the entirety of our article, but you are still determined to get the best pastry rolling pin, Grandma Jen recommends that you take a look at the Ultra Cuisine Professional as it offers superior performance for an excellent price. The stainless steel construction will ensure that the rod won’t stick to the dough so that you can prepare your favorite pastry quicker. The slightly tapered French rod design will help you get a better sense of the thickness of your dough. As a plus, for even better results, you can chill it in your fridge before use to prevent the butter in the dough from melting. In the event that you are unable to find our first choice available, the KitchenBasix Classic Wood is a great puff pastry rolling pin that can also work as a multi-purpose roller.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


While finding a good pastry rolling pin might seem like a straightforward task at first, since the market is full of options for you to choose from, it can be easy to get the wrong model, especially if this is your first time buying this type of product.

To make things easier for you, and because we know few people have the time or energy to do research on their own, we have compiled a buyer’s guide just for you. In it, we’ve explored some of the key factors you ought to consider if you wish to get the best rolling pin for pastry.

Do you need a rod or a roller?

There are two main types of pastry rolling pins available and knowing which one to choose is important. The rod, which is also known as a French rolling pin, does not feature handles which can make it a bit difficult to use at first. Once you get used to it, it is much easier on your hands and wrists and allows you to flatten out dough on a bigger surface.

The classic rolling pin features two handles on each end of the barrel and it is easier to use by novice cooks. Some models may come with a single handle and have a design that is very similar to that of a paint roller. The downside of these models is that you have to apply more force and that the dough is not stretched as evenly as with a French-style rod.


Which material to choose?

There are two main materials used when manufacturing rolling pins, namely wood and stainless steel. Wood is the traditional material and it has the advantage of being cheaper than the other type. The downside is that dough can stick easily to wood and that it cannot be chilled for pastry that needs to remain really cool.

On the other hand, stainless steel models are very easy to clean since dough does not stick to them as easily. They can also be chilled when working with delicate pastry but as a downside, stainless steel can be heavy and may feel too cold to the touch.


A suitable length

When choosing a pastry rolling pin, length shouldn’t be an issue unless you wish to make wide sheets of dough such as what is required for pasta. French rolling pins tend to be largest and you can use their entire length to roll dough.

As a general rule, make sure you don’t get a unit that is too long for normal dough work as it will be too unwieldy to use comfortably.



3 Best Pastry Rolling Pins (Updated Reviews) in 2021



While we can’t decide for you, we believe that our diverse list of pastry rolling pin reviews will help you identify the right product for your needs. The models presented below stood out thanks to their ease of use, quality, and reliability. Take a quick look if you have the time.



1. Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin


With the help of the 100% stainless steel non-porous surface of the Ultra Cuisine Professional, you can roll cookies, biscuits, pizza, pie, ravioli, tortillas, fondant, and much more with great ease. The French design means that you will have complete control over the amount of pressure you apply to the dough.

Similarly, since the full 15 ¾-inch length of the barrel will come in contact with the dough, you will be able to roll more surface at a time versus when using a rolling pin with handles. The 1.5-inch diameter tampers gradually to 1.25-inch at the ends, a feature that allows you to rotate smoothly without leaving lines in your dough.

The shape of the rod also helps transfer a sense of the dough thickness to the users and allows for comfortable use for extended periods since it is easier on the wrists. The lightweight construction of this model makes it weigh only 10 ounces, which according to the manufacturer is just the right amount necessary to roll fondant, pastry, pizza, pie, and biscuits dough.

The Ultra Cuisine Professional weighs so little thanks to the hollow core construction which makes it light enough so that it won’t squash your dough completely.


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2. KitchenBasix Classic Wood Professional Dough Roller


The KitchenBasix alternative boasts the classic rolling pin design and wraps it in durable and moisture-resistant hardwood. The use of quality hardwood means that the product is capable of handling heavy use and will last you for years to come. The two handles feature an ergonomic design for increased ease of use and a better grip.

The model is equipped with bearings which means that the barrel will move independently from the handles. This nifty feature will make flattening dough that much easier since your wrists won’t get as tired. The 16.5-inch length and the 2.2-inch diameter are the perfect sizes for all your rolling needs.

Indeed, this is a true multi-purpose product as it can be used to prepare anything from pastry, cookie and pizza dough to pasta, fondant, chapati and much more. KitchenBasix is so confident in the quality that this model provides that it offers a lifetime guarantee if you ever find yourself not satisfied with your purchase.

As far as customer feedback goes, owners were pleased with this model praising its size which makes it very convenient to use and roll smoothly. Buyers have also reported that despite it being made of wood, cleaning is a breeze.


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3. Bamber Wood Pastry Wood Rolling Pin


What’s unique about the Bamber Wood Pastry is not just its design, but also its small size. The roller has a length of just 4.29 inches and a diameter of 1.46 inches. The design can be best described as similar to that of a paint roller, and using it is just as simple as you can imagine.

The smaller size and nifty design will allow your children to join you by using this little and fun gadget to help you in the kitchen. Another area in which this unit excels is the quality of the wood.

While other models on the market are not well burnished and are made of raw materials that lack a safe covering, the Bamber alternative undergoes a remarkable burnishing and covering process that makes it have an incredibly sleek surface and a superb feeling.

The craftsmanship that this brand offers is obvious once you take a quick look at the numerous positive consumer reviews. Owners were happy with the ease of use, durability, and portability that this model offers.

If you are tired of big size rolling pins or you simply need a gadget to help you do small rollout jobs, this small pastry rolling pin will be a good addition to your kitchen.


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