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Top Cleaners for Ovens – Guide & Comparison


If you love cooking but you hate being stuck with a dirty oven, finding the best oven cleaner will save you time and effort. And, if you’re in the market for such an item, you’ve come to the right place. After carefully reviewing some of the most popular choices available, we concluded that a good oven cleaner would be the Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner. It is designed to cut through tough baked grease and food spills to turn your oven like new in just a few minutes, without having to scrub too hard. All you have to do is spray, wait for a couple of minutes, then wipe clean the entire surface of the oven, without rubbing or scrubbing, and all the grease will be gone. The product comes in a convenient large bottle of 24 ounces to last you many months from now on, and a discreet lemon scent for your kitchen to smell fresh. If this product is not available right away, opt for the Astonish Oven Cleaner and Grill Premium Edition as a reliable alternative.



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9 Best Oven Cleaners (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Finding the best oven cleaner for baked on grease is not an easy task, especially with so many good options on the market. We have carefully selected some of the most popular items of the moment and presented them to you below, together with their in-depth reviews, so you can pick the cleaner that will best suit your cooking style and oven requirements.



1. Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner


Why settle for endless minutes of scrubbing and risking damage to your oven when you can opt for an oven grease cleaner that works like magic? The new Easy Off Professional is the right option when it comes to cleaning grease, burnt-on food, dirt, and debris from your oven.

Its powerful yet delicate formula will cut through grease and will restore your oven’s natural look in just a couple of minutes. All you have to do is spray the product on the dirty area, wait for a short while then use a clean cloth to remove dirt and stains. That means no scrubbing, no rubbing, and, most importantly, no scratches and marks on your oven!

The citrus scent will help your kitchen smell fresh and clean for a longer time, while the 24-ounce bottle will be enough for your thorough cleaning tasks for months, regardless of how often you bake or cook.



Unlike other sprays, this one doesn’t release any fumes, which makes it safer for the environment.

The 24-ounce bottle should suffice you for a few months, even if you use your oven for heavy cooking a few times a week. Therefore, it represents a convenient choice for professional chefs and bakers too.

The powerful formula deeply penetrates the grease and burnt-on food, allowing you to easily clean even the hardest stains in just a few minutes, without scrubbing.

The formula is also gentle on the surface of the oven, preventing scratches, marks or stains on your kitchen appliance so that it looks brand new every time you clean it.



Although we like that the product works, it still takes a few minutes for the substances to penetrate the grease and burnt-on food, meaning you’ll have to wait before cleaning your oven. There is no magic item that can make your oven sparkling clean in one quick wipe.

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2. Astonish Oven Cleaner and Grill Premium Edition


Looking after the environment and still managing to remove deep and old stains from your oven is more difficult than it seems. Although there are numerous good products on the market that will do the job, most of them use harsh chemicals that are dangerous to you and nature.

Astonish is different as it is packed with a strong yet delicate formula that powers through grease and burnt-on food, leaving your oven sparkling clean, without requiring harsh chemicals. It is 100% safe to use without gloves and will tackle the whole surface of your oven, including the door, without leaving stains, marks or scratches.

Enriched with orange oil and delivered with its own sponge, the new Astonish non toxic oven cleaner is the right option for your kitchen, especially if you enjoy cooking or baking regularly. It is delivered with full instructions on how to properly use the paste to release all its cleaning power.



Unlike many other similar products, this one comes with a child safety cap to prevent children or pets from getting in contact with the substance.

It doesn’t use harsh chemicals but a series of natural active ingredients that are soft and delicate with your skin and the oven while also delivering a thorough cleaning. Thus, you won’t need to use kitchen gloves when working with the paste.

The substance can be used to clean deep dirt, debris, burnt-in food, and old grease all over the surface of your oven, including the window, without having to worry about scratches, marks or stains.

It is delivered with an applicator for easy and safe cleaning.



Don’t use this paste on nonstick or Teflon coatings as it may damage them.

Unfortunately, the cleaner is delivered in a box that cannot be sealed, which means the substance or paste will dry out in time, making it useless even when combined with water.

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3. Quality Chemical Cleaner Heavy-Duty 2 gallon


Available in a large 2-gallon container, this affordable oven cleaner is worth your time and money. Its heavy-duty, high-potency formula acts faster than other substances, allowing you to easily clean and remove stains from your oven and grill.

The formula was specially designed to remove burnt-on solids, encrusted grease, carbon, stains, and dirt from grills, smokehouses, and ovens, restoring their original shine and cleaning them in just a few minutes.

The product is ready to use and doesn’t require premixing, meaning all you have to do is pour some of the substance directly on the dirty surface of your oven or grill, wait for a few seconds, then remove it using a soft sponge.

What we also liked is that, unlike other similar cleaners, this one also works on hot surfaces, so you won’t have to wait for your grill or oven to cool down first, allowing the grease to settle in and become harder to remove.



The 2-gallon bottle is perfect for residential and commercial use alike and it will last you many months from now on.

The special formula is designed to remove the thickest types of grease and dirt, even carbon stains so that your cooking appliances can be restored to their original look, color, and shine in no time.

Unlike many other similar cleaning substances, this one can also be used on hot surfaces, which means you won’t have to wait until the grill or oven cools off to remove stains, debris, and burnt-on foods.

It is ready to use and doesn’t require pre-mixing.



Although we like its powerful formula, we advise you to always wear special latex or rubber gloves when handling this substance. It contains harsh chemicals that might cause skin rashes, irritations, redness or burns. Avoid contact with eyes and never use the cleaner on other surfaces than stainless steel.

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4. Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner


Proudly made in the United States, this super-strength gel promises to clean your grill and oven in just a few minutes, without rubbing or scrubbing. It is safe to use on food-prep surfaces and, what’s even better, it is 100% biodegradable, meaning it won’t harm the environment.

The unique formula quickly cleans and removes grease from your grates and grill, and is designed to work on various types of stains and build-ups, including caked-on food, baked-on deposits, grease, and carbon.

Unlike other products specifically created for one surface, you can use the Goo Gone on metals, grill interiors and exteriors, drip pans, and even cooking grates and racks. This makes it more useful in your kitchen and a trustworthy ally after each barbeque or cooking party you throw.

All cooking devices must be turned off and cooled off before using this product. Spray it on the surface and let the substance sit for 2-10 minutes before wiping it off using a brush or a sponge.



The strong gel formula is safe on food-prep surfaces, meaning it won’t damage cabinets, kitchen counters, and cooking tables.

It is specifically designed to quickly and easily remove grease from your grates and grills but also works its magic on caked-on food, baked-on deposits, and carbon.

Unlike many other cleaning agents that are only created for one type of surface, this cleaner is safe to use on drip pans, grill interiors and exteriors, metals, and cooking racks or grates.

The special formula is 100% safe to use and biodegradable and reduces flare-ups and smoke.



The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the product on aluminum, painted metals or faux stainless steel.

Although the formula is strong, you’ll still have to let the product sit for up to 10 minutes before starting scrubbing or brushing, especially if you plan on removing solid grease, meaning it will take more time to complete your cleaning chores.

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5. Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner ZUOVGR19


This pack of 12 cleaning products is perfect for restaurants, bars, grill houses, and any other commercial buildings that sell or produce food.

The powerful restaurant-grade formula is specifically developed to dissolve any traces of baked-on grease, carbon, dirt, and debris, leaving all your cooking surfaces sparkling clean. It can be used on a variety of kitchen appliances, including ovens, pots and pans, ceramic ware, stainless steel, barbeque grills, barbeque and oven grates, as well as burner drip pans.

Unlike other products that need to sit for 5-10 minutes, this powerful product will help you finish all your cleaning chores faster. All you have to do is shake the container, apply a thin coat of product on the desired cooking surface, and wipe immediately. However, harder stains may require you to let the spray soak in for a couple of minutes to make sure you won’t have to scrub too hard after.



Why spend hours in the kitchen waiting for every cleaning product to work its magic when you can have one that instantly removes stains, dirt, debris, and even burnt food and grease?

Unlike many other products, cleaning will be done fast and efficiently with the help of the Zep Heavy-Duty. All you have to do is spray a thin layer of the substance and wipe off immediately.

You can use it on ovens, barbeque grills, porcelain, pots, pans, ceramic ware, stainless steel, and rotisseries, which means it will become useful for most households.

The set contains 12 bottles of product, enough to last you many months from now on. Plus, buying by the bundle is always a more profitable business.



The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the cleaner on aluminum, copper, chrome or painted surfaces. You shouldn’t use it on continuous-cleaning ovens or self-cleaning ovens either.

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6. Mr. Muscle 682556EA Oven & Grill Cleaner


If you’re looking for a product that can easily help you remove stains from your oven, this Mr. Muscle formula might be perfect for you. Its heavy-duty combination of ingredients promises to deliver fast and easy cleaning of institutional and commercial surfaces, making it perfect for both home use and professional use on restaurant ovens and grills.

Unlike most products that should be applied on cold surfaces only, this one works immediately on cold and warm ovens, allowing you to finish your cleaning tasks easily and fast. It is designed to break down tough, baked-on grease and grime without too much scrubbing, which can only be beneficial for your hands and nails.

The foamy consistency deeply penetrates any type of dirt, debris, stains or grease and acts in only a couple of minutes, leaving the surface shiny, smooth, and 100% clean. Use it to clean multiple surfaces like pans, fryers, griddles, table-tops, broilers, ovens, grills, and more.



The product consists of a powerful formula that easily penetrates any trace of dirt, debris, stains, and even burnt food to clean in just a matter of seconds.

Unlike other similar products, this one can be used on both warm or cold ovens, meaning you won’t have to wait for your kitchen appliances to cool down before starting to clean them.

It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including pans, fryers, table-tops, pots, grills, and ovens, delivering high-quality results every time.

The foamy formula is powerful enough to ensure easy cleaning without too much scrubbing.



Although not a product flaw, some batches don’t seem to have the same powerful formula, meaning you will have to scrub more and spend more time cleaning if you want an impeccable job.

A safety lid could be useful; otherwise, make sure to store the product in a place where your pets and children cannot reach.

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7. Chemco Dirt Buster III Non-caustic Oven Cleaner


If you’re looking for a product that works, this oven cleaner review may help you decide on which cleaner to buy for your kitchen. The special formula is designed to clean ovens without harming or destroying the sensitive components, meaning you can easily spray it on the entire oven surface.

Unlike many other products that contain dangerous chemicals and might be harmful to your health, this one is NSF Certified Category A1, meaning it is safe to use by everyone, including people with respiratory affections and in households with children and pets.

It is also safe to use on all aluminum surfaces so that it is useful for a wide variety of kitchen appliances, pots, pans, lids, and others.

Proudly made in the United States, the manufacturing brand counts for over 30 years of proven effectiveness on all products, so you can trust this one to clean your oven and make it look brand new.



The item is made locally in the United States, so buying it will support the local economy and create new jobs.

The formula is specifically created to clean ovens without being harmful to the sensitive components, so you can safely spray it on all the oven’s surface, including on the window.

It is NSF Certified, meaning it represents a safer, healthier choice than other oven cleaners. It is also biodegradable so it won’t harm the environment either.

Unlike similar products, you can also use this one to clean aluminum surfaces, making it a suitable choice for most of your kitchen appliances and tools, including pans, pots, lids, coffee makers, and others.



It still contains certain chemical compounds that might cause allergic reactions, so we recommend spraying the product from a distance of at least 12 inches or wearing a mask if you’re sensitive to some of the ingredients included.

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8. Crest CHP Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner


Delivered in a spray bottle of 100 fluid ounces, this product will last you for a long time from now on. Its powerful formula will cut through grease, burnt food, debris, dirt, and stains, allowing you to easily clean your oven without scrubbing and damaging your hands or nails in the process.

Unlike other similar products, this one also features a long-lasting action that prevents future spills or burnt food from getting stuck on the surface of your oven.

It contains less than 5% chemical cleaning agents so it represents a safer choice for those who are allergic to strong chemicals. However, we still recommend using rubber gloves and a mask when using the product regularly to prevent negative reactions.

The cleaner has a pleasant scent that will leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

Make sure to only use it on your oven as the formula might affect other surfaces, including stainless steel.



Mr. Muscle remains one of the country’s most reputed cleaning brands, and this is thanks to its powerful formula specifically designed to cut through burnt-on grease and spilled food.

It allows you to easily clean your oven and leave it sparkling clean without additional scrapping that might harm your hands or nails.

The spray contains less than 5% strong chemicals, including perfume, limonene, and aliphatic hydrocarbons, meaning it represents a safer choice for those who suffer from allergies.

It comes with a delicate citrus scent that will make your kitchen smell fresh and clean.



We recommend using rubber gloves and a mask whenever applying the formula, especially if you are getting in contact with it regularly. Constant exposure to chemicals, although in a small dosage, can lead to allergic reactions, breathing problems, and mild burns.

Make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and avoid using the product on surfaces for which it wasn’t intended.

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9. Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Fresh


The 14.5 oz spray bottle is big enough to last you for a few months, depending on how often you cook and spill food. Nevertheless, the powerful formula is specially designed to cut through hard food spills, grease, dirt, debris, and stains, leaving your oven looking like new.

This Easy Off oven cleaner promises to clean your oven in just five minutes, without requiring extra scrubbing or scraping. Unlike other products that can be used only on the oven surface, this one promises to also clean oven doors made of glass, meaning you won’t require an additional product specifically for that part.

It is perfect for ovens, oven doors, broilers, broiler pans, pots, and even stainless steel surfaces so that you can use it for various cleaning jobs all around the kitchen. The delicate formula won’t scratch or damage the surface of kitchen appliances but will remove all food and grease deposits.



The formula is powerful enough to remove any signs of burnt food, grease deposits, dirt or stains, leaving your oven looking and smelling clean.

The spray is delicate enough for the oven door as well, and won’t cause stains, marks or damage to stainless steel surfaces. Therefore, you can safely use it to clean pans, pots, broilers, ovens, and other kitchen appliances and pieces of equipment.

The formula deeply penetrates the grease so you won’t have to scrub and harm your hands or nails.

You will be done cleaning in approximately 5 minutes.



Keep in mind that this product uses chemical compounds that might be harmful to your health, so we suggest wearing a protective mask and gloves whenever you clean your kitchen. Spray it from a distance of at least 12 inches and avoid contact with skin, eyes, and nose.

Don’t forget to turn off your oven and let it cool before applying the cleaning substance.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding a cheap oven cleaner that also works is a difficult task, especially if you want a product that will help you finish all cleaning tasks in the shortest possible time. Although there are many items available on the market, few will deliver exactly what you want. Here are some of the features you’ll want to look for if you want to make sure you buy the best oven cleaner.

The right formula for you

Oven cleaners are sold in various packages and bottles and come in the shape of foam, solid paste, liquid or sprays. Keep in mind that there is no right formula, only the one that works for you, so take your time to learn more about each type and its strong points before deciding on a brand and product.

Pastes and solid formulas usually work best for hard stains, old grease, and burnt-in foods. They often need to be combined with water to dilute them but they will deeply penetrate stains and grease and help you clean your oven faster and more efficiently.

Foam-based formulas are more delicate and represent a good choice for cleaning softer surfaces, including the oven’s glass door. They usually don’t have the most efficient formula that can cut through deep, old grease but they remain reliable when handling newer stains, oil spills, and mild residues, including burnt-on food.

Liquid and spray formulas are best used for daily cleaning jobs so don’t expect them to perform miracles when it comes to old stains, carbon or hard grease. Liquid formulas are also hard to measure and you may end up using more product than necessary, which equals waste in the long term.

On the other hand, sprays are the perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas such as inside or under the oven. They may take some time until they start working but they will help you clean every inch of your grill, oven or smokehouse and make them look brand new.


Watch out for strong chemicals

Going through online oven cleaner reviews, you will notice that many products still rely on powerful chemicals to help you remove stains and dirt easier and faster. Although we cannot deny their efficiency, you need to be extremely careful when handling these cleaning substances as they can be dangerous.

Sodium hydroxide or harsh soda is one of the most common strong chemicals included in cleaning products that deal with grease, carbon, and old food build-ups. Unfortunately, the strong formula or sodium hydroxide can cause skin rashes and burns, and can also harm your eyes, lungs, and nostrils.

We strongly recommend following the instructions on your product’s label to make sure you safely use the substance. Apply/spray it from a safe distance and always wear a mask and gloves to avoid direct contact with the skin.


What about natural ingredients?

If you’re looking for a cleaner, safer version for you and the environment, there are still some natural products that promise to deliver similar results in your kitchen. Whether you choose to make your own cleaner or buy one that uses natural active ingredients, the main advantage of these items is that they won’t put your health at risk.

Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, essential citrus oil (including lemon, orange, and grapefruit), and lemongrass are all known for their powerful cleaning and degreasing properties. However, you need to find the right proportions and never let them sit for too long as they may cause permanent damage to your oven or other kitchen appliances and surfaces.


Have a dedicated product

Although we love a multi-use product capable of cleaning all types of surfaces and removing stains, dirt, and debris in a matter of seconds, your oven needs extra attention and care if you want it to look and work as good as new for a longer time.

Unlike many other kitchen appliances or surfaces that deal with mild stains, spills, dirt, and debris, ovens often feature hard and old stains, grease, oils, and burnt food. Combined with dirt or other types of stains, it comes as no surprise that they are almost impossible to remove entirely using generic “kitchen cleaning” products.

Thus, we recommend opting for items specifically designed to clean ovens. They often contain concoctions that will assist in cutting through oil and food deposits without harming the surface of your oven. Besides, some of these cleaning agents come with their own sponges that are softer and won’t cause scratches or marks on the oven even when you thoroughly scrub.

Some oven manufacturing brands sell their own cleaning products designed specifically for the needs of their kitchen appliances. However, these items tend to be overpriced and, according to most customers, are not that different from generic cleaning brands.


A good scent

Finally, you want your oven cleaner to smell fresh or delicate instead of chemicals. Keep in mind that strong cleaning agents may also be dangerous to your nose and respiratory tract, especially if you spend a lot of time washing and scrubbing your oven to make it look brand new.

If you want to avoid allergies or breathing problems caused by these chemicals, we suggest opting for an unscented oven cleaner spray or one with a delicate, fresh scent such as citrus.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are oven cleaners toxic?

The answer to this question strongly depends on the product you choose. Most sprays, foams, gels, and pastes available on the market use different chemicals to cut through thick grease and burnt food. Although they are effective, these oven cleaners may also cause allergic reactions such as skin rashes, redness or breathing problems.

If you plan on using chemical-based cleaners regularly, we strongly recommend you wear a mask and gloves before and during your cleaning process. Spray or apply the product from a safe distance and avoid direct contact with your skin. If this happens, immediately wash off the affected area with mild water and soap. If you notice any skin, eyes or nose reactions, consult a doctor right away.

There is always the option of natural cleaning products that only use safe ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential citrus oils to clean your oven and restore its natural color and shine. These may take longer to act but they represent a safer choice for you, your children, and your pets.

Q: Can I cook in my oven after cleaning it?

Although most products require rinsing them off using water, some of them can be removed with the help of a clean cloth. We don’t necessarily recommend using your oven right away, especially if you cleaned it with strong chemicals.

The best time to clean the surface of your oven or smokehouse is in the evening after you are done cooking. This way, you allow the substances to sit for the right amount of time to efficiently remove any traces of dirt, debris, carbon, burnt food, stains or grease.

After that, you can let your oven “rest” for a few hours until the morning. This way, you make sure all chemical particles are removed through air circulation and there is no risk of negative side effects.

If you are using a natural cleaner with 100% organic, non-chemical ingredients, you can safely use your oven right after cleaning it.


Q: What is the effect of oven cleaners on a kitchen counter?

As we previously mentioned, some generic cleaning agents promise to remove all dirt, stains, and grease from your kitchen, including counters, cabinets, ovens, stoves, and other electrical products.

However, they might not be strong enough to properly deal with ovens as these usually have thicker stains, grease, and burnt food residues. Therefore, you might need a cleaner that is stronger than what you would normally use for your kitchen counters, cooking table, and other surfaces in your kitchen.

On the other hand, many oven cleaners are made with strong chemicals designed to cut through thick grease and remove even the most stubborn stains and food residues.

Although they might make your oven look like new, these products can easily damage other surfaces, especially if we’re talking about marble, granite or wood. Therefore, we recommend using different cleaning agents and products for your oven and your kitchen counters to avoid bleaching, scratches, and permanent marks. Protection Status