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Best Oster 4 slice toaster


4-Slice toasters from Oster – Ratings & Informative guide


What’s the best Oster 4-slice toaster? Grandma Jen has the answer to this question and it appears to be the Oster 6330 Inspire. This model enables you to have complete control over the toasting process, whether you like your slices browner or lighter. As it has been engineered with users’ needs in mind, you’ll find that the unit boasts wide slots that can allow you to use anything from specialty breads to bagels and even waffles. With the help of the auto-centering guides, the slices will always come out as you expect them. Durability is made possible by the housing as it has been made out of stainless steel. Plus, the feedback received by this product over time is favorable. If the Oster 6330 Inspire is no longer available or you just can’t find it anymore, you should consider the second best option, the Oster TSSTTRWF4S.


A.1 Oster 4 slice toaster

Four-slice toasters simplify breakfast preparations, and the best Oster 4 slice toaster models are certainly no exception. With the ability to cook four bread slices simultaneously, a four-slice toaster should be bought after much consideration of its essential aspects. These are what make the Oster line of 4-slice toasters exceptional.


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 4-slice toaster from Oster:



Revolutionary Slot Design

Ordinary models offer regular-size bread slots, so you might have to use a slim kitchen implement to extricate bread that gets stuck after cooking. However, Oster has designed its toasters to have extra-wide slots so extraction of the food item is easy. Other models even have long slots, with an award-winning slim body to enable easy placement on your kitchen countertop while enabling you to put in long slices or more than one regular slice per slot, so you can complete the toasting task quicker.


Safe and Hassle-free Operation

Not all four-slice toasters are created equal. Fortunately, the best Oster 4 slice toaster models all ensure hassle-free operation. They have an automatic shut-off feature that provides peace of mind so even if you forget, the unit switches itself off. The toasters have multiple toast settings that allow you to choose from light to dark in the level of doneness, so you can enjoy bread just the way you like it.

Other features that simplify operation are self-centering bread slots, LED display lights and a high-lift lever for easy removal of bread.


Reliable Toasting Performance

The Oster brand has some of the best 4 slice toasters on the market when it comes to uniform toasting results. They offer even and expert toasting for a wide variety of thickly-sliced bakery style bagels and artisan breads, so you will have something to enjoy aside from plain white bread slices.



3 Best Oster 4-Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2021



Have you gotten tired of scouring the kitchen appliance departments of online and brick-and-mortar sellers for a fantastic four-slice toaster that can deliver as you expect? The Oster brand has a line of top-selling, terrific 4-slice toasters that let you have delightful breakfasts every morning with unbeatable toasting results. Here are three of them.



1. Oster Inspire 4-Slice Toaster Brushed Stainless Steel


1.Oster 6330 InspireThe Oster 6330 Inspire 4-Slice Toaster lets you begin every day with toast perfectly made just the way you like it. This appliance is expertly engineered to toast breads, bagels and a variety of other bread and bread-based items according to your preference.

It employs state-of-the-art toasting technology to provide a range of settings from the lightest to the darkest you want, ensuring consistent results every time. The stainless steel housing provides durability thanks to its resistance to chipping and corrosion.

The Oster 6330 is built with two extra-long slots so it can take in four regular slices of bread or two large, artisan-type breads as well as other food items. The seven toast shade settings let you select the level of doneness every time.

The bread slots, aside from being designed with extra width, have dual, auto-adjusting centering guides to ensure easy placement of items. The Toast function is supplemented by other features, such as the Bagel feature, that lets you enjoy perfectly-toasted bagels with crisp round sides and warm cut sides.



The Oster 6330 Inspire offers you the possibility to toast four slices of bread at the same time, with its two extra wide and long slots.

You don’t have to worry about using thicker or thinner slices, as the automatic centering guides will take care of positioning them in place.

You can pick your favorite shade of brown from 7 available, and the best part is that everyone in the family can choose how they like their bread.

Use the various functions available, for more breakfast options, such as Bagel, Defrost, and Keep Warm.

The unit comes along with a small recipe booklet that will get you started and also offer you more alternatives to experiment.



When toasting specialty items, like artisan bread and the like, you may get uneven browning, which can be an issue for some people.


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2. Oster 4-Slice Toaster Brushed Metal TSSTTRWF4S


3.Oster TSSTTRWF4SThe Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice Toaster offers twice the capacity of a conventional two-slice model, so you can be done with the breakfast preparations in half the time. It has a Frozen button that lets you take bread out of the fridge straight for toasting without having to activate a Warm feature first.

That’s convenience with just a single step! Additionally, the toaster has extra-wide slots to accommodate thicker bread slices and other bread types. The auto-adjusting bread guides let you rest easy by ensuring centering of the slices so you won’t need to remove the toast with a tool afterwards.

This model has automatic shut-off feature to give you peace of mind. The toast lift raises the bread high up for easy retrieval. The crumb tray is conveniently removable for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

The toaster lets you choose the degree of doneness you prefer for your toast thanks to its seven shade settings. The Reheat feature warms up bread without over-toasting it. For problem-free storage, the toaster has a retractable cord.



You no longer have to settle for the same old boring toast in the morning, as the extra wide slots of this unit can deal with all kinds of bread, for maximum convenience and variety.

You can toast your bagels, defrost pastry items taken directly from the freezer, reheat your bread, and cancel the process if you think your toast is already well done.

A crumb tray will deal well with the mess that may result from having toast every morning; it can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, to make things easy.

Choose from 7 toast shade options, and decide how dark or light you want your bread to be, to enjoy your breakfast to the max.

When you need to store the unit away, make sure to retract the cord so that it does not stand in your way.



The slots are not wide enough to accommodate bagels, despite having a special function for such pastry, and that is the main complaint mentioned by some buyers.


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3. Oster 4-Slice Toaster w/Extra Wide Slots Bagel & Toast Lift


It is often difficult to get a good quality four-slice toaster for less than fifty dollars, and that’s because there are so many models to choose from and so many of them aren’t all that well-made. Fortunately, this does not seem to be the case of the Oster TSSTTRWA4R as it is a winner in terms of ease of use and functionality.

It comes with extra-wide slots that will enable you to toast anything from artisan and specialty bread to bagels, frozen waffles, and English muffins. There’s nothing stopping you from using the product for other pastries, as well, if that’s what you feel like tasting in the morning.

Because it was designed with the modern consumer’s needs in mind, the unit can offer you consistently toasted slices that you will enjoy with your friends and family. The lift lever is convenient and will allow you to grab the items without really making an effort.

So, what did actual buyers have to say about the TSSTTRWA4R? Some say that they enjoy the seven toast shade options while other speak highly of the design of the product as it seems to tie their kitchen together.



The slots that this model has been equipped with are wide enough for you to utilize anything ranging from bagels to a broad variety of specialty and artisan bread.

The auto-adjusting bread guides are a neat feature that you are likely to appreciate as in this way, the appliance will toast anything perfectly and evenly.

The lift lever can ensure that you can grab even smaller items as they will be within reach.

In spite of its user-friendly features and overall convenience, this model doesn’t cost a fortune, much unlike many of its competitors.

The design of the model is one of the reasons, so many buyers have chosen it as even the plastic components don’t look like they are made of plastic.



Some of the parts might be a bit flimsy, so they might give you the impression that they’re not particularly durable.


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Unavailable products


Oster Designed for Life


2.Oster Designed for Life 4-Slice ToasterThe Oster Designed for Life 4-Slice Toaster is equipped with revolutionary toasting technology that ensures consistent toasting results every time. It works well even when you toast thick-sliced artisan breads.

It has specific function settings for warming, so your toast can be kept warm a few minutes after cooking so you won’t have to make do with depressingly cold toast. The bagel function lets you toast your favorite breakfast staple on the round side and the cut side nicely warmed.

The extra-long slots enable you to handle up to four slices of bread simultaneously, so you can feed a crowd in no time. The automatic shut-off feature ensures safety so even if you forget, the toaster won’t.

The appliance has Cancel functionality that lets you stop the toasting process midway if you feel the bread is cooked enough. The anti-jam feature lets you remove toast easily without having to use a long kitchen tool. The multiple toasting settings allow every member of the family to enjoy their toast just the way they like it.