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We all enjoy a nice omelette in the morning. If you want to know how to cook this delicious meal and you can’t seem to find the best omelette maker, Grandma Jen recommends the Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS as it offers high-quality without being too pricey.  Featuring a non-stick coating, the unit is easy to clean and allows you to bake 2 scrambled eggs per cavity. In addition, it comes an indicator light that enables you to know when the maker is heated enough and a non-slip base that provides a secure grip while handling it. Plus, you get a full-color manual with lots of recipes to try out. If you can’t find the Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS in stock, you can’t miss out the Dash DOM001RD, the next great omelette maker in line.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an omelette maker


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, you need a good omelet maker that is able to deliver an outstanding dish that has all the important proteins your body requires for a fresh start in the morning. With so many models for sale, it can be a tad difficult deciding on a specific product. Unless you read this list showcased below that teaches you the most important features an item like this must have.




Simple and packed with nutrients, omelettes are a cheap and easy meal that has been eaten by people for centuries. There are so many varieties of recipes around the Globe that there’s no need to make the same style daily.

In order to serve a perfect omelette, you should get a kitchen tool that has a round or oval shape. Moreover, anything with curves and high walls is great because this type of food should be a little thick to get the real taste.

According to many omelette maker reviews, you can use a smaller surface that goes up to 10 inches in diameter if you want to add other ingredients such as ham, cheese, or greens. You could opt for makers that feature a larger pan but keep in mind that the bigger the size, the harder it can get for you to handle the device.



You’ve probably seen on TV or online many omelette makers that look bulky and heavy. While you might be tempted to choose a light item, you must consider the ability to conduct heat evenly.

The material of a product like this is crucial when it comes to cooking the ideal dish. For instance, omelette makers made of copper lined with stainless steel are considered a fantastic option because they can control the heat and the cooling quite fast when removed from the burner.

Stainless steel makers and anodized aluminum are preferred by the majority of chefs due to their power of providing the right amount of heft.


Additional features

Even if you purchase a cheap omelet maker, you must check if the product has a non-stick surface. This translates to less amount of grease in the pan and no slipping when placing the omelette on to the plate. Although some people believe that an omelette should have a brown color, in reality, it’s better to cook it slowly. Therefore, a non-stick surface is definitely a plus.

Another feature that comes in handy is having an omelette maker that allows you to cook other meals such as pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and sausages.

You’d be surprised to know that there are products that enable you to flip them while cooking the omelette.




3 Best Omelette Makers (Reviews) in 2020



The best tools for making omelettes makers are showcased below.  These three models have gained enough points in order to qualify for durable and high-quality products.



1. Holstein Housewares HH-0937012SS Omelet Maker


You can hide your old frying pan because this omelet maker from Holstein Housewares is the best option if you want to serve a fluffy and delicious dish each morning.

There’s no need for special tools or flipping because once you pour in your mixture and close the lid, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal in just a matter of minutes.

The possibilities of cooking a variety of recipes such as egg whites and spinach, Spanish tortillas or pancakes are basically limitless because the product features a non-stick coated surface.. This way you can be certain that the meal is healthy and grease-free.

Due to its innovative design, you can make different omelette recipes at the same time without having to worry about cleaning the mess afterward.

The best part is that once the indicator light is on you’ll know that the pan is heated enough so you can pour the ingredients inside the maker. Moreover, the upright space-saving feature allows an easy storage between uses.

In addition to the online video channel that teaches you how to mix up ingredients, you get a recipe book with colorful descriptions where you can learn a few tricks about how to create an outstanding omelette.



This maker allows you to create fluffy omelets in a very easy way, without needing to flip them.

The surface is non-stick coated so the cooking process and the cleaning are easier.

It comes with an indicator light in order to let you know when it is preheated or ready to be used.

You can make two different recipes at the same time due to the design that allows you to separate the omelets.

The maker is very portable and save-spacing since it doesn’t occupy much room.

It comes with a user manual and some great recipes to give you more cooking ideas.



The non-stick coating is not made to last forever so it is indicated to use some oil to make it last longer.

You have to preheat the maker several minutes before using it because it takes some time to warm up which makes it annoying while you are in a hurry.


Buy from for ($21.98)





2. Dash Omelette Maker with Dual Non Stick Plates


If portability and versatility are what you are looking for, then this interesting omelette tool from Dash will work best for you.

Suitable for a wide array of recipes, from omelettes and fluffy frittatas to pizza pockets and crispy skin salmon, this device allows you to prepare a fast and easy breakfast. Quite simple to use, the product is outfitted with a green indicator light that notifies you when the surface of the maker is preheated.

Due to its narrow footprint and upright storage option, the item is ideal for any type of kitchen countertop or cabinet.

One aspect worth mentioning is that this omelette maker comes with a special feature that enables you to flip the unit in order to ensure the meal is cooked evenly on both sides. Furthermore, the non-stick cooking surface is great for fast and easy cleaning.

In addition to the classical recipes, you can try out several different dishes thanks to the recipe book included in the package. Plus, you have the possibility to access a large database of recipes if you desire.

Compact and easy to handle, the product offers a 1-year warranty, and the stylish red look goes perfectly with the rest of your kitchen appliances.



The omelet maker helps you save a lot of time when you want to have a quick breakfast or dinner.

It is a versatile product that allows you to cook not only omelets, but paninis, frittatas, or pizza pockets too.

This maker is very easy to be used by anyone since it has a green light to indicate when it is ready and all you have to do is to pour the ingredients.

The compact design lets you store it in tight places or take it with you in your family trips since it is also lightweight.

Its surface is non-stick coated so you can safely cook your breakfast and it also makes the cleaning process easier.

The heating is even so you can enjoy a quality breakfast.



This model doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

The cooking surface is not very large so a portion can’t be served by more than one person.


Buy from for ($29.99)





3. Cuisinart WAF-B50 Breakfast Express Omelet Maker


You can reduce the time spent in your kitchen each morning thanks to this wonderful piece from Cuisinart. Specially designed to deliver golden brown waffles and fluffy omelettes, the product is an essential tool for beginners and advanced cooking enthusiasts.

The product is easy to use. Simply add the batter or the mix on the specific side and you’ll have your meal ready in no time. The powerful 1400 watt system is durable and sturdy and will last for many cooking sessions. The best part is that while one part makes waffles, the other one will cook the omelettes. Therefore, this tool comes in handy for families where breakfast is served in a variety of dishes.

Belgian waffles are cooked better due to the 1-inch extra deep pocket. In addition, you can also cool grilled sandwiches, sausages or pancakes.

There’s no need to worry about overcooking because this item features a browning control knob that enables you to choose from 6 settings that go from light to dark. Basically, there are two knobs on each side of the pan.

Plus, the unit is outfitted with LED lights and audio beep tones that notify you when the meal is cooked to perfection.



This product helps you save a lot of time in the morning because it lets you cook both an omelet and a Belgian waffle at the same time.

The cleaning process is very easy thanks to the nonstick coating that also easily releases food.

You can also cook frittatas, pancakes, fried eggs, or English muffins which gives you a large variety of breakfast possibilities.

It bakes the food evenly on the top and the bottom.

This maker is very easy to be used by anyone since it has 3 audio signals and 2 LED indicators to let you know when each omelet or waffle is ready.

The 1-inch deep pocket lets you prepare fluffy omelets or waffles for a better culinary experience.

There are 2 browning control knots on each side for custom cooking.



Portability is not one of the main features of this maker.

It occupies a large space in the kitchen.


Buy from for ($1399.99)





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