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Nut milk press machines – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you want the best nut milk press machine but you don’t know where to start, or you have little time on your hands, this short intro will tell you all you need for an informed decision. According to the results of our research, the number one model favored by buyers is the Presto Pure IAE15, for its outstanding qualities. The first thing you may notice about it is its large capacity, of half a gallon, which puts it in a league of its own. Those who have already tried it are more than pleased with the excellent versatility offered that makes it ideal for cooking various foods, and not only nut milk. The dual layer construction ensures proper insulation, and you will be more than pleased with how mess-free its operation is. Should this particular model be out of stock, we also recommend the SoyaJoy G4, as a model that offers almost the same benefits.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a nut milk press machine


With so many nut milk press machines available on the market right now it is tough to make the best choice. We took some time and found out what are the most important features anyone must know before making a purchase. This small feature list will help you decide on your next purchase, allowing you to get the best deal for your money.


Today’s nut milk press machines are capable of making milk out of almost any type of bean, nut, and seed. Perfect for a large variety of recipes, the best models offer a large degree of customization. Whether you want to create soy or almond milk, or maybe you are in the mood for a nutritious bean soup, a versatile milk press will deliver. Remember to check for features and extra options before purchase and select the most versatile models. This way you will be sure that your money will be well spent.


Ease of use

Like with all other modern kitchen appliances, ease of use is another critical feature you must take into account before buying a new nut milk press machine. Ideal, you must purchase the simplest to operate model. To make sure that your future purchase will not be a nightmare to use, make sure to read some of the user reviews available online. Additionally, you can focus on the model’s interface. The easiest to use milk press machines come with predefined controls that allow their users to select the desired result with a push of a button.



Narrowing down our selection to the most adaptable and straightforward to use machines, it is now time to check for their strength and endurance. Having the best possible product in your kitchen is always the right choice, but without excellent durability, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time and money on replacements or repairs. Always remember that a good milk press machine should have a stainless steel interior. This not only makes it corrosion free but also helps the user clean it much faster. Whether it is made from plastic or metal, a solid frame will ensure that your nut milk press machine will work just fine even after years of extensive use.



4 Best Nut Milk Press Machines (Reviews) in 2020



The best nut milk press machines are showcased below. Taking all the above features into account, we reviewed three of the most versatile, durable and straightforward to use models. Read ahead and select the one that suits your own personal needs best.



1. Idavee Brand Presto Pure IAE15-1.9 Liter Automatic Hot Soy Milk


When you want to cook healthy for the entire family, the Presto Pure IAE15 appears to be precisely what you need. The device has a capacity of half a gallon, and it offers you the possibility to make nut milk with ease, as well as other recipes. In fact, the manufacturer provides a recipe booklet with your purchase so that you can quickly start cooking your favorite dishes.

This machine has seven different functions, so it is very versatile, and you can use it for a wide variety of recipes. You can obtain nut milk, as well as juice, soup, porridge, or oatmeal, with great ease. You can use various types of nuts, from almond and macadamias to pecan and hazelnut.

The bottom heating element ensures even cooking, while the dual layer construction offers proper insulation. You will appreciate the filterless grinding feature that allows easy cleaning, as well.

Buyers are happy with how fast the machine makes nut milk. In just half an hour, you will get more than half a gallon of delicious milk that you can consume as is, or include in other recipes. The stainless steel body and blades make sure that no dangerous chemicals will leak into your food.


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2. SoyaJoy G4 Soy Milk Maker & Soup Maker with all Stainless Steel 


With a more classic design, the new SoyaJoy G4 comes with some improvements over the already famous and popular G3 model. A large capacity inside container, simplified controls, and an advanced temperature monitoring system makes it one of the best nut milk press machine money can buy today. Created to deliver the tastiest nut, soy or bean milk, the SoyaJoy G4 is by far one of the most efficient and straightforward to use models available on the market today.

Using a large 1.7-liter capacity container and a very effective bottom heating system, this nut milk machine can deliver an impressive quantity of nut milk in no time.

Computer controlled and equipped with only five simple buttons; this model is capable of providing a huge range of nut, soy and bean milk varieties, and soups. All this versatility makes it the best choice for all those who want to experiment with new and nutritious nut and bean milk recipes.

By looking at its durability, it can decisively be said that this model is built to last a lifetime. Featuring high-quality stainless steel container and mixer blade, this milk press machine will not need to be replaced anytime soon. Smart, efficient and durable, this is the perfect nut milk press machine for family use.


Buy from for ($139.99)





3. Soyapower G4 Soy Almond Rice Milk Maker


Combining efficiency with comfort, this simple to operate nut milk press machine is a great addition to any kitchen. With its large handles and compact frame, the Soyapower G4 is also one of the few models that you can regular use while away on trips.

Designed by the famous Sanlinx company, this great nut, and soy milk maker is one of the most versatile and smart models that can be purchased right now. Using a new and enhanced digital controller, the Soyapower G4 is capable of creating an incredibly large variety of milk, soups, and porridges out of almost any type of seed, bean or nut.

Ranking on top for versatility and usefulness, this new model also comes with an improved safety system. Multiple sensors allow it to monitor the temperature and the water level, making it one of the safest nut milk machines you will ever use.

All its inside parts are made of durable steel, another excellent feature that ensures the best durability and ease of cleaning possible. Delivering an impressive range of extremely nutritious milk and soup types, the Soyapower G4 is a must have nut milk press machine for all those who value quality and versatility above everything else.


Buy from for ($119.99)




4. Soy Milk Maker New Model Soya and Nut Milk Machine


Loved by all its users and praised by all the best nut milk maker reviews, this super model is number one on this list. Sporting a superb design and perfect score in all categories, this is by far the ideal choice for anyone searching for a great nut milk maker machine. Easy to operate and use, The Green Kitchen comes with the easiest and intuitive interface ever seen on any nut milk maker machine.

Five different buttons and three additional touch controls give the user full control. Whether you want to try making bean soup, porridge or soymilk, all you have to do is press a single button, and the machine will take care of the rest. Loved by all its users, this is by far the best cold press nut milk machine on the market.

Smart and adaptable, The Green Kitchen is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. All the internal parts are made from high-grade stainless steel.

This feature protects the food from any plastic contamination and rust. Designed to answer all the needs of a demanding customer, this superb model is versatile, simple to operate and highly durable, making it the best choice for all those who want the best nut milk maker machine for them and their family.


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