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Best non stick crepe pan


Non stick crepe pans – Ratings & Informative Guide


The pancakes are among the favorite desserts of most people. Besides being tasty and savory, these are also easy to do. They can be consumed as a dessert when combined with jam, ice cream or topping, but also at breakfast or as a main course when cooked with ham, cheese, mushrooms or different vegetables. If you want to be able to eat the most delicious crepes in the comfort of your own kitchen every morning, you need to find the proper tools to get the job done. We have made our research and have already discovered the best non-stick crepe pan reviews that allowed us to identify the products that are worth your attention. First, the T-fal A80715 is one of the most popular crepe pans for sale due to its ergonomic design and the stay-cool handle. It works perfectly even with metal utensils, and you can clean it easily in any regular dishwasher. As the second best alternative, the Neoflam 51509 was specially created to help people create the thinnest crepes at home. Its ceramic coating determines its resistance and ensures healthy cooking of your favorite dishes.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a nonstick crepe pan


If you have a large family and you enjoy spending time together with your friends while eating something sweet, it is recommended for you to invest in a special pan that can be used for this purpose. This way, you will be confident that the pancake surface will bake evenly, without crumbs or any burning portions. In addition, they will not even smell of other foods that have been previously cooked. In order to be sure that you are choosing a quality product, you need to know enough about the best crepe pan that you can buy for the budget you have allocated for this.  Discover all this information in our shopping guide.

The Model

Depending on the type of pancakes you want to cook and the way in which the pan is used you can select one of the most popular models for sale: the regular ones, those with two baking parts, the electric ones, and the pans with different incorporated shapes.


The Material

A crepe pan can be made of ceramic, aluminum, Teflon, cast iron or carbon steel. A high-performance cooking tool will have a non-sticking surface, will be a good heat conductor and will be easy to handle. Moreover, it will help you cook fast. Therefore, you will not have to spend too much time in front of the cooker. The handle is also important and must be kept cool, not cause any burns and is usually made of wood or massive stainless steel.


The Design

We already know that a pan for pancakes must be oval, to get the classic crepe form through which this delicious dessert is recognized. The diameter and the thickness of the cooking surface, as well as the depth of the container, are equally important. The larger the pot, the bigger the pancakes will be and you will have enough space to play with different shapes. In addition, the handle should be as long as possible and have an ergonomic shape that can be molded by hand.


Important Details

It is also important for the walls to be placed down so you can easily turn the dough either by throwing it or using a pallet. At the same time, a crepe pan that is too thin comes with a bending risk. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a slightly thicker surface that is not only more durable but also has the benefit of distributing the heat evenly.



3 Best Non Stick Crepe Pans (Reviews) in 2021



Now you are equipped with enough information to know what to search for in the category of best non-stick crepe pan reviews.  You might have a budget established for the purchase and be familiar with the characteristics that the product of your choice must have so that you might have the certainty that it is superior in terms of quality and performance. If you have not yet made your final choice, here is our top three top products that might also attract your attention.



1. T-fal A80715 Specialty Nonstick Giant Round Pancake Griddle


If you want to always get a fluffy and rumen crepe, then we recommend you to use professional crepe pans that you can purchase at a good price.  The T-fal A80715 is very resistant because it is made of aluminum, and has a special layer inside that makes the product feature the non-stick function.

It should be specified from the very beginning that it is made of aluminum that contains a ceramic layer, so it is a very resistant product that will bake the pancake without it sticking to the interior body of the pan.

It also features an ergonomic design with a thick handle that can be easily handled. The added finger support it comes equipped with enhances the dexterity options. The pan features a large diameter, and its edge is bent outward so you can easily use the pallet when you want to turn the pancake.

The model can be used on gas and electric heat sources. At the same time, the product is equipped with a thermo-spot technology represented by a red heat indicator that will light up and let you know when the ideal cooking temperature has been reached. Also, it is made of aluminum with an anti-adherent coating which makes it ideal for baking.



The T-fal A80715 features an ergonomic shape, with the edge bent outwards for enhanced practicality. It is spacious due to its large diameter that allows you to cook large, delicious and thin crepes.

Its construction is durable, being aluminum based. It also presents a special coating that gives it anti-adherent properties. It comes equipped with a heat indicator that tells you when the optimal cooking temperature has been reached.

The price offer is very advantageous. It comes with a warranty period of 24 months. You can safely use the product even with metal utensils because it does not get scratched easily. You can clean it in the dishwasher.

Finally, the 13-inch round griddle allows you to cook perfectly round crepes that will impress everyone. It can also be placed on all heat sources for proper functioning.  It is made of aluminum with an anti-adherent coating which makes it ideal for baking.



The T-fal A80715 is not compatible with induction plates.


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2. Crepe Pan 10 inch Ceramic Nonstick in Chili Pepper Red


The Neoflam 51509 Crepe Pan is produced based on the resistant Ecolon ceramic coating. This is the popular natural alternative to traditional coatings that ensure the non-stick feature. In addition, it is PFOA and PTFE free which comes as an added benefit for users interested in healthy cooking and eating.

It features an aluminum cast body of a perfect size, weight, and shape. It ensures good heat distribution and helps you prepare your favorite crepes at home every day in just a couple of minutes. The chosen body material, aluminum, allows it to be lightweight and highly heat conductive.

Therefore, you do not have to waste a lot of time in front of the pan waiting for it to reach the proper temperature.  As soon as you have finished cooking your favorite crepes, you can clean the pan easily and fast. It is recommended to maintain it properly after every use because this way, you will be able to take advantage of its benefits for longer periods of time.

Ecolon represents the healthy choice of nonstick cookware. The attractive design, the powerful resistance featured by it and the innovative technologies used for its creation recommend this professional crepe pan that has remained on the cutting edge of kitchen appliance innovation.



The Neoflam 51509 was created with one main purpose, namely that of cooking thin crepes at home with it every day. It is PFOA free which encourages healthy cooking due to its natural ceramic coating features.

This professional crepe pan ensures even heat distribution and does not consume more energy than it should. You can easily clean it once you finish cooking. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the pan getting scratched because its construction is fully scratch resistant.

The 51509-crepe pan model is a simple and efficient one that will prove to be very useful every time you want to cook something good. It is appreciated by users who want to get quality without investing more than they can afford to invest.

The edge of the pan is low which ensures easy handling.



It is not recommended to use this crepe pan on induction plates or insert it into regular ovens.


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3. Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Crepe Pan 


The product is made of high-quality materials, recognized for their strength. Moreover, the inner surface features an anti-adhesive coating. As you already know, thanks to the material it is made of, the walls of the pot will heat up very quickly, so preparing the pancakes will take much less time than usual.

At the same time, the base of the pan is flat, which results in a uniform heat distribution for a baking dough without any rough portions. The diameter is large, and the pot can be placed on all types of hobs, even those based on the induction technology.

If you love eco cooking as much as you like eating your sweet desserts, this crepe pan will become your favorite utensil in the kitchen. The product dimensions are 2.8 x 11.8 x 1.1 inches which make it easy for you to fit the pan anywhere you like in the kitchen.

If you are thinking of new ways in which to spoil your children, but also have your fair share of fun, you will be able to achieve this using the DeBuyer Mineral B 5615.30 crepe pan. It has an interesting design due to the flat surface of the base. The interior of the crepe pan is made of aluminum improved by the mineral particle technology, which gives it an antiadhesive layer and a slight slip.



The DeBuyer Mineral B 5615.30 is made of natural pure iron. It is PTFE and PFOA free which attracts the attention of users interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, with no chemicals added.

This professional crepe pan allows you to make delicious crepes using your favorite ingredients without having to worry about your food being stuck to the pan. Even when you choose not to season the food too much, you still benefit from the non-stick feature.

You do not have to worry about oxidation with this pro crepe pan. Another impressive aspect is the large diameter it features, which is ideal for those who like to cook large pancakes and enjoy these with their friends.



It is not recommended to clean the DeBuyer Mineral B 5615.30 in the dishwasher or use hot water for washing it. It is better to use coarse salt for properly sterilizing it.


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