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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Metal Pizza Peel + Reviews


If you want the best metal pizza peel, but you’re in a rush, here is how Grandma Jen is going to help you find the product you need. Enjoying a lot of popularity among pizza lovers and home cooks, the Checkered Chef 751570952410 is the tool of choice when it comes to taking a pizza out of the oven and placing it on a plate, ready for serving. The folding handle is a nice touch since it offers the possibility to make the peel compact for easy storage when it is not in use. The paddle is made out of stainless steel, and it is thin enough for easy sliding under pies so you can take them out efficiently. The rubble handle is another great plus, as it offers the best grip possible, further decreasing the risk of accidents. In case the Checkered Chef is not for sale anymore, Grandma Jen recommends getting a model with almost the same performance and features called the American Metalcraft 3714.



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A pizza peel is a very handy tool for those who want to take their pizza pies out of the oven without any risk of dropping them on the floor. Also, you will surely avoid getting your hands burned, and you will enjoy your delicious pizza without any mishaps. Wooden peels were traditionally used, but in this day and age, metal peels are seen as a better alternative as they are more convenient. If you want to get the best pizza peel, the following recommendations will help you out in your quest.


The metal used

It is preferable that your pizza peel has the paddle made from stainless steel, as this metal has many characteristics that recommend it for kitchen work. For starters, it is lightweight, and it is easy to keep clean. It does not rust, and one advantage it has compared to wood is that it can be a lot thinner, so you can slide the paddle under your pizza to get it out fast and easy. Aluminum is another alternative.


The overall construction

Do not neglect the importance of a sturdy overall construction. Stainless steel paddles do not suffer too much damage over the years, and such a utensil can serve you for a long time before deciding to replace it. However, the wooden handle must be properly attached to the paddle, to avoid mishaps. If you notice poor craftsmanship, just move along.

The best metal pizza peel reviews also recommend you should search for a model that is created by companies specialized in kitchenware with an already established reputation. This way, you will know that you are not spending money on a poor quality peel that will break after just a few uses.


Extras you may need

A comfortable handle can make the difference between one pizza peel and another. What you need to be focusing on is the ergonomics of this type of utensil should be designed to help you with your kitchen work. Also, a foldable handle will help with storage space so you can easily find a place for it when it is not in use.



3 Best Metal Pizza Peels (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you are after the best metal pizza peels on the market, the following selection will narrow down your list and help you choose faster. The models mentioned below provide users with superior performance, convenience and ease of use.


1. Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Pizza


If you are an aspiring home cook or even an accomplished one, you know the importance of good kitchen tools. In case you have not tried a metal pizza peel until now, a good recommendation is the Checkered Chef 751570952410 choice, a more than decent product that gets the job done when it comes to transferring pizza pies from the oven and onto a plate for easy serving.

The versatility of this pizza peel recommends it. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay money for a pizza peel that works only for pizza. You should be able to use it for bread and pies, and also use it when cooking with an indoor or an outdoor oven. This model satisfies all these needs, and you can depend on it when you have to lift cakes or tarts, as it offers enough supporting surface for such tasks.

The paddle is made out of stainless steel and very durable. A rubber handle is a good option to the wooden models available on the market because it increases the grip, something you may need if you are worried about dropping your pizza when you take it out of the oven. When you have to store the pizza peel away, you just have to fold it, and you will find it easy to accommodate it next to other kitchen utensils.



The stainless steel paddle is resistant to wear and tear; it does not rust, and it cleans well, so you don’t have to work hard to maintain it in perfect shape.

The paddle is designed to be really thin, allowing you to slip it under your pizza or a loaf of bread with great ease.

The model is versatile, and it can be used for taking out pizza pies, bread, and other baked goods from indoor and outdoor ovens. You can use it for cakes and tarts with the same ease.

The handle folds for easy storage and makes the pizza peel more compact and convenient.

It must be mentioned that the handle is made from rubber and therefore it provides an excellent grip.



A few customers who bought this pizza peel say that they could have used a larger model since this one seems to be working best for small pizzas.


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2. American Metalcraft 3714 Aluminum Pizza Peel


Home cooks who prefer a heavy-duty pizza peel will find a good companion in this model. Do not let yourself fooled by the cheap pricing into believing that the performance of the American Metalcraft 3714 is subpar. Many buyers praise it for providing good value, and they use it on a regular basis. To learn why this model is so popular among buyers, we need to take a good look at its features.

First of all, the handle on this model is longer than what you usually see in pizza peels to be used at home. You can reach inside a larger oven with great ease, and you can take out larger pizzas, because of the generous size of this pizza peel. It must be mentioned that this model had its paddle made of aluminum which makes it more lightweight than others available on the market.

The handle is made out of wood and it is very sturdy. Some buyers even mention that replacing the handle is relatively easy, so you can prolong the lifespan of this model should the need arise. Because it is not made of wood, it does not risk getting moldy or cracked.



It is nice to have a pizza peel that comes with a superior reach because that means that using larger ovens will not be a problem.

The large head is another significant advantage offered by this pizza peel that accommodates larger pizzas with great ease.

The peel is made from aluminum, so it is very lightweight and easy to manipulate since it does not strain your hands in any way.

The handle can be replaced, which is a nice touch, seeing that many pizza peels encounter all kinds of mishaps that include a broken handle and they must be replaced altogether.

A lot of people mention that this pizza peel is cheaper than most other models on the market.



Be aware of the long size of this pizza peel that measures 37 inches from one end to another. It may be difficult to find a place for it, and for small ovens, it is not such a good choice.


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3. Kitchen Supply 4435 Aluminum Pizza Peel


You can use this pizza peel for transferring your pizza, delicate pastries or bread into your oven with minimum problems. The best thing about it is that the peel does not let the pies suffer any damage and you will be able to enjoy cooking like a real chef. Many buyers comment on how easy to use the pizza peel actually is and they add that they feel like a professional cook when they handle it.

The materials used for making this pizza peel are good quality, and the robust construction makes sure that you will be able to use it for many years down the road. The aluminum paddle is lightweight, and its rounded corners ensure that the peel will go in and out of an oven without any issues. The wooden handle measures 8 inches in length, letting you reach deep inside an oven when you need to bake many pies.

Your hands will be protected against burns, and you will be able to to take baked goods out of the oven without suffering any mishaps. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction to spread some flour or cornmeal on the surface of the peel for smooth sliding.



The overall design of this metal pizza peel helps with taking your pizza out of the oven with the minimum hassle involved.

It can be of great help when you need to transfer delicate pastries into your oven as it does not affect their shape in any way.

The long reach of this pizza peel must be noted since it lets you place your pizza deep inside a larger oven when you want to bake multiple pies in one go.

The aluminum head is lightweight, and it has rounded corners, allowing easy manipulation.

The wooden handle is comfortable and provides good enough grip when transferring your pies to the oven and from there on your plate.



Some reviewers mention that the edges are sharp and they need to be smoothed off with a steel tool, which can be a disadvantage to people who like getting a perfect product from the get go.


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