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Best mesh strainer


Mesh strainers – Ratings & Informative Guide


Believe it or not, strainers are one of the most popular kitchen tools. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can help you not only wash and drain fresh ingredients but also prepare smooth purees, chutneys or sauces. If you’re looking for a new mesh strainer but don’t have the time to go through the buying process on your own, Grandma Jen is here to help you out. After analyzing numerous product reviews, it seems that a great option would be the Yummy Kitchenware Fine Mesh. It is made of quality stainless steel that won’t rust, it is dishwasher safe, and features a solid handle and a wide hook to avoid slipping. If you cannot seem to find this particular product, you could also opt for the Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS set as a great alternative in terms of utility and quality.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a mesh strainer


Finding the best mesh strainer available for sale could prove quite tricky, especially if you don’t know exactly which features to take into account. From size to materials and additional handles, all these represent important features that each good mesh strainer should have.



Materials used

Plastic might be your number one choice for a cheap mesh strainer but it may not suit you in the long term. Plastic doesn’t usually resist high temperatures and can be somewhat toxic and dangerous if placed around open fire sources. It is also quite flexible and could easily break or get damaged in time.

On the other hand, stainless steel is not that expensive and all mesh strainers made of it come with superior quality. Apart from being rust-free, stainless steel is sturdy and reliable, meaning a good strainer could last you a lifetime.

In addition, most stainless steel strainers can be safely cleaned in dishwashers and won’t interfere with the freshness of your ingredients when dipping them into the water. Feel free to go through some online mesh strainers reviews on your own to make sure you purchase the right item for your own kitchen preferences.



If you want to choose a good sink strainer, you may also want to consider its size. The larger the handle or the item itself, the more chances you have to place the strainer over the kitchen sink and avoid additional mess and dirt.

However, the right size of strainer should also reflect how often you cook, how big is your household or if you care about your diet. Obviously, a medium-sized strainer can be only used to rinse and drain small amounts of ingredients which will later turn into small portions of food.

If you often host dinner parties at your home or enjoy cooking for more than two people, you’ll definitely need the help of a larger item and possibly a new pasta pot with strainer too.



The last important feature you should consider is whether or not your strainer comes with handles. Are they foldable or detachable? Does your strainer have one handle or two handles? Is the handle secure?

Often enough strainers feature one or two handles made of the same material or reinforced with wood for a better and safer grip. A large handle will help you easily place your strainer on the top of your sink and help you carry the item easier.



3 Best Mesh Strainers (Reviews) in 2021



The three most reliable mesh strainers are showcased below. Earning top scores from their online reviewers and buyers, all these items represent the perfect choice for all people looking for reliable, durable, and easy-to-use kitchen strainers.



1. 9″ Kitchen Fine Mesh Strainer with Sturdy Handle and Wider Hook


This nine-inch strainer is made of durable, resistant, and quality stainless steel. It is built from two different layers of woven fine mesh to provide a long-lasting and reliable design for many years from now on.

The item is sturdy and lightweight at the same time but won’t bend under the weight of the food, meaning you can easily cook delicious recipes using increased amounts of ingredients at once.

Thanks to the fine mesh design, you won’t have to worry about small bits of food such as quinoa, pasta or rice slipping through and falling into the sink. The product comes with two different layers of mesh that will keep even the smallest parts of food inside and will only let water and dirt drain.

This mesh strainer also features a wide and stable hook made of stainless steel that will help you avoid slipping. This way you can always ensure the item remains above the sink.

In addition, the rust-free design allows you to easily clean the strainer by simply placing it in the dishwasher. In just a matter of seconds, you’ll enjoy a fresh and clean product without any food crumbs trapped between the mesh and the rim.



Having bits of food slipping through a sieve or colander is the most frustrating thing that may happen to an individual who is fond of cooking. It will not happen with this model, because it has two layers of tightly woven mesh that is able to catch every bit of food.

As it is made from stainless steel, you can rest assured that it will last for a very long amount of time.

More than that, it has been equipped with a stable hook and solid handle that are meant to ensure you that the strainer will not break, bend or slip into your sink.

The product is dishwasher safe, so cleaning the strainer will not be a problem at all.



If you are planning to filter cold brewed coffee, then this strainer may not work, because for this to happen, you will need a model that is even finer than this one.


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2. Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel


If you’re looking for a reliable set of kitchen tools, this set of three strainers from Cuisinart is definitely a product worthy of your attention.

The strainers come in different sizes to allow you to perform numerous kitchen tasks. The largest strainer is perfect for rinsing and draining excess water from fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, and grains, while the smallest rinser can be used as a tea infuser.

All products are perfect for sifting dry ingredients and are made of top-quality and reliable stainless steel mesh. They are lightweight yet extremely durable, helping you perform your kitchen tasks faster.

Each of the strainers comes with a large handle and a large hook for additional support. This way you can easily place the items on the top of the sink and secure them.

Most of the customers who purchased this set of kitchen accessories claim that they are perfect for quinoa, pasta, and rice. The largest strainer can easily support 8-10 oz of pasta without bending, which is perfect if you plan on cooking a dinner for two.

All items can be washed and dried easily and safely inside a regular dishwasher.



Being excellently made, this product is well-designed and made out of high-quality materials.

It is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable and dishwasher safe.

This is a set of 3 strainers, each of a different size, so that means that it will fit all your preferences and necessities.

You will be able to use it with both with small and large amounts of food. If you need to prepare something just for your kid, you can use the smaller strainer.

The edge is sealed well so that the smaller bits of food do not get stuck in the edges. It is comfortable and very easy to use and handle.



You may not find a use for the smaller items if you do not have kids or if you usually cook a large amount of food.


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3. Winco MS3A-8D Strainer with Double Fine Mesh


This 8-inch wide product is perfect for straining numerous ingredients, including quinoa, grains, rice, pasta, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

All Winco items are specifically designed to meet the standards of professional kitchens, and they are trustworthy and reliable.

The strainer is made of top-quality stainless steel which ensures sturdiness and resistance in time. The non-rust coating allows you to use this product in close contact with water. Also, thanks to the fine and small holes, even the tiniest pieces of food will remain inside and won’t fall down into the sink.

The product comes with a reliable and sturdy handle that is also made of stainless steel, as well as two small hooks to secure the strainer in place. The stainless steel handle features a wooden cover for a better grip. The wooden handle will prevent hand fatigue and is also non-slippery.

Most of the customers who purchased this item claimed it is the perfect tool for rinsing quinoa and, thanks to the small mesh holes, none of the quinoa grains slip through. Also, the same fine mesh allows this strainer to be a great kitchen tool for making purees and even sauces as it will perfectly separate the pulp from the juice of your favorite fruits and vegetables.



This Winco model may help you say goodbye to problems related to strainers.

It may even become your best friend in the kitchen, because you will be able to use it with various types of food, starting with quinoa and ending with juices.

This product has a wooden handle which is screwed on 2 pieces on top and on the bottom. You will definitely have no problems with it because it is securely attached to the strainer and it will never bother you.

On the outer layer, there are 6 holes per inch and on the inner layer, there are 18 holes per inch.  

Although the handle is made of stainless steel, it has a wooden cover, so grabbing it and holding it effectively will be definitely something you’ll achieve.



If you are planning to use this strainer for smaller black quinoa, you may be disappointed, because this type of quinoa fits better with a strainer that has even smaller holes in it.


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