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3 Best Meat Slicers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Meat Slicer + Reviews


If you’re planning on getting the best meat slicer, then it is time you learned more about these ingenious inventions and about what makes a quality piece stand out. We’ve put the article together so you won’t have to access hundreds of website yourself, as we already went through that tedious process ourselves. We’ve selected a few models that garnered overwhelmingly positive meat slicers reviews, where consumers said they have the potential of becoming the go-to tools whenever you’re about to have a big party where many food lovers will be invited. One product that stood out in the best way is the Chef’sChoice Food because it has a light body yet a premium craft, and because it relies on electricity to slice any ingredient you present it. The piece is also safe to use and compact. An equally exciting alternative could be the Chef’sChoice 610 Electric.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The meat slicer is one of the most critical prep machines in the kitchen, especially if you have a large family because it slices a myriad of foods evenly and uniformly, and much faster than it can be done by hand, and without requiring a lot of energy. There are many different types, so maybe you should learn what are the must-haves of the ideal product.

Think about what you need

When buying one of the commercial cheap meat slicers for sale, it’s vital to take into consideration precisely what and, of course, how much you plan to slice, as different models have various capabilities for slicing your ingredients.

While entry-level and lighter duty slicers come with a significantly lower price tag than heavier duty units, they will also quickly burn out if consistently pushed far beyond their standard capacity. They are not designed to handle the constant flow of ingredients in a restaurant, but rather for home use.


Keep in mind these features

Horsepower is significant because, generally, higher power slicers are created for frequent use and to fulfill any cooking mission successfully. Blade size should be taken into account too, depending on what you plan to use them for – for bread and other substantial ingredients, you might want something that exceeds seven inches.

Good meat slicers can as well hold products up to 12″ in diameter within the provided carriage and may be just as good as a complete kitchen knife set. If you are a comfortable person, this will allow you to be more organized and to make less of a mess whenever you are preparing sandwiches for your family.

And the last thing to think about is if you should go for a manual product or for an automatic slicer, where an inbuilt electric motor moves the product tray back and forth. There’s no point in telling you the manual one is outdated and not as efficient.


Cleaning and maintenance

Proper cleaning procedures dictate food slicers should be cleaned on a regular basis, right after you used them so that the next meat you slice will be free of bacteria just before you put it into a thermal lunch container. This can be done by using a mix of antibacterial soap and water. Other professional meat slicers come with cleaning kits right off the manufacturer’s shelves.

It is critical to lubricate the moving parts within the detachable feeder tray properly, and if you can, the carriage assemblies. Also, safety has priority, and you should make sure you take care of your fingers by going for a model that has guards.



3 Best Meat Slicers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Down in the list of reviews of meat slicers, you have some of the sharpest units the market has at your disposal. Each piece was selected for its sturdy body and quality blade, and because it can be the best addition to any home kitchen or high-class restaurant.



1. Chef’s Choice Food


This is a heavy-duty ready slicer, fit for both domestic users and for a restaurant that takes pride in its delicious meat dishes. It has a rather small footprint, so it doesn’t take up a lot of vital space on the table, and it offers high-performance even if you put it to good use every single day, for many hours in a row.

Its multipurpose stainless steel blade is not ideal just for meat, as it has a diameter of approximately 7 inches that could be used for a variety of ingredients and tasks. 120 watts of electricity powers it so you won’t have to lift a finger to make precise cuts.

The blade itself is more than capable, and it could slice whole hams or bread down into shavings or slices for sandwiches. It is a fantastic piece that allows you to set the thickness of the slices, and it comes with a guard so you won’t get hurt as you use it.

You can move it from one place to another comfortably because the machine is lightweight. Additionally, it is crafted from top-notch materials, capable of surviving any cooking mission you might have for it like a pro.


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2. Chef’s Choice 610 Electric


If you want a product for your home or business that will last a lifetime, this model might be a good fit for that description. It is created from cast aluminum and stainless steel, and inside it features a high-torque motor, which stays cool with intensive use and that doesn’t drain a lot of power, meaning you can keep your bills in check.

The main highlight is its 7-inch, multi-purpose, stainless steel blade that slices ingredients from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick slabs, a thing that transforms the machine into a premium one capable of offering variety and versatility to whoever decides to make it a part of his or her kitchen.

It’s large capacity food carriage, plus the cantilever design provides fast yet efficient slicing so that you won’t waste any time. This might be a good thing for restaurants because you won’t have to keep customers waiting for their food.

Cleaning it will be a breeze and the safety fuse, incorporated in the base of the slicer, adds an extra safety layer for power surge protection. Moreover, the machine is compact and sturdy, and the blade stays sharp so you won’t be required to sharpen it very often.


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3. Nesco FS 250 Slicer Stainless Steel Food


In the FS-250, the manufacturer has combined a timeless design with the reliable performance of a robust food slicer so that all customers will be satisfied. It can slice meat, all types of cheese, bread, and even vegetables. It also features a precision depth control and a strong 180-watt gear motor.

With the variable thickness control, you can choose your preferred thickness range, and its large, multipurpose 9-inch stainless steel serrated blade can handle a wide variety of food sizes, shapes, and textures. You’ll get an all-in-one tool that will allow you to save money on other slicing gadgets.

It is crafted from die-cast aluminum, and it comes with a dual safety feature, which is good news for your fingers. The blade is ultra-resistant, and it stays sharp even if used intensively. The bottom of the device is specially designed so it won’t slip, meaning you can place it on any surface you have available.

The actual key to the success of this model is the fact that it is easy to clean up. Gadgets are a pain to clean, but this unit has almost no hard-to-reach corners and smooth surfaces which can be wiped with a sponge.


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