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3 Best Lunch Containers for Toddlers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Lunch Container for Toddlers + Reviews


If you’re after a good lunch container for toddlers but, as a parent, you’re too busy to go through all the options available for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. We checked out scores of toddler lunch containers reviews and only highlighted the products that got the best responses, from both customers and specialists. Among these, the Bentgo Kids G stands out thanks to the good quality and convenience it offers. It’s made out of BPA-free plastic and it provides a tight enough seal for fruits or even yogurt to be stored without spilling over. Its removable tray is well sectioned and safe to put in either a dishwasher or a microwave. The latter is a big plus as it means you can reheat your toddler’s food without any hassle. If you’re looking for something more colorful, or the Bentgo Kids isn’t available, then the Yumbox Bento would make for a good alternative.



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Children are important and finding the best toddler lunch container should be equally so. Safety comes first, of course, but this doesn’t mean convenience should be neglected. After all, you are not buying something as trivial as, say salad makers, and you will probably going to use that lunchbox every day.

Again, safety should be paramount

Positively the first thing to check for when buying a lunchbox is that it’s made from food grade, BPA-free plastic. If you weren’t aware of this already, BPA, or bisphenol A, a substance used in the manufacturing of many plastics has been proven to have a myriad of detrimental effects on the human body, especially so in the development period.

Among many other things, it affects growth and testosterone production in both boys and girls, making the child grow up to be of subnormal height and overly conformist, non-creative etc. If this sounds suspiciously close to the critiques commonly heard about society in recent years, that might well be because the harmful effects of this substance were only discovered fairly recently, after decades of widespread usage.

A less important thing to check for is that the lunchbox cleans well, and doesn’t allow for areas where bacteria might easily grow, such as sharp edges or steep angles.


Convenience matters as well

The best launch container for toddlers doesn’t just have to clean well, but it should also give you less of a headache when doing so. Most trays will be small and sturdy enough for a dishwasher while the box proper will be cleaned by hand.

Since most toddler food is pretty mushy, special care must be given to ensuring that the lid provides a tight seal, preventing the contents from both spilling out and mixing with one another. This will also help keep certain unwrapped food items fresh, as less humidity from the outside atmosphere will reach them.


Other things to take not of

Like adult lunch boxes, a toddler’s food container must be well sectioned into compartments of various sizes. Besides the obvious advantages this offers, it will also help you keep track of your offspring’s diet, especially so if the box offers a visual reminder of what food group should go where.

Many experts suggest that the size of the lunchbox should be a little bigger than what you will expect to be needing. This will ensure that you will get more use from it as the child grows up.



3 Best Lunch Containers for Toddlers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



You might find the best lunch container for toddlers showcased bellow. All the items we’ve picked are all very close in quality and functionality and it might be a tougher task to choose between them than, say, to compare thermal lunch containers.



1. Bentgo Kids G Childrens Lunch Box


This is an all around good lunch container which has gained a lot of appreciation from experts and customers alike. Its tray is compartmentalized into 5 sections, one for each food group and the people who’ve used it report that it seals well enough to hold mushy stuff like yogurt from leaking.

It’s also been praised for its sturdiness, offered by a solid plastic body and rubber coated edges, so the toddler dropping it on the ground shouldn’t be an issue. It will even hold up well to an active 5-year old, and it offers enough space for the lunch of a child that age.

Its tray, as well as the lid, are made out of BPA-free, food grade plastic, which can withstand machine dishwashing at high temperatures. The edges of the tray are well rounded, making them easier to clean.

An interesting feature is that you can use it in a microwave without the plastic losing its integrity and potentially releasing harmful substances into your kid’s lunch. As customer reports suggest, this is more convenient than it appears at first sight, as leftover food can simply be reheated for later serving rather than just thrown in the trash.


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2. Yumbox Bento Original Leakproof Bento


The Yumbox is similar in size design to the Bentgo Kids G, and can serve well as a lunchbox for kids as old as 8. Of course, only food-grade materials were used in its construction, with a tray made of tritan, an ABS outer box and sealed with silicone.

For extra durability, its hinge is reinforced with stainless steel and people who use it are generally contempt with the level of impact resistance that the box offers. The tray holds well to a dishwasher but its edges aren’t as rounded as you’ll find with the Bentgo, so you might need to do some light scrubbing to ensure adequate cleanliness.

The outer shell can partially be washed in the machine, at low temperatures and without the drying phase.

A surprisingly well appreciated feature is that the 6 sections are accompanied by images corresponding to the food groups that each of them is intended to hold. All parents can be forgetful sometimes, so visual reminders can be very useful.

This is reported to offer a tight enough seal to prevent stuff like yogurt or dip from spilling into other sections or to the outside through the lid.


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3. Haon Brick Lunch Boxes 


Every child enjoys LEGOs and this innovative, brick-shaped lunchbox is sure to delight him or her. It consists of 2 small containers and a larger one which can be stacked on top of one another in various ways with LEGO-type connectors.

If this sounds like it won’t allow for a handle, hence be hard to carry for a kindergartner, don’t worry, as there is a cotton bag included in the package. This is completed by a LEGO figure, as all sets should include at least one.

Made in Korea and enjoying Western quality standards, the plastic this is made out of doesn’t release any harmful chemicals even when put through a dishwasher cycle. The manufacturer specifies that this holds well to temperatures ranging between 14 F and 176 F, but makes a note of not recommending hard boiling or microwave use.

With only 3 compartments, portioning might not be as easy as with the other products we’ve looked at, but you will get plenty of room to pack food for a toddler, with a 5.9”x 2.7”x 3.7” (33 oz) for the big brick, and 8.3 oz for the two smaller ones.


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