What is the best 4-slice toaster from Krups in 2020?




The good

Its durable construction and stylish design make it easy to see why this model is considered the best Krups 4 slice toaster.

You will appreciate how easy and convenient this 4 slice toaster is to use and maintain, especially on busy mornings.

Featuring two sets of wide slots and separate controls, this 4 slice toast is perfect for large families.

This model includes several convenient functions so you can enjoy perfectly browned toast, bagels and other breakfast items.

With plenty of convenient extra features included with this 4 slice toaster it might be exactly what you need to feed your family a healthy breakfast in the morning.


The bad

It should be noted that while this is considered the best Krups 4 slice toaster the sides will become slightly warm when it is on which might be a concern if there are curious children around.

This model does include several convenient functions, but it will not sound an alarm when your toast is finished.


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My opinion on this product


Its durable brushed chrome and stainless steel construction is designed to last through years of use, and its sleek design blends in beautifully with your other high end appliances. This 4 slice toaster has a modern appeal that goes great with almost any kitchen d├ęcor. The curved ends and straight sides are stylish, and you will love how the blue indicator lights look against the silver housing.


One of the advantages to the stainless steel construction is how easy it is to wipe clean, and it is also resistant to rust and corrosion. You also have the benefit of the crumb tray which can be conveniently removed for quick emptying. There are two levers to control the separate set of slots, and you will love the wide design that can accommodate pre sliced and healthy artisan breads. The 4 slots are also wide for hearty bagels, and with two sets of controls you can easily make a nutritious breakfast for your family. The toaster also features bright blue LED lights that conveniently indicate the selected functions.


If you want to feed your busy family a healthy breakfast in the morning, this 4 slice toaster might be exactly what you are looking for. There are 2 sets of slots measuring 1.5″ wide that can accommodate a variety of breads and frozen breakfast pastries, along with two sets of controls so more than one person can use the toaster at the same time. With plenty of settings for shade selection and functions to choose from it is easy for everyone in your family to enjoy a nutritious breakfast.


This 4 slice toaster includes all of the functions you need to brown a variety of breads and other breakfast items. There are two sets of controls so more than one person can use this model at a time, and with 6 browning levels to choose from everyone can enjoy their toast just the way they like it. The convenient “toasting” function lets you brown a variety of breads, and you can even cancel the setting in the middle of the cycle. The “defrost” function will thaw frozen bagels and waffles before toasting, and with the convenient “reheat” setting you can easily warm your breakfast back up. It even includes a convenient setting for bagels that will toast the sliced sides without burning the back.

A.1 Krups 4 slice toaster

Everything you need to enjoy perfectly browned breads, bagels and assorted frozen breakfast treats is included with this 4 slice toaster. Along with adjustable browning levels and settings for various functions, it also features an extra lift on the bread carriage. The added lift makes it easier for you to remove hot toast without burning your fingers. This added safety feature is also helpful if younger children will be using the toaster. The included storage compartment for the electrical cord is always appreciated, especially in smaller kitchens where space might be limited. As an added advantage this four slice toaster also includes a two year manufacturer’s warranty.



It is not hard to see why this is considered one of the best 4 slice toasters, especially considering its affordable price. The brushed chrome and polished stainless steel give the toaster a modern and stylish appeal that will blend in beautifully with most kitchen decors. It is also designed to last for years, so you can your family can enjoy many nutritious breakfasts together. With two sets of wide slots and individual controls, this might be the perfect choice for you.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($65.93)



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