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3 Best Knife Sharpening Systems – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Knife Sharpening System + Reviews


If you’re looking for the best knife sharpening system, this guide might be able to shed some light on the topic, as it is not something that even experts know a lot about. By going through some honest reviews and quality buying advice, we’ve selected what the market refers to as good investments so we can provide solutions to your cooking needs that you can rely on. One of the first models that popped at the top of many chefs’ lists was the LINKYO Electric because it uses electricity for fast results. All you have to do is fit the knife in the dedicated space and push a button. It is also lightweight and keeps the blade’s integrity preserved for many years to come, no matter how often you use it. If you’re also looking for an alternative, the Edge Pro Apex 4 should be just as efficient.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Don’t let your knife get dull, by opting for a reliable knife sharpening system available on the market. Dull blades slice and cut poorly, forcing you to apply a lot of pressure, which exponentially increases the chance of injuries and frustration. But for these items to help you avoid that, you need to find a suitable one. A good sharpening system will be easy to use even with oily hands and will give your knives a sharp edge without too much fuss. You’ll also have to find the one that suits you the most since they exist in a variety of configurations.


As briefly mentioned previously, there are different kinds of options available, reviews of knife sharpening systems tell us. The electric machines offer the most convenient design. This is because a motor applies the sharpening agent to the metal blade on its own, and all you’re required to do is press the on and off button.

A pull-through sharpener for sale is also called a manual tool, and it works best with straight kitchen knives. Its guided slots are very helpful, and you’ll have to adjust the angle of the blade manually. This model is ideal for campers and hikers who like to prepare delicious meals in remote parts of the world.

The last type is the sharpening kit. The kit has multiple parts to ensure a quick result. It allows you to set the sharpening angle too, but you might have a hard time figuring out what each piece does, as it features quite a few of them.



When choosing a cheap knife sharpening system, go for one that can work with any blade, rather than with just one type of knife. A successful product should sharpen not only kitchen knives, but also other tools like scissors, pocket knives, and even hunting accessories.

You could save cash by opting for something that can deal with multiple types of tools. Compactness will also be a part of the benefits you get when you choose a compact model because it means you can take it with you as you travel and that it won’t eat up a lot of storage space.


Other concerns

The size of a high-quality knife sharpener will determine your safety and comfort during the sharpening process. A larger sharpener stone is suited for home use and ideal for larger blades. But a small one might be fitted while on the go.

Also, note that the length is more important than width because that is what differs mostly when it comes to blades. An improved and useful kitchen knife sharpening stone should be at least 8 inches in length.



3 Best Knife Sharpening Systems (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The list of products you’re about to read was created based on essential criteria. For example, we’ve only chosen those models that offer versatility and that are safe to use, to reduce the chances of an injury. They also vary in design and in the way they work, so you can find one that suits your needs the most.



1. Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener


Both chefs and domestic users should own this system. Not only is it easy to use and powered by electricity, but at the same time, it can sharpen knives like a pro, in the comfort of your kitchen and in a safe manner, where your hands will be protected from accidental drops due to oily skin.

Its automatic blade positioning guide keeps the knife in the ideal sharpening position, while heavy-duty and non-slip suction cup feet attached at the bottom of the product, hold it firmly in place during use so that you can forget, as you should, about cuts and blood spills.

Moreover, it comes with two sharpening settings. Stage 1 helps reshape the angle of the knife, it sharpens and rejuvenates the steel edge, while Stage 2 enhances the sharpening process by honing and fine-polishing the blade until it can slice even the toughest material.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that cleaning it up is a breeze, mess-free and almost instant since it has easy-to-remove plugs that catch the metal shards and filings. The product should be part of any cooking enthusiast’s collection and it can transform even cheap knives into beasts, ideal for any occasion that might arise cooking-wise.


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2. Edge Pro Apex 4 Sharpening System


This is a model that takes quality to new levels, so your kitchen will be your favorite place in the house. It is a patented system which will sharpen blades of any shape or size, including serrated knives which are notoriously hard to sharpen. Moreover, you can do the process at the exact angle every time so that re-sharpening will take seconds.

Owning this means you’ll never have to cook with a dull blade again, which will save time and a lot of nerves. Its water stones have been custom-formed by experts to set you free from messy oil stones that harm the blade. A smart thing about them is that they are inexpensive to replace.

Alternatively, since you are in control of the machine’s every move, it will waste less metal than even electric sharpeners or outdated grinders, improving the life and performance of your knife collection. You will get fast, reliable, and consistent results, plus a mirror finish – this means your knives will look impressive and stay sharp for months.

The manufacturer includes full instructions and a DVD with the kit so that you won’t have to waste time wondering how it works. Since it also throws in a carrying case, you’ll never misplace any of the components.


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3. Work Sharp WSGSS Guided Sharpening System


The guided product was crafted for all cooks in mind, no matter their background. It offers versatility and its innovative Pivot-Response System, which follows the curvature of the knife’s blade while sharpening, so there won’t be any blind spots. And it does so without weakening the edge.

It can work with hiking and hunting knives, as well as with those that have serrations. Experienced sharpeners and fishers will appreciate its lightweight body and the fact that it can be powered without the help of electricity, making it a suitable choice while on the go.

The interchangeable angle guides, which are accurate and easy to follow, establish optimum sharpening angles for both curved and straight knives. Magnets secure the guides while sharpening, so you won’t need to work hard to get high-performance out of it.

The package also includes ceramic rods of all sizes – small, medium, and large for all occasions and tasks. If you are someone who uses knives on a daily base, then you know the importance of sharp blades and this tool will help with that for a small price. It has a reduced footprint, so even if you lack storage space, you’ll still be able to find a tight corner for it.


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