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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Kitchen Trash Can + Reviews


If you are here to find the best kitchen trash cans, Grandma Jen recommends the simplehuman 50 Liter because it has a good price and offers great performance. It has a large capacity, a silent lid and, of course, a convenient shape – a semi-round one. The pedal is stainless steel and it is strong and durable. Moreover, the trash can has a lid which can be locked. As you can see, this is the perfect invention for those who have dogs or cats! It is a good choice for big houses and even offices. Black is a perfect color. It fits any room, be it red or green. Black never makes mistakes. If you do not find the simplehuman 50 Liter Trash Can in stock, you can check the iTouchless Sensor alternative since it is also a pretty reliable product. You never know, it may be your next favorite kitchen accessory!



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Before getting into the product reviews, we would like to present you some of the features you should look for in a kitchen trash can.

A kitchen trash can is essential in maintaining the kitchen clean. Thus, since is may be time-consuming to search online what things you should pay attention to when choosing such an item, we have decided to help you.

Type of kitchen

You need to find a trash can which fits your kitchen. If you have a small one, of course you will not buy a large bin, and and the same goes for the other way around — you will definitely not buy the smallest can you find on sale to fit in a large room.

However, it may happen that you do not have extra space if you have a big kitchen. We all know that kitchens are full of kitchen tools! In this case, you may buy more small bins and place them in different corners.



Usually, trash cans are made of stainless steel or plastic. If you are looking for a lightweight bin, then you should definitely go for the plastic one. Moreover, it is a cheap kitchen trash can and very easy to clean. However, it can be messy in the kitchen if you choose it, because it is not very stable, especially when it has a foot pedal. Another disadvantage is that plastic is not as durable as stainless steel.

A metal trash can is not as light as the previous type. But this is an advantage, since this characteristic makes the bin steady. It is also very easy to clean. But it has a disadvantage, too! Such models are not as cheap as plastic cans.



You can choose between step-on trash cans or motion sensor trash cans. Most people buy the first one because it is more convenient to use. It is sometimes very hard to throw the garbage, especially when the bin is under the sink, your hands are dirty and you also have to open a door to get to the trash can.

These bins may come with a manual lid, motion sensor lid or a swing lid. They may come with no lid at all. For all that, we would not recommend you to choose the swing lid or the one with no lid at all. The first will get messy and the second one will make your kitchen smell bad.

Motion sensor trash cans, on the other side, function as follows — you just have to wave your hand over its sensor and the lid magically opens! You can choose this bin for your kitchen if it does not bother you that its motor may function using batteries. You will have to change them. Also, you have to keep in mind that this type of bin can become useless when the motor breaks.




3 Best Kitchen Trash Cans (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Since we do not know your kitchen and we cannot decide for you, we have selected three of the most convenient and effective kitchen trash cans for you to choose from. People who have already bought and used these products offered good reviews, so that you can count on their opinion.



1. Simplehuman 50 Liter 13 Gallon Semi Round Kitchen Step


This item is a good kitchen trash can if you are looking for a bin for a large kitchen or for an office. It has an efficient lid which has a lock that “secures” it from curious pets and children. This is a perfect option since we all know what happens if the little ones get to open the trash cans, which is not something pleasant.

It has a semi-round shape so it can fit a high-traffic area. This product also has a wall bumper, so that the lid won’t hit the wall. But that’s not all! Since this lid design is based on a unique and advanced technology, it will close silently, without loud noises. It also has a stabilizer at the bottom for the lid not to fall forward. The dimensions of the trash can are 18.7″W x 14.4″ D x 26.2″H – 38.5″ with the lid open.

Black is a good color for kitchens, even if they are not black and white. Black fits every design. This bin is stylish and will make your kitchen look way better!

Another advantage of this option is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. The kitchen trash can reviews acquired by this product are favorable.


Buy from for ($49.9)




2. iTouchless Sensor 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can


Has it ever happened to you to have your hands occupied with vegetables or something else to throw away and you did not know how to open the trash can? Oh, well, it happened to all of us and it was annoying. Now you can free yourself from this problem, because you can buy a touchless trash can!

It is 100% touchless, just as its name says it — you just have to move your hands above it and the lid opens automatically. It is a stainless steel garbage can and it has an AC adapter included which can be placed anywhere. You have to change the batteries once in a while, but the battery life is extra-long, since it draws power only when needed. If it is not convenient for you to use the adapter, you can use 4 D size batteries, but they are not included in the box.

Moreover, this bin also has an odor filter which absorbs the smell of the garbage and neutralizes it. You will not be bothered by this odor anymore. But that’s not all. This product has an unconditional warranty.

So, if you want a well-designed trash can, as well as a very convenient one, then this item could be your match!


Buy from for ($71.82)




3. Ninestars Automatic Touchless Infrared


From the many units available for sale these days, this touchless trash can which may suit your kitchen. It has a water-resistant infrared motion sensor that effectively prevents any moisture-related damages to the bin.

It works on batteries, but the advanced technology preserves the battery life and does not take any action when children or pets walk by. It is also fingerprint resistant. Moreover, this garbage can is also characterized by a soft lid closing function.

It has the ability to eliminate the cross-contamination of germs, as well as the odor of the trash. Convenience is another characteristic of it, since it has a removable ring liner which holds the bag still.

This item has an unconditional 2-year warranty and has no fees to charge if there happen to be defective parts.

It is made of stainless steel, has an oval shape and a black lid, so it will not be very hard to clean. It is very stylish and could fit any kitchen design. The dimensions of this product are 14 x 18 x 28.6 inches and it weighs 10.3 pounds. Choose this touchless trash can and have the coolest kitchen gadget out there.


Buy from for ($76.02)
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