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4 Best Kitchen Tongs – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Kitchen Tong + Reviews

If you are determined to get the best kitchen tongs available, but you are short on time and cannot do the research on the topic, we are here to help. As a result, we have taken into account what previous owners and the specialists had to say on the matter and, consequently, we have determined that the OXO Good Grips 12-Inch is the model that you should think about purchasing. This pair of tongs was made of brushed stainless steel, and it can be locked in a closed position so that you can easily store it. Moreover, this 12-inch option also comes fitted with a sizable hanging loop that is quite handy. Because it is safe to be washed in the dishwasher, this product is quite easy to clean. If this item is unavailable, you might also want to check out the KitchenAid Silicone Tipped as it has also received positive reviews.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Just like with any kitchen utensil, when looking for the best kitchen tongs, you have to pay additional attention to details such as the material a product is made of, how easy it is to use, and even if it might sound superficial, it is essential that the item you go for is good-looking. This feature is relevant because the better an article looks, the more you will feel inclined to use it. Thus, it will inspire you to cook more, because tongs are awesome kitchen tools to have.

Food safety

When it comes to products from this category, all safety standards should be applied even to cheap kitchen tongs. Because tongs get in contact with the things you eat, they need to be made of non-toxic materials like silicone or nylon. Not the entire products, but at least the heads that you use to catch the ingredients and turn them on the other side.

Additionally, the materials need to be inert, reviews of kitchen tongs tell us, which is something that people don’t pay any attention to because they don’t know this is a thing. By being inactive, it means the chemical elements of the materials an item is created from won’t interact with the meals you’re preparing. Thus, they won’t change its taste or color.


Stylish tongs, trendy kitchen

If you have a particular aesthetic, or if your kitchen is designed around a specific color palette, then you need to make sure the salad tongs for sale you are going to choose are going to respect that. The colors and the design are vital because you are going to find yourself using the tongs quite often. They are quite handy, and you don’t want them to look out of place.

Moreover, they can be hanged on your wall, so if you have a black and white kitchen, avoid something that is neon-colored, unless you want an accent piece that will break the chromatic monotony. If your cooking zone is not color coordinated, then it might be a smart idea to go for a neutral colored product, one that has a metallic body and is beige in its entirety.


User friendliness

This idea translates into unique features that make the user’s life easier. Some of the most sought-after extras, which food lovers have pointed out, are locking systems that prevent tongs from closing or opening involuntarily, buttons that retract the head, and a collapsible design which compacts the product and makes it super small so it can fit any space.

Just like with an eye-catching design, kitchen tongs reviews reveal, a product that is easy to handle is a product that you are going to use a lot, so consider that money well-invested.



3 Best Kitchen Tongs (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The finest kitchen tongs for sale are listed down below. Most reviews have praised them for their sturdy construction and for the fact that they are easy to use and ergonomic. More importantly, they are created from non-toxic materials, which is essential if you are into healthy living.



1. Oxo Good Grips 12 Inch 


If you are shopping for a durable model, this unit that is constructed from stainless steel should make it to your shortlist. The option features cushioned non-slip handles that can absorb pressure, as well as a thumb rest so that you won’t feel that maneuvering it is in any way difficult.

This choice is fitting to utilize if you own cookware that supports the use of stainless-steel utensils. Furthermore, because it was designed to lock in a closed position, this 12-inch pair of tongs is effortless to store. Its closing mechanism is oversized so that you will have no difficulties using it. An additional sizeable hanging loop has also been added to its construction.

If you do not like doing the dishes, you will be happy to find out that this product is considered low maintenance as it has been labeled as dishwasher safe. Given that the edges of the tongs are scalloped, you will definitely be provided with a secure grip.

As some buyers noted, this product is easy to use as it allows the ones utilizing it to effortlessly clasp on food, no matter if the ingredients that you are moving with it are covered in oil.


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2. KitchenAid Silicone Tipped 


If the cookware that you own is not scratch-resistant, you might want to take a good look at the KitchenAid Silicone Tipped. These tongs are quite sturdy as they have been constructed using stainless steel. On top of that, they feature silicone tips that are heat resistant up to 500°F.

According to the seller, this model is safe to be used on all cookware. Because of the silicone tips, the item won’t cut through the piece of food that you are trying to pick up as those choices made without the silicone coating often do.

To make the product as convenient as possible, the manufacturer has also designed it to include a locking mechanism so that it won’t take up a lot of space in your drawer. Once locked, it won’t open by mistake. Moreover, these tongs are dishwasher safe.

Numerous owners remarked that the model is versatile as it is perfect to use for canning when one has to get jars in and out of hot water. They can also be used when cooking pasta, salads and other similar dishes. This option has an eye-catching design, and it has been recommended by those that have used it before.


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3. Ergo Chef 2122 Duo Kitchen Tongs


If you are sold on the idea of ordering a set of tongs, be sure to check this option out. The set comes provided with two items, a pair of 9-inch and one of 12-inch tongs that have been made of durable materials such as stainless steel and silicone. The handle of the model is ergonomic as it has been covered in a non-slip material so that you will be supplied with the ultimate control.

As the seller remarks, each unit can open to 6 inches, and it can hold up approximately 5 pounds of food at once. The silicone-covered tips are heat resistant up to 500 Fahrenheit degrees. This set is considered safe to be used on all types of cookware, including on those popular quick-to-scratch pans made of steel or aluminum.

Because of the drain slot and the top part of the tongs, these utensils can also be efficiently utilized when draining water from individual pieces of food or when cooking deep frying foods and you need to get rid of the excess oil.  

To help you save space in the utensil drawer, each product features a locking mechanism. This option is easy to maintain clean as it has been labeled as top rack dishwasher safe.


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4. Oxo SoftWorks Locking Tongs with Nylon


The model you are going to read about next is one that has made many cooks happy. It has the features of a premium product, but it comes with a price tag that you won’t even feel. The size is universal, so you won’t have to use many tools for the same purpose.

It has a simple yet efficient design. The arms are made of stainless steel, excellent if you work with many corrosive oils or with heat, and they provide the user with a comfortable grip no matter if you are tossing a salad or if you are making hamburgers with the help of your grill.

The heads of the product are made of heat-resistant nylon and are also non-stick. The product is dishwasher safe and can be used at a temperature that doesn’t exceed 400 F. People pointed out that nylon is better than silicon because it is not as slippery.

Additionally, the manufacturer designed the product to be as compact as possible and to lock for safe storage. The fact that they are minimalistic in style means they can become the go-to tool whenever you go for a barbecue or camping.


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Unavailable products


POPCO Food Tongs


This brand is often associated with quality, and this model makes no exception. It is a sturdy piece that can be used by amateur cooks and by chefs alike, and it will offer anyone who handles it an ergonomic handle and a light body that will be a pleasure to be held even if you have to cook for extended periods of time.

The main body is constructed of hardened stainless steel, that is resistant to corrosion, and which has that sturdy feel of a premium object. The high-quality appearance of the body doesn’t sacrifice a light build, as this utensil can be used even by a child because it is not heavy at all.

The extremities of the model are non-stick, and more importantly, they don’t melt when getting in contact with hot food. The pieces are made of food-grade silicone, both PVC and BPA free, meaning you can safely enjoy your meals without having to worry about toxic elements.

Moreover, the silicon won’t scratch your expensive non-stick pans or even your grill grates. It also comes with a pull ring technology, which prevents the tongs from opening or closing accidentally. The design is seamless, which prevents the bacteria from building up.





Kuger Stainless Steel


The three-piece package will be a lifesaver in the kitchen. It includes small, medium and large tongs so that you can have a tool for every dish, without struggling to maneuver your ingredients with the wrong sized tongs.

They are made of silicon, a heat-resistant material which makes them perfect for cooking on a grill and to serve the food right off the burning coal. This choice of material is also ideal because the meat and the vegetables won’t adhere to its surfaces, thus being hard to scrape off.

Each of the tongs also comes with the retractable hanging hole design, which will enable you to control the size of the silicone tip according to your needs. Moreover, this nifty feature will allow you to hang the products on your wall without a hassle for easy access.

A delicate handle is also something that buyers look for, and this model comes with that. It is made of steel, and it is coated to resist against oxidation, even if used daily. It is comfortable and fits well in the palm of your hand, which will prevent it from slipping and causing accidents.