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3 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpening Stones – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Kitchen Knife Sharpening Stone + Reviews


If you’re looking for the best kitchen knife sharpening stone, but you’re way too busy to read everything written below, Grandma Jen wants to help you with some essential information readily available in this paragraph. The research we conducted points out that the Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE should be the sharpening stone to get for all your kitchen knives. The overall design of this model makes it easy to use, as the rotating triangle offers the possibility to identify the stone you need for sharpening your knives. Three different stones are packed into one, allowing you to choose what kind to use depending on the edge that needs re-sharpening. You will get some nice extras with your purchase, such as a bottle of honing solution, and an angle guide. If the Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE is discontinued, you can bet on the DMT D8F Dia-Sharp instead, as it offers almost the same advantages.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you have started to notice that your kitchen knives turned dull, don’t hurry to buy a new set and throw away the old one. Knives can be re-sharpened, provided that you have the right tools. We dedicate this buying guide to the best knife sharpening stone you can find, by offering you the most useful advice on the matter.

Why do you need more than one grit?

When you’re thinking about a stone used for sharpening, you probably have in mind some item of rectangular shape and nothing else. Such stones have different grits, just like sandpaper, although the values and their effects differ. Without getting too much into tedious explanations, we will tell you, right from the get-go, that you should get more than one grit.

A coarse stone is ideal for getting the right shape for the edge of your knife. After you obtain this, you will need a finer stone, to make sure that the edge gets sharp enough for precise cuts. In other words, the later defines the quality of the re-sharpened knife.

The best bet is to get a model with at least two sharpening stones, as described above. You can rest assured that, this way, you will be able to re-sharpen your knives as you should.


What size do you need?

While most sharpening stones have a rectangular shape, you do not need to be precise about their dimensions. What matters is the length, as longer stones are better for sharpening knives than shorter ones.

There are three categories. The smaller stones have 6 inches in length, regular stones have 8 inches, and larger stones are 10 inches long or longer. Depending on your budget and how often you re-sharpen, you can choose one model or another.


Get a stone that doesn’t require much maintenance

The surest way to get a sharpening stone that you’ll end up using frequently is to purchase one that does not require a great deal of maintenance. Especially if you are a beginner, stay away from stones that need to be flattened, soaked, and cleaned all the time.



3 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpening Stones (Updated Reviews) in 2021



With so many models readily available on the market, it may seem challenging to get good sharpening stones for knives. However, if you heed the above advice, and you also take a good look at the models presented below, you will not go wrong.



1. Smith’s Tri-6 Arkansas Sharpening Stones System


Among the models praised by the knife sharpening stone reviews written by users, you will find the Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE. This model comes equipped with three different stones that will help you acquire that fine edge you are after. The two Arkansas stones are available in fine and medium grit, and there is also a synthetic stone included for coarse grit.

The way the stones are displayed makes thing easier for you. You will only need to rotate the plastic triangle to pick the stone you want to use and see precisely which one it is. You can rest assured that you will encounter no troubles when using this model, as the base comes equipped with rubber feet.

You will get more than what you pay for when you purchase this set of sharpening stones. Besides the versatile stones and the non-skid construction, the model is sold with an angle guide that will eliminate all the guessing work.

All the oil drippings will be caught by the trough shaped like the letter V, to minimize mess. Overall, you will find this model easy to clean. Also, you will be able to start sharpening your knives right away, as the manufacturer includes a bottle of their premium honing solution, too.



This product helps you obtain the desired edges of your knife thanks to the three different stones included.

It is easy to use as all you have to do is to pick the stone you want by rotating the plastic triangle.

The device is safe so you don’t have to worry while you’re using it as it comes with rubber feet.

It has a non-skid construction that makes it safer to have this device in your kitchen.

The product comes with an angle guide for a more precise usage.

The mess is avoided thanks to the V-shaped through that catches all the oil drippings.

This sharpener comes with a honing solution for precise sharpening.



You may find the sharpening process a little bit harder than you would expect if you don’t have experience in getting the proper angle of the blades.

It doesn’t work with the clipper blades as well as with usual blades.


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2. DMT D8F Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Fine


Among the many sharpening stones for sale, you will find the DMT D8F Dia-Sharp. Equipped with diamond stones for sharpening, this model provides excellent quality and performance. You can rest assured of its outstanding quality, as it is a product made in the USA, and up to the highest standards.

No matter what you want to sharpen with the help of this stone, you will find the versatility of the model amazing. Large knives can be re-sharpened just as well as pointed tools. There will be nothing you cannot sharpen when using the DMT D8F Dia-Sharp.

One of the most important advantages of a fine diamond stone is that you can quickly obtain a razor sharp edge and that is something that should concern anyone who wants their knives to be in top-notch condition.

Conventional stones may do a good job when it comes to sharpening knives, but this model does an even better job, due to the monocrystalline surface it comes equipped with. It is long enough to accommodate the largest knives you have in the kitchen, and the best part is that you don’t need any oil to help you in the process.



This model comes with sharpening diamond stones that provide maximum quality and great performance.

The product is made in the U.S.A. at the highest production standards.

It is also very easy to clean and it doesn’t take you much time to do that.

This model is versatile, dealing with almost all types of blades.

You can achieve a razor-sharp edge very quickly with this device thanks to the diamond sharpener.

It also comes with a monocrystalline surface that does a better job.

The size of this sharpener is large enough to fit even the largest knives in your kitchen.

You don’t need any additional substances like oil to make it work properly.



It takes a long time to sharpen the edge which will require you to have some patience.

The unit may be too small for chisels as some experienced buyers noted.


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3. Chef’s 4002601 Choice Edgecraft Diamond Sharpening Stone


This stone is on the smaller side, but its performance won’t disappoint you nonetheless. Made from diamond crystals, the surface of the stone ensures that you will be able to sharpen your kitchen knives with the utmost efficiency. If there is one thing diamond stones have over other models is that they do not require any lubricant.

While some people prefer other types of stones and do not mind spending extra on special oils, others prefer the mess-free operation such models as this one offer. Another thing that will surely make you happy is that the Chef’s Choice Edgecraft 4002601 requires zero maintenance.

Made in the US, this model offers outstanding quality. The grit size is universal so that you can use it for any kitchen knife. You can use it both for stainless steel knives and carbon steel blades, as well.

The hardwood box is a nice addition to an already excellent product. It keeps the stone away from dust when you don’t use it, and the rubber feet make sure that the device will not slide away when you least expect it. Take advantage of the excellent abrasiveness of this type of stone to make all your kitchen knives as good as new.



Being made of diamond crystals, this device will help you sharpen your knives with maximum efficiency.

This model is also very easy to use as it doesn’t need any lubricant to make it work thanks to the diamond crystals.

Operating this sharpener is less messy than other models and it requires no maintenance.

The product is made in the U.S.A. and therefore it offers you great quality.

It has a universal size that makes the sharpener suitable for any kitchen knife.

You can use it for carbon steel blades and for stainless steel knives too.

The design is pretty attractive to fit your kitchen.

Coming with an extra hardwood box, you can keep the product away from dust and preserve it for a longer time.



This sharpener is pretty heavy so it is not very portable.

The product is quite large so it occupies space in your kitchen.


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