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Camping kettles – Ratings & Informative Guide


Going camping is a wonderful decision because you get to spend time in nature and enjoy all of its wonders, away from the city fuss. However, deciding which items to bring with you can be a true struggle, especially since you always have the tendency to overpack. But, no matter how many items you decide to leave home, one item you cannot live without in the woods is a proper kettle for camping. Grandma Jen has gone through numerous online reviews about the best items available and has reached the conclusion that the Esbit Hard Anodized is a great option because it is made from lightweight, anodized aluminum, it contains a lid and kettle with hinged grips, and the total volume is 1.4 liters. If you’re not happy with the Esbit Hard Anodized, you can always choose the Trangia Aluminum Kettle as a good alternative.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a kettle for camping


Camping can be a very rewarding experience if you do it right and pack the right items for it. Don’t forget cozy clothes, warm blankets, sleeping bags and a roomy tent, as well as a great kettle for quick and warm beverages. To help you decide which type of kettle would best fit your needs, read below about the most important features we consider such an item should have.


A lightweight design

The best camping kettle should be, first of all, a lightweight item. Since you already packed half a house with you, especially if you travel with kids, keeping the cutlery and pottery lightweight seems like a smart move. A lightweight design means you won’t even feel the item when carrying it in your camping bag. We suggest opting for aluminum as it is one of the most lightweight materials existent, and is hustle-free. This means no rusting, no sideburns, and no back pains from carrying tons of equipment for your next camping session.


How long does it take to boil water?

We all want a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning and, the more we delay our ritual, the grumpier we will become. So, since we all run against the clock in the morning, having a kettle that boils up water fast is a great advantage.

The best kettle for camping, regardless of the material used for manufacturing, will boil water in 3-4 minutes, meaning you will enjoy your hot cup of magic in no time, even into the woods. No, facing that big bad bear doesn’t seem so threatening, right?


Keep-warm option

After going through many camping kettle reviews online, we came to the conclusion that one of the most useful features of such an item is to keep the liquid warm as much as possible. If your kettle is able to keep water hot or warm for at least half an hour, this means that the not-so-early campers will still enjoy fresh coffee or tea when they wake up. And, after a night spent drinking and eating marshmallows by the bonfire, who will be up anyway?

If you choose a really good kettle for camping, you may even have the chance to use this function when you need it, so make sure to pick an intelligent kettle for the job.

Last but not least, you could also consider budget limitations as a great tool of downsizing the search for the best kettle. There are plenty of items available for sale and a decent product won’t cost more than 30-40 dollars, depending on its features.



3 Best Kettles for Camping (Reviews) in 2021



Since there are plenty of good products on the market, we considered that a selection would be useful, especially for the undecided customers. So, without further due, the top kettles for camping as showcased below.



1. Esbit Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle for Camp


The product is made from lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum to provide the maximum power without weighing too much. The package is delivered containing a kettle with hinged grips, as well as a lid for easy turn-on functions.

The built-in heat exchanger is suitable for stove efficiency. The sturdy construction is designed to endure large temperatures without chipping, melting or burning on the sizes. It will provide the optimum water temperature anytime, and can count for up to 1.4 liters of liquid, sufficient to prepare four full-sized cups of tea or coffee at once.

Most of the people who purchased the product were pleased with the item’s quality and reliable design, claiming the kettle can even face an open campfire without melting or burning. In other words, whether you are short on the gas or simply want to enjoy a good old campfire and still drink your favorite hot beverage, this Esbit kettle is the right option for you.

In addition, it is sold for an attractive price, which makes it perfect for offering it as a gift for any camping enthusiast. Don’t let yourself fooled by its small dimensions, as plenty of cups of delicious tea or coffee can be filled using this kettle just once.



If you are looking for a model that does not weigh too much, then this one may suit your necessities.

It is made of hard-anodized, lightweight aluminum. It is the perfect choice for a product that needs to be handy and powerful at the same time.

The lid and the shape of the kettle are able to keep the water hot for a long period.

Moreover, it is large enough to boil water for several cups of tea. Therefore, if you are planning a family trip, this kettle may be very useful.

The minimalist design will make it possible for you to get a nice view over the camping place you have stopped at. More than that, it is compact – it will not need too much space to fit in.



This kettle does not whistle – in case you were looking for one that will be able to announce when the water is boiling.


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2. Trangia Aluminum Kettle


The product comes in two different sizes to fit different stove series from the same brand. You can purchase the 0.6 liters container or the 0.9 liters container, depending on your needs. This aluminum kettle is a lightweight product made of top-quality aluminum that will resist increased temperatures without melting or burning. It represents a good and affordable alternative for small groups or couples who plan a weekend getaway into the wilds but still want to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning or a delicious cup of mulled wine to stay cozy.

Thanks to the lightweight design and reduced dimensions, you will be able to carry around this item with you everywhere you go and conveniently store it in your backpack or travel bag. With every trip you make, you will learn to appreciate more and more the quality of this aluminum kettle and the easiness with which it heats water so you can enjoy your beloved hot beverage everywhere you travel.

Customers who purchased the product were extremely pleased with its quality, as well as the competitive price it is sold for. You can pour water without dripping and prepare a wide selection of hot beverages with this eye-catching kettle.



Being made of aluminum, this Trangia kettle is definitely very easy to use because it weighs just 10.6 ounces. It will not be a problem to take along if you are planning to camp.

More than that, the aluminum makes the kettle resistant to high temperatures. It will certainly not melt.

Another important feature is that it is constructed so as to make it really easy for you to maneuver it and to prevent any fingers from getting burnt.

Since you are able to choose between two different sizes of the model, it may be a convenient option for you.



If you are planning a trip with more than 2 people, then this kettle may be small for you. It would be perfect for two individuals, but not for a bigger company.

The lid might not stay on at times or depending on how you use it.


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3. Uniox Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V Electric Kettle Boil


This small electric kettle can be used in the comfort of your car if you want to prepare a delicious hot beverage on the run. The product is made from top-quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone and can be purchased in three different color options – blue, silver, and red.

With this wonderful and convenient kettle, you can boil water directly in your car. The materials are specifically designed to prolong the hot content inside and not allow water to get cold easily. Thanks to the digital temperature display you can make sure you always boil water at the perfect temperature to create delicious and hot beverages while on the go.

In addition, the Keep Warm Customize feature allows you to freely set the perfect temperature you wish your water will remain for a long period of time.

The overall cup capacity is 348 milliliters, sufficient for a few shots of espresso, a full-size cup of tea or coffee. The product will reach the maximum boiling water temperature in 16 minutes.

What we like about this electric kettle is that is extremely convenient and portable, which makes it perfect for car trips, camping, school, work, making instant noodle soups, tea, coffee, as well as for boiling eggs or preparing your baby’s milk.



This interesting and well-designed kettle is perfect for a car trip, because it has a cigarette lighter plug. You will be able to boil water in your car now.

It is made of stainless steel, which means that you will not say goodbye to this model very soon. This will also make the water maintain the high temperature for a longer amount of time.

More than that, the digital temperature display will make it possible for you to keep tabs on the temperature that your water is boiling at.

Another important feature is that, since this item is extremely portable, it may be a good choice for school or even work, not only for trips and camping.



Since the model has a plastic lid inside, you have to make sure that every time you intend to boil water you get the lid out of the kettle, because it could melt.


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