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3 Best Kegerators – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Kegerator + Reviews


If you’re about to open a new bar or if you want a cold beer at your disposal, to enjoy whenever you feel like it, the best kegerator will be your greatest ally. And because finding one can be a daunting challenge, we’ve created a concentrated article based on expert reviews and honest opinions from beer lovers, that is filled with excellent alternatives for you to pick. One product that was praised even by the harshest kegerator critics is the EdgeStar KC2000 Full, and we think you should read more about it. It is well built from premium materials, it is resistant to rust and heavy use and, more importantly, it is energy-friendly. You can adjust its temperature with ease, and the product is quick to set up and will let you access your beverages at all times. Another alternative just for you in case this one is out of stock is the Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Kegerators reviews state that a good kegerator should conserve the complicated flavors of a good beer. But to do that, the piece must meet some quality parameters. For example, it must have the right size, be energy efficient and easy to use and clean, so your life won’t be a living hell.


The most significant choice to make regarding the size of a cheap kegerator is if you want a mini kegerator or a full-sized one. That judgment should be based on how much free space you have available for your product, on how much beer you’d like it to store at any given time, and, naturally, on what sum you’re willing to spend.

Smaller kegerators are awkward to use, and it can be quite frustrating to find the right tanks for them. Furthermore, when it comes to bigger kegerators, you should know that they usually consume more energy, which will show in your monthly bills.


Beauty is on the inside and the outside

The exterior dimensions are an essential aspect because you should want it to fit into your space comfortably. A freestanding model can offer you more versatility since it can be rolled from one room to the next one, and it can conveniently be placed in many environments.

But if you’re buying a built-in kegerator, make sure you measure the available space you have for it before making a decision. The size of the interior should be able to fit a full-barrel keg or multiple smaller ones.



To work effectively, your kegerator model needs to hold pressure well and keep the inside at consistent temperature levels. For your beer to stay fresh for months, it should be able to keep the temperature at 38°F, give or take a few degrees. Just remember that different types of beers have different storage requirements.

Ideally, look for a kegerator that includes some sort of a display, although this is not a mandatory requirement. But it will allow you to see the stats, and it will also let you adjust everything for your particular task quickly.

Ultimately, no matter what brand you buy from, putting the unit together should be a relatively simple process, just like with all successful kitchen tools. Along the same lines, opt for something that can be cleaned with ease and that features removable dip trays, to take things even further.



3 Best Kegerators (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Here you have kegerators for sale that met all of our concise criteria. We’ve only picked those models that don’t take up a lot of space, and that can conserve your homemade beer for the longest time. Additionally, the products are also sturdy and corrosion-resistant.



1. EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator


This is a product that is bound to impress any bar owner or beer lover that wants to have unlimited beer on tap. It has a robust and compact body so that you can place it almost anywhere, yet it is roomy, meaning you can fit all the containers you have at your disposal inside it.

Its external tank mount allows the user to install the gas tank on the back portion of the unit while giving you a lot more interior space to take advantage of. It is a good system of serving cold draft beer, especially since it is capable of reaching chilling temperatures in the low 30s, a thing that makes it one of the coldest kegerators on the market.

Ideal for mature beer enthusiasts, this is a unit that doesn’t consume a lot of power, and it still offers good performances. The temperature can be easily changed via the thermostat, and the whole piece is easy to set up if you follow the provided instruction.

Some of its accessories include the casters, the metal floor plate for durability and the drip tray, which is ideal when it comes to cleaning the product. The door is reversible, and if you plan to move it a lot, you’ll be happy to hear it is light at only 81.6 lbs.


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2. Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full Size Single Tap


If you’re looking for a balanced product, this might be it. It keeps everything you place inside it fresh, without starving for electricity, which is something to consider if you already pay astronomical bills. It is great for home brewers or even regular beer drinkers.

This quality full-size single-tap kegerator will keep your beer or wine chilled and will prevent it from going flat quick for at least three months. The appealing stainless steel tower rocks a black and chrome spout, which can accommodate many various sizes of beer glasses.

The piece comes prepared with a chrome guardrail on the durable counter-style top. Moreover, an attractive sleek and black exterior allows the model to fit in well with almost any home decor style. Four durable casters wheels provide easy mobility to and from the places where people are gathering.

Its adjustable temperature control enables you to get your drinks to the ideal temperature. Plus, it can accommodate many types of kegs, including full-sized and two 5-gallon ones. Additionally, it measures 25 by 49 inches. It will make a difference in your life, especially if you like to throw parties regularly and if you like to end the day with a fresh beer.


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3. Kegco Homebrew Dispenser


Kegco created a reliable dispenser that will keep your choice of drink cold and easily accessible. It includes a corrosion-resistant CO2 tank, a dual gauge regulator, and even a triple faucet stainless steel tower. All there’s left for you to do is provide the kegs of homebrew.

This option’s spacious interior lets you store and also dispense up to three five-gallon kegs concurrently, which is nothing but impressive. When you’re not putting it to good use to dispense cold beer, it can be quickly transformed into a standard refrigerator for no extra cost. You can also make use of its two adjustable shelves provided with each unit.

It features a clean and convenient design, enhanced by the matte black cabinet and door, small details which make it an elegant addition to any kitchen or man cave. The textured top surface helps prevent spillage and glasses from falling off, while its flush-mount drip tray lies under the faucet so it can catch drips and spills.

The product is mounted on casters for easy mobility, and it is created around a new technology which is 25% more energy efficient, meaning you’ll be saving money on your utility bills. Moreover, the thermostatic temperature control conserves the internal temperature in the range of 35 to 42 Fahrenheit degrees.


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