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4 Best Italian Pizza Ovens – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Italian Pizza Oven + Reviews


Those who are searching for the best Italian pizza oven, and do not have a few minutes to go through all the research below, can find here Grandma Jen’s best recommendation that will save them time and money. The Camp Chef Italia Artisan qualifies for this distinct advice since it offers both performance and good value. This pizza oven is capable of quickly baking a pizza pie, and it takes just 15 minutes to have it ready to serve. One of the greatest features of this model is the way the ceiling is built. The double layer offers superior insulation, and the maximum temperature inside can reach 700F. The fact that this is a portable model contributes to its overall value. If you want to take the oven along when organizing picnics, it is entirely doable with the help of a disposable propane bottle. In case you cannot find the Camp Chef Italia Artisan anywhere, a second best alternative is the Nutrichef PKPZ950, a model similar in performance.



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Purchasing the best Italian pizza oven these days can be a rather tedious task, as the market is overflowing with alternatives. Since it’s a bit daunting for prospective buyers to make up their mind about what they need and what they don’t in such an appliance, we’re here to help. Have a look at our comprehensive guide so that you can correlate your expectations with the features you want your chosen model to come with.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide



One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you have enough space for an Italian pizza oven. Where do you want to set up the appliance? Are you planning to install it in your backyard or would you prefer a model that can sit on your countertop? The bigger the size of the oven, the higher the price. Brick and conveyor designs might be less suited for home users as they’re typically capable of preparing many pizzas. Unless you’re the owner of a restaurant, it might be a good idea to refrain from utilizing a colossal alternative that costs a lot of money.


Gas, electric, or wood

Another detail you have to take into account is how you’ll be powering the appliance. While gas and wood models offer the best results when they’re utilized outdoors, electric models are convenient as they can be used in your kitchen and prepare the same delicious pizza. Energy consumption is always something to consider as pizza ovens require a good amount of heat in order to cook the pie evenly. It’s a matter of trial and error, as an electric appliance might cost more in the long run, due to the high cost of the utility prices. An outdoor Italian pizza oven can be powered with gas or wood, depending on the model you will choose.


Recommendations and brand recognition

Let’s face it – not all ovens are made the same. That’s why you have to take some time and go through some of the best Italian pizza oven reviews and sift through the many Italian pizza ovens manufacturers that have made a name out of designing top-notch products over the years.



4 Best Italian Pizza Ovens (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The best products are showcased below. These units are available for sale online, regardless of the internet retailer you will prefer for your purchase. Keep in mind that your needs and requirements have to come first in order to avoid getting the wrong product. Based on the owner feedback, the next models are some of the critically acclaimed options you might find nowadays.



1. Camp Chef Italia Artisan


1.Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza OvenIf you’ve been tossing and turning about getting a model that can be used both in your backyard and at a campsite, it’s high time you gave a shot to the Camp Chef Italia Artisan.

This model is a gas-powered option that’s worth every penny, as emphasized by the many reviewers who felt compelled to express their satisfaction with regard to the way the product serves them.

The neat thing about the Camp Chef appliance is that it features a double-layered ceiling that makes it possible for the heating dynamics to become superior compared to the one offered by any of its competitors. The temperature inside the oven can reach 700 degrees and subsequently, this model is capable of preparing a delicious pizza pie in as little as fifteen minutes, including the preheating time.

In addition, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan features a valve that can be adjusted so that you have complete control over the flame. What’s more, it might be worth mentioning that this outdoor appliance can be used both with a standard bulk propane tank and with a one-pound disposable propane bottle. In other words, nothing will stop you from taking your pizza oven to a picnic site if you ever feel like.



Finding the perfect pizza stove can be quite complicated but not if you decide to appeal to this engineering wonder. The gas-powered feature makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere, whether you are in the comfort of your own home, on the terrace or going camping outside.

It can be easily preheated and ready for cooking in around 15 minutes.

The Built-in ignition valve allows you full control over the flame so you can rest assure you will always have the perfect temperature to cook your pizza, whether you like it a bit crusty on the edges or slightly puffier.

The oven can reach a temperature of up to 700F, making it perfect not only for cooking a delicious artisan pizza but also for cooking bread or roasting your favorite meats. In one word, this is the perfect oven to go, portable and easy to use both indoors and outdoors.



The price is a bit spicy, nearly $260 on Amazon.

Since it takes a little to heat up to 700F, you may require a larger tank of gas if you use it outdoors.


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2. Nutrichef PKPZ950 Upgraded Electric Pizza Oven


2.NutriChef PKPZ950This Nutrichef model is entirely different from the one we’ve showcased earlier on, due to the fact that this pizza oven is electric and can be used in the comfort of your own home. Of course, it all depends on what you have in mind and the amount of space you have available for such an oven.

For people living in crowded houses or apartments, the Nutrichef might be the perfect product. While the heating capabilities of this unit are rather limited given that its maximum temperature is 464 degrees Fahrenheit, the model still does what it has been designed to do, mainly prepare perfect pizzas on the chamotte clay stone cooking surface.

Most of the parts in this oven are easy to clean and maintain, particularly the cooking surface we were previously referring to. Is this model worth it? In a nutshell, it is, if you’re unwilling to spend a lot of money on an Italian pizza oven and don’t have too much room in your home or can’t benefit from using a backyard.

Since it usually costs less than one hundred and ten dollars, it’s safe to say that it is one of the most affordable models in the line.



Apart from looking like a miniature igloo, this amazing pizza oven is nothing like you have experienced before. It runs on electricity, meaning it can be used in the comfort of your own home or on the go, without too much trouble. All you have to do is plug it in, and you will experience deliciously homemade pizzas wherever you are.

Most of the parts are easy to wash and safe for dishwashing machines, which makes it even more accessible to everyday people with soliciting jobs.

The product is more than affordable at the cost of $108 if purchased on Amazon. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is the perfect pizza stove for crowded apartments where there isn’t too much space display in the kitchen.



It only heats up to 464F which may not be enough for anything else than pizza. And it really depends on how you like your pizza because if you wish for it to come perfectly crisp out of the oven, you may have to re-orientate towards something else.


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3. Large Italian Wood Burning Freestanding


3.Large Italian Wood Burning Freestanding Pizza OvenIf your budget isn’t an obstacle or you plan to get an entirely functional Italian pizza oven for your bistro or small restaurant, you’re more than free to check out the Bull BBQ alternative.

This model is a wood-burning oven that gets the job done precisely as it should, in that it has been built and designed in Italy with solid materials and parts crafted with the utmost precision. The construction of this unit appears to have been built to impress, given that it has solid welded components as well as various parts made of steel and electro galvanized steel.

Moreover, it might be worth noting that the model seems to have been created so that it’s as user-friendly as possible, given that it has slide-out handles as well as caster wheels so that you’re able to move the oven around wherever you may feel like.

Plus, there won’t be anything stopping you from taking the cart from one point of your backyard to the other, just to impress your friends and family with your pizza creations. In spite of all these advantages, the Bull BBQ option is less financially accessible, so it’s only worth it if you’re willing to invest a pretty penny in such an appliance.



The innovative and extremely elegant design of this Italian pizza oven will conquer you from the beginning. This is the perfect pizza oven for a small restaurant or a bistro.

The stainless steel design makes it resistant and durable in time while the inside insulation allows all the heat to remain inside and make your barbeque easier.

Designed for pizza but there is little this amazing burning oven can’t do – from good roasted barbeque to more pretentious meats and even deliciously homemade bread.

The small dimension of just 15 inches tall will make it the perfect addition even in the narrowest places without interfering with other kitchen appliances.



The price is as high as you can get for a wood burning oven. This is the real deal, but the price is quite a deal breaker. However, if you are willing to invest in your clients and deliver the best pizza made in a wood oven, it is worth taking out of your pocket nearly $3,500.


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4. Cruccolini BF8 Thomas Wood Fire Oven


Have you ever wished to bake the perfect pizza that would transport you to the lovely hillside of Italy where it was invented? Well, you can do just that with the Cruccolini BF8 Thomas because it’s an Italian pizza oven that heats up pretty quickly, in about 40 minutes and it reaches temperatures high enough to bake the delicious product in a matter of minutes.

It offers two levels of cooking and a cooking surface that is capable of dispersing the heat evenly along the way. This model is a wood-burning oven and it’s completely handmade by capable craftsmen, providing the classic, old style of cooking that keeps the flavor and nutrients inside and made us all fall in love with food.

The Cruccolini BF8 Thomas is a properly ventilated oven that won’t allow smoke to be present in the cooking chamber and its temperature and airflow are stabilized by valve control.

The pizza is done and you’ve forgotten to put out the plates or your friends are yet to arrive? Rest assured, you can place the pizza in the bottom drawer that is ideally designed to keep food hot. This Italian oven comes with a thermometer to ensure the ideal temperature for your pizza and pizza shovel tongs made of stainless steel that was fire-forged.



If you are looking to add an old school feeling to your garden while being able to cook pizza like you are supposed to then maybe you’d like to consider purchasing the Cruccolini BF8 Thomas.

It uses about 10 pounds of wood to reach 300 degrees in quick time and better yet, thanks to its quality construction this oven retains the heat for a long time.

Because it has proper ventilation this product guarantees the absence of smoke from the cooking chamber that would otherwise ruin the taste of your food.

The bottom drawer of this oven was made to keep the food warm enough after you’ve done cooking it, thus allowing you the time to adjust the details of your party.

Being an Italian oven means that it was made by hand using quality materials and with the ultimate purpose of baking delicious pizza.



If you are on a budget you should know that the price is quite steep, although the quality is worth the money.


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