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3 Best Insulated Lunch Containers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Insulated Lunch Container + Reviews


If you’ve decided it is time to take control over your diet and to save some money by not going to expensive restaurants every time you have your lunch break, a quality food container could be the ideal solution to those problems. With the help of this detailed guide we’ve created for people like you, you will find out what are the hottest items on the market right now, or what the best insulated lunch container is. According to our extensive research regarding the best insulated lunch box, the Thermos Stainless King is a model that most reviewers are pleased with. It is leak-proof, it looks fantastic, and it is large enough that you won’t feel unsatisfied with your lunch. Moreover, the item is quite light and can be carried everywhere you go without it feeling like a heavy load. If the product is out of stock, the Thermos Funtainer can be a good alternative that will offer you the same satisfaction.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Picking the right container model for your needs is a matter of personal taste, and it’s about knowing what and who you need it for. As a general note, pay attention to details such as the size of the product, to the period it keeps the food at the desired temperature and how it is going to fit in your life.

The size and footprint

Before purchasing a good insulated lunch container, one that is designed to help you with such a subjective thing as food, you need to consider its size. There isn’t a universal one that could help you make a decision, and you have to think about how often and how much you eat in a day.

Because if you want it to fit two portions, you will have to go for a larger model, meaning you’ll have to compare salad containers. However, if you are not someone who focuses on lunch, then something average should be enough. If you’re buying this for your kid, it’s not necessary that you go for the biggest model on the market, as kids don’t usually eat that much.


How well it does the job

It is essential that the item for sale does its job properly, so you won’t have to return it. Most models are going to keep your food cold or hot for at least five hours. That is enough if you take the container to work, but if you’re going on a road trip, you may want to choose the model that offers the most extended temperature preservation hours.

You pay money for insulation, reviews of insulated lunch containers tell us, and the technology behind the product you choose should reflect that. However, going for a product that keeps the food at the same temperature for more than ten hours is a bit of an overkill, as nobody really needs that since food has bacteria in it and it will start to go bad.


The devil is in the details

If you’ve decided on the main features your preferred meal prep containers for sale should have, then it’s time we talked about style. There are many kinds of insulated lunch containers, and each offers something different. Most come in a sleek design that resembles a thermos, and they are large, and with round corners, that only have one compartment.

Others look like bento boxes, and they have many compartments which help you organize the food into categories. The boxes are more suited for children, as the traditional models work better for someone who has an active lifestyle. An efficient leakproof lunch container should have all of those features.



3 Best Insulated Lunch Containers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Insulated lunch containers are starting to become more popular by the day. People have discovered just how helpful they can be. If you find the right model for you, it can help you save a lot of money and live a healthier lifestyle, because you will have total control over what you put inside it. Moreover, your food will stay fresh for hours. Thus, it will feel like you’ve just cooked it.



1. Thermos Stainless King


This has been a favorite hot lunch travel container for a long time because it has all the necessary features that buyers might want from such a product. It is good-looking and completely leak-proof, and the construction process will ensure your food will stay hot or cold for many hours.

It is big enough to house one large portion of salad or soup, and it can be used with both liquids and solids. It can keep the meals you put inside it warm for at least ten hours and cold for approximately the same amount of time.

These features make the model ideal if you want something to help you have a snack ready whenever you are traveling, or if you want a container to bring breakfast or lunch with you at work. It will allow you to save a lot of money because you won’t be forced to pay for food at a restaurant or a cantina.

Even if you drive on a bumpy road, there will be no leaks, so you can safely put this in your handbag and carry it everywhere. That will be facilitated by the fact that this model is very light, even if it has a very sturdy body that can take a hit.


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2. Thermos Funtainer Funtainer 10 Ounce


People are saying that this product makes you proud to take it out of your bag at work because it is so trendy. It is a sturdy piece, large enough to accommodate a satisfying lunch and its round corners are great since it will allow the product to take as little space as possible.

The main feature of this container is that it keeps hot food hot for many hours, and cold meals cold so that you can survive sweltering summer days like a pro. You can use it yourself for work and travel, or you can pack your kid’s lunch for school.

The manufacturer achieved that by implementing a vacuum insulation technology, which maximizes temperature retention in any environment. This product is quite handy because it can fit large fruit salads or hot soups, and this versatility makes it appreciated among those who like to diversify their meals even when on the road.

Both the exterior and the interior of the Thermos Funtainer are made of stainless steel, an extraordinary material that is rust-resistant even if you fill the item with hot beverages every day. It is recommended that you hand-wash it, as dishwashing machines are notorious for the fact that they scratch pretty much everything you put inside them.


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3. Bentgo Fresh Control and Balanced


All organized people should own a product like this one. The design features built-in portion control, meaning that each compartment is set to fit a specific amount of food, so you won’t have leftovers that you will have to throw away.

It can house enough food for both adults and children, and because it is carefully divided, you won’t have to stick to just one food type. You can use one compartment for fruits, one for vegetables and one for the main course. If you’re feeling picky, you can even use one of them for dessert.

The tray is entirely leak-proof, and the combination with the attractive design makes this model something to add on your wishlist if you want to have a healthy diet even at work, or when you’re on a road trip across the country.

Additionally, the compartments are customizable. You can use the three compartments it comes in the box with, or you can use the provided divider to create four dedicated spaces for your favorite meals. The product is not heavy, and it is made of sturdy materials, so even if you drop it to the ground, it will barely scratch.


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