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Shopping for the best insulated lunch box can easily become a challenging process, especially if you are not familiar with the subject. Because we understand these difficulties, we have decided to help by taking a good look at what previous buyers and the specialists had to say about the available models. After taking these steps, we have reached the conclusion that the MIER SYNCHKG089443 is just the choice that you need. This unit comes provided with numerous compartments that you can use to store numerous kinds of food, as well as a special type of insulation that won’t contaminate your lunch. To make this bag easy to transport, the seller has fitted it with a practical handle strap made of leather that is quite durable. If this product is out of stock, take a look at the InsigniaX Insulated as you might also like its high-quality and top-notch features.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for an insulated lunch box


Taking your lunch to work can be a real hassle and the temptation just to buy some junk food and be done with everything is high. Instead of fretting over how you could carry your lunch in perfect conditions, choose an insulated lunch box that will keep your food at the right temperature, without risk of spoiling. Read the next buying guide to find the best insulated lunch bags available.


One important aspect to bear in mind is good compartmentalization. Let’s say, for instance, that you need to pack both hot and cold items for lunch and you do not want them close to one another, for obvious reasons. An insulated lunch box with compartments is an excellent option, because it will keep everything in order.

Also, having smaller compartments or side pockets for easy to access stuff, like your keys and napkins, is an added plus. See what compartmentalization is offered on the model of your choosing, and you will discover easily what model is actually worth the money.


Insulation quality

Since we’re talking here about the best work insulated lunch box, we must focus on the quality of the insulation, as well. PEVA lining is a common choice for popular models, and it is easy to wipe clean. This type of material is safe for your food, and it is also eco-friendly.

Aluminum insulation and foam padding also help and they are found on insulated lunch boxes that enjoy a lot of positive feedback from buyers. Never neglect the importance of good insulation, as it will make the difference between being able to eat a meal that is fresh and tasty and having to throw it away because it got spoilt.


Overall design

The best insulated lunch box reviews mention another aspect to bear in mind when shopping for this type of product. The overall design must be both functional and attractive, as you will carry the box around and you don’t want to make a wrong impression to your coworkers and passersby.

A shoulder strap can be an elegant element of design, but also a practical one since you will be able to carry the bag around with great ease, while still looking good. Some models have handles, and they can be carried like briefcases.



Top 3 products I recommend – Review & Advice



You will find below the most popular insulated lunch boxes on the market. They excel in performance and features, and they are also decently priced, which is always something to look for when you are shopping for such a product.





The MIER SYNCHKG089443 makes a great first impression, as it looks like a business shoulder bag and no one will suspect you are carrying your lunch this way. You get two handling options, as the shoulder strap can serve when you want to wear the lunch box on your shoulder, but it can be detached so you can use the handle strap instead.

One of the most important features to mention about this model is that the upper compartment is easy to access and you can store necessary items, like napkins and the like. The 2-way zipper is handy, as it allows you to open the compartment in any direction you need.

When you take lunch to work with you, you must probably have both cold and hot items on the menu. Keeping them together is hardly an option, and this is where this manufacturer comes to the rescue, by offering you the possibility to store such foods separately.

Use the pouch on top for small snacks, like chips, fruits, or cookies. On the bottom, place the boxes with sandwiches, salads, and other meals you may want to eat at lunch time. A front zippered pocket comes in handy for your keys and other items.



Good compartmentalization is essential for lunch boxes, and this is where the MIER SYNCHKG089443 truly excels, with two internal compartments, a pouch on top, and one front pocket.

You can keep cold items away from hot foods, so you can enjoy your lunch exactly how you want, without the risk of spoiling your meal.

The PEVA lining used for insulation will not contaminate your food, and you can wipe it clean when you empty the bag.

You can carry the bag by the handle strap made from soft PU leather, or on your shoulder, using the detachable strap for this purpose.

The bag is quite larger, and it allows you to pack a lot of food that may even last for an entire day.



The only major complaint mentioned by reviewers is that the bottom section is not tall enough to accommodate a water bottle in an upright position.


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InsigniaX Insulated


It is paramount to check what materials are used for making your lunch box. In the case of the InsigniaX Insulated, you will find that the manufacturer spared nothing regarding good quality materials. The canvas is 600D polyester, a material that is very durable and guarantees that you will be able to use this bag for a very long time.

As far as insulation is concerned, extra care was paid in this regard, as well. You will get 5mm of PE foam that is covered by an aluminum layer, for perfect insulation purposes. Your food will last longer, and you will not be forced to eat food that tastes stale.

The handling options available must be mentioned, as well. The shoulder strap can be detached, and it can also be adjusted, so you can carry your bag the way you want to. Do not overlook the extra storage space offered by the pocket placed in the front and the two additional pockets on the sides for quick to access items.

The bag is very roomy, so you will be able to pack a lot of food to last for lunch time and even more. Last, but not least, the overall design of this model is beautiful, and you will not draw unnecessary attention on yourself.



This model is made using high-quality materials, such as 600D polyester for the canvas that makes it very durable and sturdy.

The unique type of insulation consists of 5mm of PE foam and aluminum, for maximum efficiency in protecting your food against spoilage.

You can carry the box in your hand, by using the handle, or on your shoulder, using the special strap that can be adjusted as you see fit.

The large capacity of this bag makes it a hit with consumers, and many people use it mainly because it can accommodate a lot of food.

The additional pockets, one on the front, and two to the sides bring more storage space that is essential when you have a lot of small items to carry.



Small aspects, such as the shoulder strap, and the top zipper, do not seem to be as robust as the rest of the bag, according to some buyers.


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Using a unique type of cooling technology that depends on a freezable gel that is practically built into the structure of the box, the PackIt PKT-PC-BLA offers an interesting alternative to standard insulated lunch boxes. Now you don’t have to buy additional ice packs because you can use this bag instead.

The only thing you need to do is to fold the bag flat and put it in your freezer for 12 hours. By morning, you will have a perfect lunch bag that is the equivalent of a mini fridge where all your food and beverages will be kept cool until lunch time.

You can store anything you want inside, from dairy to fresh produce, like fruits and veggies. The best part is that your drinks will be cool and ready to serve hours after packing your lunch, which will make your meal more enjoyable. People suffering from food allergies can rest assured that they will be able to pack the foods they can eat.

The bag is easy to clean both on the outside and the inside, and you just need to wipe it after use with a damp cloth. A nice touch to this attractive lunch box is the buckle handle that you can attach to another bag or your backpack for maximum convenience.



Using a particular type of cooling technology that consists of freezable gel, this bag will manage to keep your food and drinks fresh and palatable for hours.

You can pack a broad range of healthy foods, including fruits and veggies so that you don’t have to skip dieting ever again.

The zip top closure serves for keeping the bag dry and cool inside, which means you don’t have to worry about insulation at all.

Use the buckle handle to clip it to the bag you are already using, your backpack, in case you are traveling, or a stroller if you want to keep food fresh and safe when walking your baby in the park.

Easy maintenance is another great plus since both the outside and the inside only need to be wiped clean.



Conveniences, such as outside pockets, are not present on this lunch box, and that can be a drawback for people who like having certain items readily on hand.


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