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3 Best Iced Tea Pitchers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Iced Tea Pitcher + Reviews


If you are trying to find the best iced tea pitcher on the market, but you don’t have the time to do the necessary research on the topic, this short paragraph should clue you in. After doing the legwork for you by analyzing price to value ratios, comparing products and after looking at overall brand quality, we have reached the conclusion that the Pratico Kitchen Side Iced Tea is the model that you should necessarily consider. This unit is quite sizeable as it can hold up to 2.3 quarts of water, the equivalent of eight servings and it is said to be easy to clean and store when not used. Besides, this product’s tea strainer can be removed if you want to use the unit for different purposes. If the Pratico Kitchen Side Iced Tea is out of stock, give the Bormioli Rocco Hermetic a good look as it is a reliable alternative.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Before you place an order, we recommend that you take the time to read the following short but comprehensive list of features that are a must in a product of this type.

Consider the unit’s capacity

One of the first aspects that you should pay attention to before you order any item is the product’s capacity. As you probably already know, when it comes to products of this type, manufacturers usually produce models that vary in capacity.

Therefore, when it comes to this feature, you should guide your decision on your personal preferences and needs. In other words, before you place any orders, make sure that the model that you like is sizeable enough.

If you have a large family, it might be prudent to opt for a quality pitcher for iced tea that can serve up to 8 drinks at a time. Still, if you are interested in purchasing a unit that can cater to the needs of just one person, a rather smaller product might a better fit your needs.



Another feature that you should pay attention to if you want to end up with a good iced tea pitcher is the material used in the construction of the unit. To put it simply, most products of this type are made using glass or plastic. Nevertheless, no matter the material that you pick, we recommend that you check to see if the unit is resistant when it comes to holding hot liquids.

This feature is particularly important because you will have to use hot water to prepare tea. Thus, a unit that can break when coming into contact with hot fluids is unusable.

Additionally, iced tea pitcher reviews suggest that you also take a good look at the model’s lid and handles. From this point of view, it is important that the pitcher has a leak-proof lid as well as a non-slip handle that you can safely use.


Easiness to clean

If you are trying to find the best pitcher for iced tea out there, it might be a good idea to take the time to consider just how easy it is to clean that given product. With this factor in mind, we recommend that you only invest in products that have a clear-cut shape. Moreover, units that are safe to place in the dishwasher should also be considered.

If you follow these suggestions, we are sure that you will end up with a reliable unit that won’t disappoint you.



3 Best Iced Tea Pitchers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you don’t know what products to buy from the myriad of units that are up for sale, we are here to make your job easier. Because we know just how tricky it is to select a good unit, we have compiled a list of top-notch tea pitchers that you should give a good look at.



1. Pratico Kitchen Side Iced Tea


If you are looking for a sizeable unit that is family friendly, make sure that you check out the Pratico Kitchen Side Iced Tea.

The reason why the model can be used by a large family has to do with the fact that this unit can hold 2.3 quarts of liquid at a time, meaning eight servings of tea at once. Even more so, when it comes to its dimensions, you should know that this product measures 6.4 x 4.3 x 12 inches.

Another highly appreciated feature of the product is the fact that the model is flexible. What we mean by this is that, by removing the fine mesh tea strainer that the model comes fitted with, you can make different types of tea such as loose leaf, pearls, bagged and many other kinds.

Moreover, you should know that this product stands out thanks to its slim, fit design that enables you to store it on its side or standing without worrying that it will leak. Last but not least, because it was constructed from a BPA free type of plastic that is also quite sturdy, you can actually pour hot water in it and it without it cracking.  


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2. Bormioli Rocco Hermetic


If you are in the market for a cost-efficient unit that is also durable and highly regarded, take a good look at the Bormioli Rocco Hermetic. The unit comes outfitted with a  glass jug and a hermetic lid that is BPA and leak proof. Because of these features, many previous buyers warmly recommended it to other interested customers.

As a plus, the model was constructed from a thick glass that is said to be 100% recyclable (as it does not contain lead). Likewise, if you are not a big fan of doing the dishes, you might like to know that this product is dishwasher safe. Still, the unit can also be hand washed.

Among the other features that the model includes, we feel like it is crucial that we point out that this unit comes provided with an integrated, reliable handle as well as with a wide mouth that allows for effortless use. An integrated pour spout is also incorporated into the product’s overall design.

Size-wise, this glass bottle can hold up to 2 liters of liquid or 68 ounces. Therefore, similarly to the previous unit that we have discussed, the model is suitable for large families or for weekend get-togethers.


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3. Hiware 64 Glass Pitcher with Stainless Steel


We couldn’t have ended this top without mentioning the Hiware 64 Glass. With overall positive reviews from both previous customers and specialized reviewers, this model should definitely make it to your shortlist.

The main feature that makes this product stand out from the countless similar models available on the market is the fact that this item is made from borosilicate glass and therefore capable of withstanding both cold and hot liquids (from 0 to 300℉).

Additionally, when constructed, the manufacturer has used no lead alloy and, thus, the model can be recycled when out of use. Still, when compared to similar units, the product is said to be highly resistant and very thick. What is more, the pitcher has been double-annealed for extra durability.

To make the product easier to wash and more practical, the manufacturer has supplied it with a large mouth. Moreover, this model also comes outfitted with a feasible filter lid that has been made from stainless steel. According to the reviews left by previous buyers, this is a high-quality model that is worth the investment.

Because this unit is made out of glass, the manufacturer of the device recommends that you handle it with precaution to avoid unhappy accidents.


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