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3 Best Home Tortilla Machines – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Home Tortilla Machine + Reviews


If you’re here because you’re searching the best home tortilla machine, you just might get it. Grandma Jen has found an item to recommend to you, the Victoria TOR003 Cast Iron. It has the right quality iron casting and seasoning that a good tortilla press requires to do its job: spread the masa flat and evenly. And that’s thanks to precise sand casting techniques used by the producer. It’s also a tool that doesn’t need a lot of physical work, as the heavy plates will do most of the work by their simple handling. If you’re a fan of tortillas, the stout new design of the handle and the durable material will surely leave you impressed with this traditional tool, produced in Columbia. If the Victoria TOR003 Cast Iron isn’t available right now, then you could turn for help from in the kitchen from the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you’re finding it hard to sift through the many choices available for sale out there, perhaps you should read the following buyer’s guide. It’s packed with all the factors you ought to bear in mind if you’re in the market for such an appliance.


The best home tortilla machine reviews agree that transforming masa in perfectly round and thin baked tortilla wrap in just a few minutes is how people define their idea of effective tortilla machine, but that wasn’t always possible. You had to use your hands to get the expected results. The classic tortilla presses were the first kitchen tool you could get, and they never seem to grow old.

A tortilla press is basically composed of two flat wood, or metal pieces joined together and provided with handles. The ball-shaped dough is placed in the middle of these plates and pressed until you obtain the thin round shape.

The modern tortilla makers are more versatile and provide you not just with the tortilla shape, but with the baked tortilla altogether since they rely on electricity.



The cast iron tortilla press is usually made in Mexico and South America and is considered a traditional version. These are also categorized according to their finish in silver coated, powder coating or unfinished. Those with a coating are painted over to prevent rusting.

They have the downside of being heavy to lift and move around or place anywhere in the pantry. On the other hand, they provide good leverage, and the pressing job is easily dealt with.

Aluminum presses are easy to handle, but you have to use more muscle strength to get the tortillas as thin and stretched as you’d like them to be. You have to be cautious not to exercise too much pressure, or the press might snap.

Believe it or not, there still are wooden tortilla presses, but hey are generally large, bulky instruments that use a lot of storage space and are less easy to clean and maintain.

Stainless steel is mostly used for modern appliances, as well as anti-stick coating, like Teflon. Aluminum is also used, but not for direct contact with the wraps. It’s up to you to decide what materials should the best tortilla machine for home use include.  



The typical, traditional tortilla maker has about 6-8 inches in diameter and, admittedly, it is a perfectly reasonable size for a homemade tortilla. Smaller wraps wouldn’t be useful, while too large sizes would prove more difficult to handle.

On the other hand, if the item is a modern electric one, then perhaps you should look for a bigger size of the plates because of the hundreds of recipes you could try on it.



3 Best Home Tortilla Machines (Updated Reviews) in 2021



1. Victoria TOR003 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press


This is a heavy duty cast iron 8-inch tortilla press weighing about 8 pounds, which allows easy and even pressing. Made in Columbia, this is practically the kind of traditional tortilladora used in Mexico and the South America.

It doesn’t improve your skills in the kitchen but it does wear the air of the traditional cuisine, and that will make you feel better.

The product requires assembling but includes detailed instructions and even an extra screw, so there shouldn’t be any problems.  

The new design has improved the handle for more durability and better leverage, and it’s great to see owner feedback is taken seriously.

The company uses high-quality iron combined with precise sand casting and molding techniques to make sure the plates are perfectly flat and have prolonged durability.

Victoria TOR003 Cast Iron is seasoned with kosher single-source Colombian palm oil at high temperatures to ensure a lasting effect, and that gives the non-stick coating to the press plates.

You can use it to make empanadas, flatbreads, arepas or even tostones. People tried out different sorts of doughs in various flour mixes, and they seem to be having a good time.



This model is made from cast iron, just like traditional tortilla machines that need the extra weight to press each tortilla evenly.

The unit is made in Colombia and abides by all the requirements tortilla makers must have to provide users with outstanding results each time.

The base and the handle have suffered a transformation to become more resistant to wear and tear, and you can rest assured that you will be using the tortilladora for a long time.

The model is delivered with clear instructions on how to use it properly and how to maintain it in good working order.

The tortilla maker comes seasoned with palm oil harvested from the same source in Colombia.



Some reviewers argue that the tortilla maker is too heavy, even if that is a requirement for pressing tortillas evenly, and they also mentioned that the unit seems over-engineered.


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2. Gourmia GBM3400 Electric Flatbread


Quite different from the cast-iron press, this appliance surely is a steep transition to modern cooking. This unit is a tortilla machine of great versatility. It can make and bake tortilla, pita, flatbread, focaccia, pancakes, naan, omelets, and many others. With so many options you’ll never get bored near this kitchen tool.

It features a large 13 in diameter plate that is covered by a vented dome lid. The lid has a special design that helps to make your bakings golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  

Thanks to the increased size of the die-cast plate you have a great variety of recipes you can choose from because you get to decide how to size the cooking area for each of the dishes. The Gourmia GBM3400 Electric offers a non-stick base that’s easy to clean. And for the different recipes, you may be using it gives you a temperature control knob by which you can raise the temperature to as much as 464 degrees.  

The product contains adjustable double thermostats and fuse protector, and that is a good reason to feel comfortable about safety hazards.

Independent testing has been conducted on this item to certify that it meets the published industry standards. This quality check done by the producer is provided by the ETL listing.



This unit is highly versatile, and, because it is electric, it helps with making all kinds of recipes, like omelets, crepes, and of course, a broad range of flatbread varieties.

The dome lid is well vented to allow the exterior of your meals to crisp to perfection; the golden surface thus obtained will make your meals look even more delicious.

The temperature control dial is easy to use and lets you experiment with various recipes for more enjoyable meals.

The base is non-stick and very easy to clean, which means that you will not have to invest a lot of time into maintaining it.

A cook book is included with your purchase, and you will also get an instruction manual to eliminate all the guessing work.



The unit does not come equipped with a timer and an auto shut-off function, which means that you will have to monitor the cooking process.


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3. LavoHome Premium Stainless


The stainless steel makes this small kitchen appliance easy to clean and if you prefer the stainless kitchenware, then you can match it with the rest of your pantry.

It’s also lighter than the Victoria TOR003 Cast Iron or the Gourmia GBM3400 Electric weighing only 1.2 pounds. Having lighter appliances is great for work in the kitchen, although it won’t have the same balance as the heavier tortilla presses because it distributes the weight unevenly.

The unit has an 8-inch non-stick cooking surface that is easy to clean. That means you’ll make tortillas the size of the traditional ones.

It is provided with temperature control dial, and it warms up quickly so that you can reduce the time between preparing the ingredients and getting warm tortillas on the table.

You can try using this device for roti, chapati or naan, at least for the steps that require flattening of the batter.

It also has two indicators, one for ‘power,’ one for ‘ready.’ You won’t have to test the tortillas to know when you pull them out, it will let you know.  

The product has received good reviews, and it’s for sale at a great price, so you can try it out.



This model allows you to make 8-inch tortillas with ease and you will be able to make recipes like those you see in Mexican restaurants at home.

The heating level can be controlled with the help of the special dial installed on the unit so that you can try different recipes.

The cooking surface does not allow food to get stuck on it or get burnt, which means that you will also have less cleaning to do.

The unit comes equipped with indicator lights when it is on and when the cooking surface is hot enough so you can start using it.

The model is made from brushed stainless steel, and it will make an excellent addition to your kitchen.



The instructions don’t seem to be very clear, which can be quite annoying for the person using it. There is some learning curve to deal with.


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