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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Herb Garden Kit + Reviews


If you are searching for the best herb garden kit money can get you but you don’t have the time to do the needed research, this short paragraph should get you clued up. After doing the legwork for you by reading a lot of specialized reviews, we have reached the conclusion that the AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit is the model that you should consider. This product stands out from the myriad of other similar kits because it comes equipped with a system that grows the plants 5 times faster than soil. Additionally, the unit comes fitted with a full spectrum 45-watt LED lighting and an interactive touch screen control panel that provides the user with indications and tips. If the AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit is out of stock, you might want to consider the AeroGarden Harvest 901041-1200.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


There are a lot of difficult choices that one has to make when looking for the best indoor herb garden kit. Because we know how dreadful this task is, we have decided to make the job easier. Therefore, we have composed a list of top features that you should necessarily consider before placing any orders.


How many plants can you grow in the kit?

If you want to end up purchasing the best kitchen herb garden on the market, it is advisable that you check just how many plants one can grow in the product’s pot at once. In accordance with the container’s dimensions, usually, one can plant between 6 and 9 plants at once.

Moreover, take the time to think of what particular herbs you want to grow. When shipped, these types of products contain a selection of seeds that you can plant such as basil, parsley, thyme, mint and much more.  Yet, if you are unhappy with the selection offered by a manufacturer, you should know that you can always purchase extra seeds from specialized sellers.



As you probably already know, plants cannot grow without light. In order to support the herbs’ growing process, producers usually stock these kits with a supplementary lighting system. According to specialized herb garden kit reviews, the best models out there have full spectrum devices that supply the herbs with 20 to 45-watt LED light.

Thanks to this feature, the plants are able to maximize the photosynthesis process that they undergo and, as a result, they grow faster. Consequently, by opting for a model of this type, you can rest assured knowing that you will be provided with a rich harvest in a short period of time.


Additional system characteristics

Last but not least, before settling for the first model that you find up for sale, we suggest that you consider investing in a top-notch system that will help you care for the plants to the best of your abilities.

So, it is crucial that you spend money on a product that comes fitted with a panel that lets you know when to water the plant and when to add the nutrients that help it grow faster and richer. What is more, some of the newer models are actually capable of offering you extra tips and tricks that you might find useful if you are a novice in the art of growing herbs.



3 Best Herb Garden Kits (Updated Reviews) in 2021



To make this process effortless for you, we have put together a list of top quality, reliable products that you should have on your mind before settling a product.



1. AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit


Highly regarded by both previous customers and the specialists the AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit is seen as the go-to product by all those that do not know much about taking care of plants.

In fact, this intuitive model has been specially created to help the buyer grow fresh herbs, greens, vegetables and/or flowers all year round. Moreover, thanks to this soil-free indoor gardening system, your plants will grow five times faster than in normal soil.

In order to achieve this performance, this unit comes outfitted with a high-performance full spectrum 45 watts LED system. Furthermore, the model also contains an interactive touch screen control panel that has been specially crafted to help guide you through the process of growing plants. For instance, this panel is able to remind you to water the pants or add plant food.  

Furthermore, it can automatically turn on and off the lights in order to supply the plants with the required light. Timely tips and in screen helping suggestions are also provided.

When shipped, this 9-pod garden, with a 24-inch extendable lamp arm includes seeds for Genovese basil, Thai basil, Italian parsley, curly parsley, thyme, chives dill, mint as well as 3 oz. of liquid plant nutrients.


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2. AeroGarden 901041-1200 Harvest Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit


Another product that you are likely to enjoy is the AeroGarden Harvest 2015 with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit. This model has a very beautiful design and is regarded as a beautiful, elegant indoor countertop garden.

This unit is capable of delivering you fresh herbs and plants throughout the year with little to no effort on your behalf. Size wise, this model can grow up to six plants at once. However, what makes the unit so revolutionary is the fact that the herbs do not grow in soil but on water.

Furthermore, the kit functions by using a full spectrum 20-watt LED lighting system that aids the growth of the plants so that you are supplied with an abundant harvest at all times. Similarly to the previous model that we have discussed, this unit also has a panel that reminds you to feed/water the herbs.

To do so efficiently, the manufacturer offers its users 3 oz. of patented nutrients that, when used, enable to plants to grow efficiently and healthy. According to the seller, these nutrients will last you an entire season of growth. Besides, those settling for this unit also receive a six pot gourmet herb seed kit that contains cilantro, mint, dill, Thai basil, curly parsley and Genovese basil.


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3. AeroGarden 7 2701-00B LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb


Another smart countertop garden kit that is appreciated by previous buyers is the AeroGarden 7 LED. This unit can grow up to 7 plants at a time. Likewise, because of the technological developments employed in the construction of this product, the plants that it contains grow on water and not on soil.

What is more, this model features a full spectrum 20-watt LED lighting system that aids the plants’ growing process. Another aspect that you might find appealing is the fact that this device comes equipped with a Gourmet Herbs Seed Kit. As the manufacturer guarantees, this kit will deliver fresh, flavorsome herbs for you to use when cooking.

Besides, a smart, easy-to-use control panel is also provided. This panel is designed to create fitting growing conditions for your plants. To do so, the panel turns the lights on and off and lets you know when you have to add water and the specially formulated liquid plant food that is also shipped with the kit.

Last but not least, this product is easy to assemble. To set it up, just insert the seed pots, add water, the plant food and wait for the herbs to grow!


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