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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best 4-Slice Toaster from Hamilton Beach + Reviews


If you are searching for the best Hamilton Beach 4-slice toaster, rest assured as Grandma Jen can help you. She has found that the Hamilton Beach 24810 meets and even exceeds the requirements of most consumers as it comes with a variety of helpful features that can assist you in making the most of your mornings. This unit is a long-slot toaster that allows you to prepare up to four slices at a time. If you’re a fan of frozen bread, you have nothing to worry about as there is a setting available for this purpose exactly. The slots are wide enough for you to utilize both bagels and waffles, should you ever choose to try out a yummy snack or breakfast. If the 24810 is out of stock, rest assured as the second best option might do it for you. The 24121 Cool Touch is almost just as good at doing what it’s supposed to.



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The best Hamilton Beach 4 slice toaster models are products of good thinking, and they are engineered to be a stylish take on a practical kitchen essential. Compact, reliable and attractively designed, the Hamilton Beach toaster line offers variety in revolutionary features, along with reliable durability and uniform, consistent results every time. Here are what make the Hamilton Beach brand of toasters exceptional.

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Advanced Technology

The best Hamilton Beach 4 slice toaster is engineered with advanced technology.

Hamilton Beach toasters are geared to deliver uniform bread cooking results every time. Several of them come with innovative additions such as SureGuard™ shock-resistant heating elements that provide everyone consistent peace of mind. A cool touch housing offers safety. The automatic shutoff feature ensures safety even if you forget to switch the appliance off.


Convenience and Durability

The Hamilton Beach brand has some of the best 4 slice toasters on the market when it comes to ease of use.

They have wide slots that accommodate breads of various thicknesses, along with bagels and slices of homemade bread. Some models have long slots to accommodate several slices at a time, or extra-long slices. The toasters are easy to use, with toast boost that lifts the cooked bread high up for problem-free extraction. A removable crumb tray ensures problem-free cleanup. Levers, toaster mechanisms and buttons are easy to use, and settings are marked clearly as well. Hamilton Beach 4-slice toasters are made durable for lasting use.



Hamilton Beach 4-slice toasters do not just cook bread uniformly. They also have the Reheat feature that lets you reheat cooked bread that has gotten cold. The Keep Warm feature lets you keep cooked bread nicely warm for a few minutes till you’re ready to eat. The Cancel feature lets you stop the cooking cycle when you have to. The Defrost functionality lets you warm frozen bread and toast it with just a single toasting option, eliminating the need to use two different cycles. The Bagel setting gives you perfectly cooked bread by warming the round side and toasting the cut side.

Hamilton Beach 4-slice toasters accommodate not only plain bread but also English muffins, artisan breads and homemade bread.



3 Best 4-Slice Toasters from Hamilton Beach (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The Hamilton Beach brand is acknowledged for quality and exquisite craftsmanship, making the modern kitchen a true haven for culinary pleasure. The brand’s toaster line includes some of the bestselling models of four-slice toasters on the market, just some of which include the following products that you should definitely check out.



1. Hamilton Beach 24810 4-Slice Extra Wide Long Slot


1.Hamilton Beach 24810The Hamilton Beach 24810 4-Slice Toaster sets you free from cold toast thanks to its Keep Warm feature that keeps the cooked bread warm without over-toasting it.

When the toast cycle is complete, you will hear three beeps go off, and then the keep warm mode is activated to hold the food in the slots while keeping it warm for up to three minutes before the system shuts the appliance off automatically. The Defrost button toasts frozen bread items perfectly, so you won’t need to use two different cycles.

The appliance has two long slots made extra-wide as well, so you can toast and warm bagels uniformly, along with artisan breads and English muffins. The shade selector has seven different settings so you can enjoy your toast just the way you like it.

The toasting cycle can be stopped quickly anytime thanks to the Cancel button. The illuminated easy-push buttons offer easy control and use of the toaster. The toaster’s stainless steel sides are designed with a cool wall to provide peace of mind during use.



This Hamilton toaster has a user-friendly feature, ‘keep warm,’ which keeps the bread warm for extra 3 minutes after being toasted.

Specially designed to accommodate even larger bagels or thick slices of bread, the product has extra long and extra wide slots for easy toasting.

There are three options to choose from, bagel, defrost and cancel. For bagels, It is recommended to toast only the cut side. The Defrost option is best suitable for thawing or toasting frozen pastry.

Even if the toaster is plugged in and in use, the outer sides are made from cool-off materials that keep it cold all throughout the toasting process.



Because the cord is located right in front of the product and it is too short, if the toaster is plugged there won’t be space enough to work with the buttons appropriately.

Also, the heating elements inside the toasting slots are implemented sporadically, therefore, the toasting process is not even and the bread results with whiter spots.


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2. Hamilton Beach 24121 Cool Touch Toaster 


2.Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch ToasterThe Hamilton Beach 24121 Cool Touch is geared to deliver multiple toasting functions, so you can prepare breakfast quickly for everyone.

The four slots accommodate thick bread slices so you can cook bread in half the time it would take to use a two-slice model. The appliance has Frozen Bagel and Frozen Toast features that allow you to take frozen bread and bagel straight from the freezer to the toaster for warming and toasting in one easy step, eliminating the need to do two different cooking steps.

The toaster has a Cool Touch exterior that ensures safety during use so you won’t have to fear getting accidentally burned if you touch the housing during operation. The automatic toast boost pushes the cooked bread in the slots high up so you won’t have to pry it loose with your fingers or a kitchen tool and risk electrocution.

The wide 1 ½-inch slots accommodate thick bagels, hand-sliced bread and waffles easily. The crumb tray simplifies cleanup after use, allowing you to clean off bread crumbs and small bits of bread easily.



The two separate control touches allow for different toasting programs to run, at the same time. Plus, each slot has a very convenient crumble tray that can be easily emptied.

Designed for safeness, this toaster has a cool touch exterior that provides secure handling, even when powered on.

The product permits full control because of the automatic toast boost which means that the toast can be popped when the food has reached the desired shade of brown.

One major benefit of this product are the frozen features. ‘Frozen toast’ gives plenty of time for the food to thaw while ‘frozen bagel’ is more suitable for English muffins, bagels, and buns.



Apparently, when plugged the first time, the toaster will emanate a toxic smell. While some users thought this would be a negative aspect, in reality, it is recommended that all electrical appliances, prior to their first use, must be powered on, empty.


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3. Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast


3.Hamilton Beach 24444The Hamilton Beach 24444 Smart Toast Toaster uses advanced technology to make mornings and breakfast preparation easier. It has four smart safety-based features. It has the exclusive SureGuard™ system comprising concealed shock-resistant heating elements that offer peace of mind to the user.

The automatic shutoff feature lets you remove toast that gets jammed in the slots while ensuring your safety. The sides stay cool to the touch, effectively preventing accidental burns and injury. The cool-touch housing also lets you place the toaster near other items on the kitchen countertop without fear of damaging them.

The wide slots take in bagels as well as slices of homemade bread so you can enjoy a variety of food items every time. The toaster offers uniform levels of cooking. It has the Reheat function that re-warms the bread without over-toasting it.

The Defrost feature lets you toast bread direct from the freezer so you won’t need to use two different settings. With the Toast Boost feature, the toaster lets you remove bread from the slots without the need to poke inside the unit.



The design is very sleek, so the unit goes well with other kitchen appliances; the control panel is easy to use.

In case the bread gets stuck between the slots, the product has an automatic shut off feature for safety removal.

All heating elements are secured, and the toaster is made from a very resistant material, that absorbs any eventual shocks.

This toaster can be easily cleaned by simply removing the crumble tray. It is very simple to wash and o handle because of its cool off side walls that don’t heat in the toasting process.

The toast boost feature is a major benefit because it lifts the bread slices higher making more practical and safer for the fingertips.



As mentioned in some buyer’s reviews, the product has a very short electrical cord which is very unpractical.

Also, it takes a very long time for the food to get toasted and the shade of brown is not always even.


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