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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Glass Pitcher + Reviews


If you are seeking the best glass pitcher, but you are too pressed for time, a quick and easy solution would be to take a look at this short paragraph where Grandma Jen tell you everything you need to know. According to customer reviews, expert ratings, and social media activity, the ARC International Quadro is the model that should be first on your list. Made from high-quality materials, this glass pitcher is completely free of lead, and it is safe for your health. The pitcher is made by a company with a long-standing tradition of making glassware, and you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. It is dishwasher safe, which means that you will not have to work hard to clean it after each use. In case the ARC International Quadro is no longer in stock, Grandma Jen’s next suggestion is the Circleware Circles.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


A glass pitcher can come in handy in many different situations, such as serving refreshing drinks at a party or storing your favorite juice in the fridge. A few aspects are important when you go shopping for such an item, so it serves to read as many of the glass pitcher reviews available as possible. If you don’t have the time, just let us share with you what we found after a thorough research.



A solid construction

You will never go wrong with a product made from durable materials and executed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. A glass pitcher must be made from sturdier glass than your regular glassware. While it may not survive a fall on a hard surface, it should not be that easy to break.

Always check to see what kind of materials were used. Some, like Luminarc, are created with sturdiness in mind. Make sure that the glass pitcher is lead-free, too. Lead is often added to make glass more resistant, but if you don’t want to use a potentially hazardous material and have it in contact with what you drink, you should pick lead-free glass.


Beautiful appearance

There are many things you may want to bear in mind when searching a good quality glass pitcher, but let’s just focus on the most critical aspects. That being said, it helps to get a nice looking pitcher, especially if you plan on placing it on the table when you throw your party, and you want to impress your guests.

Also, a beautiful pitcher has another role that you may not suspect at first glance. It can motivate you to use it more often, and that will help you drink healthy juices and more water on a regular basis. As you may well know, hydration is paramount for a healthy life.


The lid

The best glass water filter pitcher usually comes with a unique lid. The water will be kept free of any bacteria and germs, and you can enjoy this healthy everyday beverage anytime. Many glass pitchers on the market, even those without filters come with their own lids, to keep the beverages you enjoy drinking fresh and palatable.



3 Best Glass Pitchers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



You will be able to take your pick of the following products without a glitch. These models are currently available for sale and score high in consumers’ preferences due to their high-quality construction, and other features.



1. Arc International Quadro


If you want a good glass pitcher, the ARC International Quadro should be the first one to take a good look at. It is essential to find a pitcher that can hold as much quantity as you usually like to drink and this jug is designed to serve this purpose. An important aspect to mention is that this model is sold in different capacities, which means that you can quickly take your pick.

Made from Luminarc, a type of material made by Arc, a French company with a long tradition in producing glassware, this model is particularly sturdy and dependable. You don’t have to worry that it will break quickly, and you will have it for a long time.

The lead-free glass used for making it also convinces many buyers that this is an excellent option. The overall appearance of the jug will let you know that this is a sturdy glass pitcher that will not let you down.

Another important aspect worth mentioning is that this is a dishwasher safe model. Once you drank all the juice or water stored in the pitcher, you can simply place it in the dishwasher and let the machine do all the work.


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2. Circleware Circles Carafe Large 8 Cup


This stylish glass pitcher is the optimal solution for serving fresh drinks to your guests when you throw a little party. The circle design makes it look quirky and fun, and it is preferred by many customers who did not hesitate to post raving reviews online. The total capacity of the pitcher is 64 ounces, which means that you will have plenty of your favorite beverage stored safely in the jug.

You can use it every day, as well as each time you organize an event at your house. One great thing about it is that you can also offer it as a gift. It works for absolutely any special occasion, from weddings to Christmas.

The contemporary design has already made many to fall in love with it. While the style may remind you of classic Mediterranean designs for glass pitchers, you can count on the latest technology being involved in its making.

The product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects, so, unlike poor quality glassware that often comes chipped or marred by slight flaws, this one looks perfect out of the box. This glass pitcher will fit like a charm in any kitchen setup.


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3. Hiware HIGP68 68 Ounces Glass Pitcher


The Hiware HIGP68 is made from borosilicate glass, a material designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear, as it does not break easily and it resists high temperatures, too. Most glass pitchers can hold only cold or lukewarm, at best, beverages, but, if you want to keep hot drinks inside a jug, this should be your material of choice.

The overall design might just convince you this is the product you want to buy, if, so far, you are still on the fence. The non-dripping spout prevents any mess, and the ergonomic handle provides a good grip so that you don’t risk dropping the jug by accident.

The model is equipped with a stainless steel filter. This comes in handy for holding tea bags, or fruit pieces, inside, in case you want to enjoy a flavored drink with minimal hassle. The pitcher is made from lead-free materials, so it is safe for human use.

Another good part is the fact that the pitcher is dishwasher safe. The lid can be detached for easy cleaning, and that makes things even more convenient for the user. You can use this glass pitcher for all sorts of beverages, from sangria to tea or ice water.


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