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Best garlic slicer


Garlic slicers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you are in the market for the best garlic slicer available, but you don’t have the time to do the needed research, we are here to help. After going through what the specialists had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the OXO Good Grip is the model that you should invest in. In fact, this top-notch unit features an angled, bidirectional, incredibly sharp blade that can create thin slices of garlic, as well as a food chamber that collects the resulted slices. On top of that, the device comes provided with a soft, comfortable handle that won’t slip away from your hands. If this model is out of stock, feel free to check out the Kitchen Gizmo Press as it contains many practical features that you might also find fitting for your needs. So, go ahead and start shopping!



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a garlic slicer


Picking a good garlic slicer is not a task without its challenges. In order to make a decision, one has to read plenty of specialized reviews and users’ feedback comments. Because we know that you are short on time, we have put together a list of features that you might want to take a good look at before ordering anything.




According to garlic slicers reviews, if you want a dependable model, you should only purchase a product that is considered practical by previous users. By this, we mean that you should pick a device that is effortless to maneuver.

What is more, the model should also be built in such a way so that the risk of you cutting your hands during the slicing process is greatly reduced. Besides, the unit that you choose should have bidirectional blades so that you can cut garlic in a short amount of time.

Another aspect that determines the practicality of a model is its size. From this point of view, smaller, less bulky models are easier to store in between uses.



In order to prepare some great pizza seasoning, one should also invest in a product that is comfortable to use. Therefore, the unit that you purchase should include a non-slip handle made from a soft material.

Besides, using such a model should not necessarily mean that your hands have to get dirty or that they should smell like garlic. So, if you want to avoid having to deal with this, we recommend that you buy a device that comes fitted with features that can 100% protect your hands.


Extra features

Before you order the first product that you can find up for sale, you should also check out whether or not the unit that you want includes extra features. For example, you should know that a highly versatile model might also contain a quality garlic press.

Furthermore, you should only buy models that are dishwasher safe. This is important because this way you can avoid coming in contact with that specific garlic scent that tends to be difficult to get rid of.

Moreover, if a product is made out of more than one component, you should make sure that the pieces are removable so that no debris is accumulated in hard to reach places. Also, these types of products are easier to wash in the dishwasher.



3 Best Garlic Slicers (Reviews) in 2021



If you are determined to get the best slicer for garlic but you are not sure what models are worth your consideration, the following list of items should be just what you need.



1. Oxo Good Grips Garlic Slicer


If you are interested in a brand new slicer that is easy to use and not likely to break quickly, check out the Good Grip model from OXO. This device was made in such a way so that it can cut even and slim garlic slices that are perfect for any recipe. To do so, the model uses a bidirectional stainless steel blade that is very sturdy.

As a plus, this product also includes an integrated food chamber where all the garlic pieces are contained, so that they do not fall directly on the counter. Moreover, because of the textured ramp featured in the design of the unit, the food is not likely to get stuck to it.

To make sure that all its users’ needs are catered for, the manufacturer of the device also supplies its buyers with a very practical food holder that can be used whenever one snaps food horizontally over the blade of the device. Also, because of its small size, this model is easy to store.

Last but not least, this device is highly appreciated by prior buyers because of its ability to deliver paper thin garlic in mere seconds. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your favorite recipes with little to no effort.



We all know that sometimes it may be very difficult to cut the garlic just the way we want it to be cut. This is why this OXO model might help you out in this sense.

As this slicer has a bidirectional stainless steel blade, it is capable of cutting slim garlic slices that will be perfect for any recipe.

To make it even easier and more comfortable for you, there is also a place where the garlic pieces fall, so that your kitchen does not get messy while you’re slicing the garlic.

More than that, it takes up to several seconds for the garlic to be entirely cut.

The item is durable, convenient, and easy to use, and it raises no technical difficulties.



If you have kids at home, you may want to consider buying a storage box for this slicer, because the blade remains exposed – this may be risky for both you and your kids.


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2. Kitchen Gizmo Garlic Press Innovative 3-in-1 Garlic Cube


Another item that you might also like is this press made by Kitchen Gizmo. This product stands out because it includes plenty of features that most similar counterparts do not. For instance, this unit has a three-in-one design that allows its buyers to prepare garlic in no less than three ways.

For one, you can use the item to transform garlic cloves into small slices with minimal effort. Then, you can utilize the product to dice garlic into small cubes and to even mince it. As a plus, you can do all of that without having to touch the cloves and, thus, to contaminate your hands with the easily-recognizable smell of garlic.

Apart from being capable of slicing, crushing, and chopping garlic, the model is preferred by many because of its easy-to-clean design. Even more so, this product is made up of removable parts that allow you to take the entire model apart for a thorough cleaning.

Besides, it is worth knowing that this model is dishwasher safe. Thus, you won’t have to do the cleaning by hand! Lastly, the product is made from a BPA-free material. Consequently, it is safe to use when preparing food.



The uniqueness of this model consists of its three-in-one design which will offer you the possibility to cut the garlic in three original ways, making it perfect for various types of dishes.

You will be able to cut the garlic into small pieces, into small cubes and you will even be able to mince it.

On top of everything, you will not be struggling with washing this kitchen tool, because its parts can be removed in order to be properly cleaned.

Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe, in case you do not want to lose time washing it by hand.

All in all, the Kitchen Gizmo Press is a budget-friendly and entirely usable slicer for garlic.



If you are looking for a garlic slicer that will make it possible for you to slice the garlic without peeling it, then this item may not be the perfect choice for you.


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3. GiniHome Press Garlic Press-50 Pack Easy to Clean


If you want a highly feasible device that has been vetted by previous users, we recommend that you take a good look at the GiniHome 2 in 1 Press & Slicer. According to its manufacturer, this model features two large cells that can be used separately when mincing or slicing garlic.

Moreover, the unit comes supplied with an additional peeler and cleaner that you are certainly going to appreciate. Given these features, you will no longer find it difficult to clean and slice garlic whenever you have to cook using this ingredient.

Furthermore, the product is made from high-quality aluminum, and it has a beautiful design that includes a matte texture that completely covers the unit. Besides, the model is not difficult to operate, and it has a comfortable handle for added convenience. To do so, one has to put the peeled garlic in and then simply press.

Overall the model measures 7.7 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches, and it has a total weight of 9.3 oz. Although the device is dishwasher safe, some previous buyers have pointed out that, when placed in a dishwasher, this model tends to lose its original colors. Because of this, it is best to clean it by hand by using soapy warm water.



As this model has two large cells that are used for mincing or slicing the garlic, it is very handy and easy to use.

In addition to that, o make it even easier for you to use the tool, GiniHome offers you an item that is also equipped with an additional peeler and cleaner.

This slicer is made of durable aluminum and is described as having a matte texture that makes the model even more fashionable.

The non-slip handles will offer you the possibility to comfortably use the slicer, without much trouble.

It takes little to no effort to use this kitchen tool, unlike some of the other products available in the same line.



The aluminum could be affected by high heat, and so it might be a good idea to avoid using the dishwasher for cleaning it.


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