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Best French Crepe Maker


French crepe makers – Ratings & Informative guide


Do you love French crepes, but finding the best French crepe maker proves troublesome, since you are too busy to run a thorough research? Grandma Jen jumps to the rescue with this clear and to the point paragraph that tells you everything there is to know. For making delicious French crepes, the CucinaPro 1448 seems to be the model on top of all the competition. The five temperature settings available put you in control so that your crepes and blintzes are always cooked to perfection. The non-stick cooking plate makes cleaning a breeze and prevents any mishaps in the kitchen. The unit is very stable, due to its rubber feet that keep it in place on any surface, especially your kitchen counter. If it happens that the CucinaPro 1448 runs out of stock, Grandma Jen considers the CucinaPro 1447 your next best choice.



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French crepes are tasty, simple or sophisticated, and they can offer you a flavor of Paris like no other dish. The best news is that you can make these at home, with the help of a crepe maker. By reading through the French crepe maker reviews available from users and experts, we created this buying guide that will help you identify the best unit and start making tasty French crepes at home.

A.1 Best french crepe maker

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a French crepe maker:


Gas or electric?

French crepe makers come in two major categories: those operating on gas and those operating on an electric source. Each of them has its own fair share of advantages, so learning a bit about them helps. Gas powered crepe makers are known to heat up more quickly, so they are great for making crepes the fast way. However, they need to be connected to a gas source, so moving them around is not possible. Electric crepe makers, on the other hand, are more convenient, because you can simply unplug them and carry them around, even when you travel to great distances.


Griddle size

One aspect you may be interested in when shopping for French crepe makers is griddle size. Basically, depending on how large you want your crepes to be, you can choose a larger or smaller size. 15-16 inch griddles are a good choice for commercial use, but for home use, a smaller, 12-13 inch model may be a better fit. There are even 7-8 inch models that you will surely love.



It is important to learn what materials are used in the making of your French crepe maker. The best models are designed with a casing made of stainless steel that is easy to clean and it is also a guarantee for durability. Usually, models made for commercial use are designed with stainless steel casings. However, if you are looking for a more lightweight version, you will find models made with plastic casings that are more portable. The cooking surface should be made of cast iron, because of the great heating properties of this material. When you are making crepes, you need to make sure that the cooking surface is heated evenly, or otherwise they will turn too burnt in spots and insufficiently cooked in others. Cast iron is also non-stick and easy to clean.

Now that you know more about these cooking devices, it is time to meet the best French crepe makers now available on the market.



3 Best French Crepe Makers (Reviews) in 2021



1. Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle Electric Crepe Pan


Forget everything you thought you knew about making pancakes and crepes and prepare to be amazed by this wonderful CucinaPro Crepe maker. The product is listed at a very affordable price and will certainly make the perfect addition to any kitchen, no matter its dimensions or style.

This item features a cooking surface of 12-inch, sufficient for extra large-sized portions of delicious crepes. On the other hand, the overall small dimensions of the product make it compact and easy to store even in the smallest storage places or kitchens. It was made from lightweight yet durable and strong materials, meaning it will not wear off or break easily.

The CucinaPro crepe maker comes equipped with five different temperature settings to allow an even cooking on both sides and different levels of crisp. In other words, no matter your personal preferences, you will get to enjoy perfectly cooked crisps day after day.

This item also ships with a batter spread for creating ultra-thin crepes, as well as a recipe book to try out different things.

The On/Off ready light lets you know when the product has heated completely and is ready to use, while the rubber feet add extra stability and support, and protect sensitive structures from scratch.



The product is sold for a very convenient price, making it one of the best available options in its product category. No matter the retailer and the listed price, we suggest choosing this product if you want perfectly made crepes in the morning.

The aluminum plate can also be used as a grinder to provide a wide variety of cooking options for plenty of foods. Cook eggs, omelets, thicker pancakes, and even use it for frying bacon or veggies for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

The product can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth, meaning you won’t have to rub it or spend too much time cleaning the product. It takes you only 1-2 minutes to clean it once you are done using it.



Some of the customers claimed the product came in an unsealed box, with missing accessories and no shipping box. Other customers claimed the product is made from cheap materials, meaning it won’t be useful for long-term use.


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2. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker 1447 Free Recipe Guide


2.CucinaPro Cordless Crepe MakerAnother great unit you should consider when you want to start making French crepes at home is the CucinaPro 1447. The 7.5 inch cooking surface allows you to make small delicate crepes and enjoy them in the morning or for lunch. The model is really easy to use, since all you have to do is to plug the machine in and wait very little for it to heat up.

After that, spread the batter on the cooking surface and watch it as it cooks to perfect crispiness. You will known when the surface is hot enough to start pouring batter because of the ready indicator light present on the casing.

Accessories are included with your purchase for maximum convenience. A batter spreader and a dipping plate help you achieve the most exquisite thinness for your crepes that will be as delicate as the ones they serve in French restaurants.

You will be happy to find that a complete set of instructions and a booklet with recipes is readily provided with your purchase, so you can start making crepes right away. The electric base comes with a cord wrap, so you can conveniently store away the crepe maker when not in use, without making unnecessary clutter.



The CucinaPro is exceptionally easy to use thanks to its small size, accessible on and off switch and a signaling light that lets you know when the pan is ready for cooking

It can be easily moved around during cooking thanks to its cordless feature. This is especially important since it allows you to turn the French crepes by flipping.

The nonstick surface makes it especially easy to clean after use, with a summary dry wiping being enough. It also makes it easier for the crepes to slide off the pan, so you won’t have to bother with a spatula.  

The CucinaPro comes packaged together with two bonus accessories: a batter spreader and a recipe booklet.  



The CucinaPro is a little tiny at just 7 and a half inches, but it makes up for it by being remarkably easy to handle.


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3. Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker


3. Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe MakerMaking crepes is really easy when using the Tibos. The 13 inch griddle is ideal for making medium size crepes that will melt in your mouth.

No matter what kind of crepes you want to make, sweet or savory, this simple, straightforward unit is the answer. The included batter spreader will allow you to smooth the batter down to perfection, so your crepes will be even and delicious.

You can easily achieve the desired crispiness without any problems. This unit is designed for home use, and you will be able to make any kind of crepe recipe once you get this little beauty in your home.

The crepe maker is designed to deliver exceptional performance and quality, on par with the culinary equipment they use in France for making these delicious treats. The cooking surface is non-stick, so you will experience no mishaps when you are using it.

The surface is easy to wipe clean, and it does not require any kind of extensive care and maintenance. A booklet with instructions and recipes is readily provided, so even if you have no idea about making crepes, you can start the moment you have the crepe maker delivered to your door.



Intended exclusively for home use by the manufacturer, the Tibos comes with everything you’d want for delicious home-made crepes

It’s accompanied by a batter spreader to assure your crepes will be nice and thin; a unique wooden pallet for turning and a recipe booklet for new things to try out

With 13 inches in diameter, the cooking plate comes at a very good size for the price range. The fact that it has flat edges facilitates pancake removal.

It also has a non-stick coating which helps with crepe turning and facilitates cleaning.

The temperature dial with eight settings will help you get the heat just right for your favorite crepe.



Some units have been known to have thermostat problems, so make sure to go for a warranty.


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Unavailable products


Eurolux Original French Style


1.Eurolux Original French Style 12 Inch Electric GriddleIf you are looking for a unit with a vintage French crepe maker look, the Eurolux Original French Style is just what you are looking for. Its stylish appearance is not the only thing that recommends it, though. The 12 inch cooking surface helps you make delicate crepes fast and easy. With 5 different temperature settings, you will be able to play around with various ideas and recipes, for the perfect texture and crispiness.

Great accessories are included, such as a batter spreader. After pouring the batter on the griddle, you just use the batter spreader to even out the thickness, for perfect results, like the ones you see in restaurants.

You can make other delicious treats using this crepe maker, such as blintzes, pancakes and even cook bacon and other breakfast ingredients on it. The aluminum plate heats up quickly, and, when it comes to cleaning, you only need to wipe it. You will know when the cooking surface is ready to use, due to the available indicator light. The model comes with rubber feet that does not allow the unit to slip from the countertop. Cooking crepes has never been simpler than when using this model rightfully named the best French crepe makers by consumers.