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Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, and Grandma Jen knows it best. She, along with her family and her darling nephews, have come up with a list of blogs that are truly useful for anyone who’d like to learn more about home cooking and make the most of simple ingredients in the most creative way possible.

We’ve also made sure to include several blogs that are packed with advice on how you can live a healthy and wholesome life just by avoiding takeout and starting to cook your meals at home. Meal prepping is another topic tackled by some of the amazing blogs that we have selected for your consideration.

We value content creators that help their audience live better and healthier. To put it simply, these are the best cooking blogs (in our opinion).


Best blogs you shouldn’t miss as a food aficionado!



Ginger with Spice

This incredibly visually appealing blog makes it super simple for folks that have little to no time to do their cooking. Many of the recipes will assist you in crafting mini culinary masterpieces with as little effort and in a timely fashion. Check out the recipes for guacamole, chicken burger, Mexican fried rice, and the beautiful 11 refreshing whiskey cocktails created in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Easy and delicious recipes
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Tips on making your own spice mixes





Mani manages this wonderful food blog that was born in the United States and is now growing in Canada. She is a wife, mother, and IT Business Solution Consultant, but she’s also a food lover — which is easy to see from how she writes about what she whips up in the kitchen. If you’re a foodie and know your way around a kitchen, you can even contribute to the blog.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Life-good reads
  • Hundreds of recipes
  • Healthy snacks




Chitra’s Food Book

This is a vegetarian blog managed by the wonderful Chitra, who lives in India (Bangalore). That’s why many of the recipes you’ll see showcased here have a strong (and yummy) Indian influence. Depending on what you are craving or have in the fridge, you can make anything from chutney to mango dishes. Check out the Bachelor’s Recipes section if you live alone.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Practical recipes for everyone
  • Amazing dinner ideas for Indian food lovers
  • Lunch menu and party ideas





If you would like to know what restaurant you should try out next and which one you should steer clear of, then it’s high time you checked out this blog. The reviews are amazing, and so are the pictures. It is a delight to just have the opportunity to look at the photos that the author has taken of the delicacies created by the chefs.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Restaurant reviews
  • Luxury travel
  • Guides for going on a cruise




Dining Devon

This non-profit food blog is the perfect place to check out reviews of cafes and restaurants throughout the Devon area. You’ll also find plenty of product reviews, interviews with foodie heroes and lots of coverages of food festivals if you take the time to browse through the posts published here. Best of all? Everyone on the team truly loves food.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Devon foodie news and events
  • Recipes
  • Clubs, hotels, and child-friendly places reviewed





The author of this blog, Adele, is a 100% foodie as she loves to eat good food, is a wine enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed gin guru, too. She’s also a painter and an event manager that always plans her holidays around the food she’s going to eat. Adele also enjoys putting together reviews of the restaurants she has been to.

3 reasons to visit: 

  • Recipes for afternoon tea, breakfast, dinner, and everything else
  • Find out where you should consider eating out
  • Events and competitions


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