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10 Best Flour Sifters – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Flour Sifter + Reviews


If you want the best flour sifter, you’ve come to the right place, as this paragraph will offer you all the information you need for an excellent choice. According to our team of experts, the number one model that should comfortably sit at the top of your list is the Epica Products Bellemain Flour Sifter. With measurements stamped both on the inside and the outside, you can quickly measure the quantity of flour you need for your recipes. Due to the hand-cranked design, you will be able to sift as much flour as you need with minimum effort. Since there are not multiple layers of mesh used in its construction, cleaning will also be a breeze. In the off-chance that you can’t find this model in the stores or online anymore, the second recommendation we have lined up for you is the NPYPQ Stainless Steel Flour Sifter.



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10 Best Flour Sifters (Updated Reviews) in 2021



When looking for a flour sifter, there are so many models to choose from that it is easy to become overwhelmed. To help you decide, we offer you below a list of the most popular products currently available. One of them might be right up your alley.



1. Epica Products Bellemain Flour Sifter


From all the flour sifter reviews written by experts and users alike, you can quickly gauge that one model appears to be on top of others. The name of this product is the Epica Products Bellemain Flour Sifter, and its particular ease of use makes it a star in its own right. The structure of this model is lightweight, which makes it easy to operate.

While we talk about ease of operation, it must be mentioned that this is a hand-cranked model that comes equipped with a single mesh. Simplicity is one of the most significant advantages of this product, and you will like how easy it is to wash it once you finished working with it.

It holds 3 cups of flour, which can be right in the ballpark for most of your recipes. The measurement guides printed on the inside and the outside offer extra convenience and make your job in the kitchen easier.



With the help of the double loop agitator, this sifter makes sure that you won’t get lumps of flour stuck to the sides and the bottom, which means that it’s an efficient tool.

The classic design that comes with a hand crank makes the operation more comfortable than when using a hand squeeze model.

A single mess is part of the construction of this model, and that means that you will have less to clean once you must wash all your utensils.

You will also like that the sifter is lightweight, and that means that you will be able to manipulate it with excellent ease all the time.



The material used is stainless steel, but it is, however, on the thin side, which might be a choice of the manufacturer to make it lightweight; still, it might appear a little flimsy due to this decision.

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2. Npypq Stainless Steel Flour Sifter


While looking around for a stainless steel flour sifter, make sure that you give this one some consideration, as it is all worthy of it. From first glance, you will surely love the mirror-polished design that makes it look like a premium product without the price tag.

To get the flour sifted, you only have to press on the handle the sifter comes equipped with. This type of design is a bit different from hand-cranked models and requires even less effort on your part. What is great about this model is that it deals with flours of various types, as well as powders, which should also be sifted where needed.

The full capacity of this sifter is 4 cups, so you have plenty of leeway when choosing recipes. When you use it, you will notice that it takes about one minute and a half to sift one cup of flour, which is a decent performance for this type of utensil.



This sifter is made from stainless steel, a material recommended for kitchen utensils, as it doesn’t catch rust quickly, and it is also easy to clean.

You may enjoy the fact that it has a big capacity, at 4 cups, more than the vast majority of sifters currently available.

If you want to use it to sift cocoa powder or almond powder, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that it does its job without a glitch, just when sifting flour.

The double-layer mesh does a great job at filtering impurities so that you can rest assured that the ingredients you use are top-notch.

Its beautiful appearance might be another winning point in its favor.



Be aware of some sharp edges that might be the result of a not so stellar finishing on this particular sifter.

It might not be significantly faster than hand-cranked models on the market.

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3. Natizo Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Sifter


Flour lumps can be a real hassle when you try to prepare light cakes that require that this ingredient is entirely free of them and also easy to expand. To get rid of them, you need a good sifter, and this model ticks all the boxes.

It works with multiple ingredients, not just flour, allowing you to improve the texture and taste of your baked goods. For cakes, pastry, and cookies that melt in your mouth and are light and delicate, use this sifter that can work with icing sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and other similar ingredients, with the same efficiency.

You will like the fact that this model comes with a hand crank and a 2-wire agitator. Together, these features make the sifter comfortable to use, and the result will be to your liking. All the parts are made from stainless steel, which makes cleaning a breeze.



You will be able to get rid of all the flour lumps when using this sifter so that all your cakes, cookies, and pastry are fine and delicate.

As it is operated by a hand crank, this model is easy to use, and also fast, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time with this stage of food preparation.

Because it is made from stainless steel, it is easy to wash, and, as long as you make sure to dry it fast, it will hold for a long time.

With the help of its 2-wire agitator, this kitchen appliance makes sure that you can sift cocoa powder, baking powder, icing sugar, and other similar ingredients with ease.



The lids are a bit loose, so they are not particularly convenient and useful.

You should avoid putting too much flour in, as the excess might start rising on the sides, and you’ll end up making a huge mess in your kitchen.

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4. ChefGiant Flour Sifter 8 Cup


Should you ever find yourself in the position of needing a large flour sifter, this model is sure to meet your requirements. It is rare that you find a sifter with a capacity of 8 cups, as most models on the market can usually hold 3 or 4 cups. When you need to cook recipes that require large quantities of flour, it is obvious why such a choice is recommended.

You will like other things about this model, as well. For instance, the stainless steel used for its construction does well when used in the kitchen, as rust and corrosion are not issues for it. The polished housing makes it stand out, and you will appreciate having a nice looking sifter like this one.

Equipped with a hand crank, it is a solution to consider when you want to sift flour efficiently. The beater has chrome plating covering it, for extra sturdiness, and the wire reinforcement adds durability, as well.



Use this sifter to eliminate unsightly lumps from flour, sugar, baking powder, and many other ingredients that can help your baked goods end up fluffy, delicate, and extra delicious.

Because of its high capacity, it can be used efficiently for recipes that require you to sift large amounts of flour.

The small weave mesh makes sure that no impurities will remain in your flour, and also help it to aerate well for excellent results.

Although it has a large capacity, especially when compared to other models on the market, this sifter has a compact design, and it will look great on your kitchen counter.



The rotating blades are not great at picking up all the flour from the sides and the bottom, so you might have to shake the sifter from time to time to make the excess stuck there come loose.

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5. McoMce Stainless Steel Sifter


You can expect this sifter to be quite sturdy due to its stainless steel construction and the wood knob handle that also gives it a nice appearance that many home cooks will surely appreciate. Because it resists rust and corrosion, and it doesn’t retain bacteria as other materials do, the stainless steel construction is ideal for kitchen use.

In case you want to use it as a shaker for powder sugar, you can do that, too. It deals well with flours and powders, which means that you can trust that your recipes will end up delicate, fluffy, and also tasty. The measurements are stamped on the surface, and you will be able to decide quickly if you put enough flour inside.

With the help of the hand crank, you will manage to operate it quite comfortably. Whenever you have to give your baked goods a bit of light dusting of cocoa or sugar, you can do so with excellent ease.



It comes with a single mesh, which makes cleaning a breeze, and adds value to a product that’s already satisfactory.

The measurement guides are stamped on the stainless steel construction, and you will be able to read them easily when you add flour to the sifter.

You will like how easy it is to use this as a sugar shaker when you want to add some light dusting to your baked goods.

Overall, cleaning the sifter is easy, as the stainless steel construction guarantees that; also, it doesn’t get dirty quickly, so you will find the entire process a breeze.

Sponge cakes, pastry that require a fluffy texture, and cookies that melt in your mouth, are easy to prepare when you use this sifter for your flour.



Being a hand-cranked model, it offers some advantages, but you might find the handle to be not as smooth as desired when operated.

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6. MaMix Stainless Steel Flour Sifter


Not everyone needs a large sifter for their cooking, and that is why this small flour sifter is worth mentioning here. The MaMix Stainless Steel Flour Sifter has a capacity of 3 cups, and you will find that it can accommodate many recipes and their need for flour without a glitch.

Equipped with a fine mesh, it makes sure that your flour aerates well so that, when cooked, expands and creates delicate textures for your pastry and other baked goods. To create perfect desserts, not many things are as important as having a good quality sifter, like this one.

You will like the lightweight construction that allows you to use it comfortably and without straining your arms. When you need to dust your cookies with a bit of powder sugar, you can also use this model. Also, the classic crank construction makes it a real breeze when you need to sift flour or other ingredients.



The 3-cup capacity is ideal for many sifting tasks, so you may find it just what you need for your cookies and other baked goods.

You will love how smoothly the hand crank works, something that could be an issue with other similar models on the market.

As it uses a 2-wire agitator and a mesh screen, you can expect the flour or other ingredients to be well aerated, something that will help with the texture of your pastry.

This green sifter will make a cute addition to your kitchen, and many people consider it to be among the most attractive sifters currently available.



To avoid rust from affecting the inside of the sifter, you need to be religious about washing and drying it immediately after use.

It doesn’t have as large a capacity as other models, and that is something to bear in mind when making a choice.

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7. Norpro 3 Cup Flour Sifter


Do you want a 3-cup sifter that gets the job done? The Norpro 3-Cup Flour Sifter is an optimal choice due to its many advantages. For instance, it has a stainless steel construction, which means that it won’t break your back when you must clean it. Make sure that you dry it thoroughly, and you will see that this sifter will serve you for years without a glitch.

Operated by a hand crank, it is the type of kitchen utensil that will make you more eager to bake pastry and other goods, as it makes obtaining the desired texture such an easy process. You won’t waste any flour, as the 2-wire agitator will not allow the main ingredient of your recipes to remain stuck to the walls of the sifter.

Use it as an icing sugar shaker when needed, as it deals well with powders, just as with flours. Seeing how versatile it is, you will surely find room in your kitchen for it.



While it may look old fashioned, this sifter is as efficient as the model your grandmother used when baking cookies for you in your childhood.

Because of the 2-wire agitator, there will be no flour lumps to worry about, and you will not waste any of this ingredient, either.

Use the measurement guides on the inside and outside of the sifter to make sure that your recipes end up exactly how you want them.

It is a versatile model that deals well with both flours and powders, and you will, therefore, be able to use it for various recipes, such as sponge cake.



The mesh doesn’t allow the finest sifted flour to be produced, so you might want to bear that in mind for your recipes.

You may also find the label on the side to be challenging to remove as it is attached to the sifter with a strong adhesive.

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8. Astra Gourmet Stainless Steel Flour Sifter


When you use this sifter, you will get perfect results, as it manages to eliminate all the lumps from your flour and also aerates, a process necessary when you want to obtain delicate pastry, cakes, and cookies. Your guests will be impressed with the improved quality of your baked goods, and you will be pleased with how easy you can achieve such results.

As it uses stainless steel as the primary material for its construction, you can expect it to behave well in the kitchen, and also for cleaning to be a real breeze. Stainless steel is often used for kitchen utensils for the simple fact that it doesn’t retain bacteria, and it doesn’t rust and corrode.

Also, it is equipped with a fine mesh that ensures that you will be able to keep all the impurities at bay so that you don’t have to worry about them getting in your baked goods.



It is a reasonably sized sifter that will do any sifting task with excellent ease so that you don’t have to work hard.

Due to its stainless steel construction, cleaning is a breeze, and you will like the fact that you don’t have to worry about bacteria growing inside the sifter.

As it aerates the flour well, you will discover that it’s a walk in the park to get delicate pastry, angel cake, sponge cake, and many other recipes that require such a thing as a vital part of the preparation.

It has a classical design and comes equipped with a hand crank that allows you to sift all the flour you want efficiently.



From time to time, you will need to give it a little shake to help the excess stuck to the sides to come loose and get sifted, as well.

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9. Baskchurui Hand held Squeeze Flour Sifter


From first glance, you will like this sifter, as it is designed to make a good impression. Its polished stainless steel construction will look great on any kitchen counter. Besides looks, such a design has a practical purpose, as it doesn’t rust, and it doesn’t scratch easily.

The handle has a nice silicone inlay that makes it non-slip and comfortable to use. When you operate the handle, you will love how smoothly it works and also how it feels in your hand. Any flour sifter review referring to this model must mention this part of its construction as an essential advantage.

You only need to squeeze the handle, and the spring will start working so that you obtain aerated flour, free of impurities in no time. Due to its simplicity, this model has already conquered many hearts, and plenty of home cooks use it.



The stainless steel material used for this sifter is highly resistant to scratches and other damage, so you will be able to use it for a long time without a problem.

You will notice right away the silicone inlay on the handle that makes it an ergonomic choice for anyone preoccupied with such aspects.

When you must operate it, all that is required of you is to squeeze the trigger, and the utensil will start doing its job, offering results in no time.

Its one-hand operation makes it an excellent pick for home cooks who value convenience and ease of use above all else.



Pay extra attention to the capacity of this sifter, as it may be smaller than what you might want in such a kitchen appliance.

Washing it requires quite a bit of effort for the sole reason that some flour can get stuck at the bottom.

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10. Baskchurui Flour Sifter for Baking


Another model from Baskchurui that makes it to our list is this flour sifter, ideal for baked goods. As you may well know, there are plenty of recipes that require you to use well-aerated flour so that you can obtain a fluffy, delicate texture. All the pastry, as well as many cakes and cookies,  have such a requirement.

You will find this durable sifter to be ideal for your kitchen, as it is made from 304 thickened stainless steel. This material is known to be the optimal choice for your kitchen, as it doesn’t rust or corrode, and can also be washed easily. It is worth noting that the material is thickened, so you won’t get from this sifter the same cheap vibe as from other models.

Even the mesh bottom and the loop with hook are made from stainless steel, which means that you can expect consistent quality all around.



The polished surface of the stainless steel housing makes a great first impression, so you will be more than pleased with its looks, and you will easily find a place for it in your kitchen.

Use this for flours and powders with excellent ease, as its versatility allows it, and you won’t have any issues with cocoa powder, sugar, millet powder, and many other similar ingredients.

Its operation is straightforward, as you only need to shake it to ensure that the flour gets on the other side aerated adequately for various baked goods.

The mesh bottom is made from stainless steel, as well, which is a great thing, seeing how this model is so easy to wash and maintain.



It’s not the easiest to use sifter, due to its small size.

The fine mesh also makes the sifting process long, which means that it’s not the most recommended tool for people with little time on their hands.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Flour is the main ingredient in many pastry recipes, as well as cakes and cookies. Many other recipes require flour, but desserts tend to be more pretentious and want the flour you use to be correctly aerated so that their texture is fine and delicate. To make sure that happens, you need a flour sifter. To get the right one, heed our advice in this guide.



What types of sifters exist?

One question you may want to learn the answer for right away is this one. You can always get an electric flour sifter, and that obviously comes with its fair share of advantages, but you should know that most home cooks prefer the ability to use their hands when preparing the flour for their pastry. That’s why hand-cranked models are so popular.

There are also versions when you need to press a handle or squeeze a trigger, and there are even models that only require you to shake the sifter. The latter is a low-tech version that offers smooth operation and hassle-free cleaning. The idea is that you should consider the type that gives you the most.

For instance, hand-cranked models offer the advantage that they don’t rely on electricity and also are fun to use. You can also expect that an affordable flour sifter to fall in this category, as even the most efficient and popular models come with a more than acceptable price tag.


What materials are used for the sifter and its components?

There is only one correct answer here, and the chances are that you already know it. When working in the kitchen, the utensils and devices you use should be made of stainless steel. This material is resistant to wear and tear, and when something is manufactured well and from stainless steel of decent quality, you can expect it to last for a long time.

There is another advantage that stainless steel has over other metals and materials. It is impervious to bacteria, and won’t allow it to grow on it, something to bear in mind when you want to ensure that your kitchen is sparkling clean after you’re done with the cooking.

Maybe you don’t expect a cheap flour sifter to have good quality stainless steel in its construction, but there are quite a few popular models on the market that beg to differ. So, when you should around, the thicker and better quality the stainless steel used for a sifter, the better.


How many cups of flour can it hold?

Depending on what recipes you want to prepare, you might need more or less flour. Sifters of 3-cup capacity are a common category on the market, so you won’t feel hard-pressed to find such a model. However, you should be aware that, for recipes that require a lot of flour, you should adjust your pretentions from your sifter, as well.

You should know that there are even models that can hold up to 8 cups of flour, so you have enough to choose from. Also, it would be a nice touch to have the measurements printed or stamped on both the inside and outside of the sifter so that you can use it for many different recipes. Some manufacturers also list the capacity in ounces and other details so that you have a clear image of how much flour the sifters can handle.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a flour sifter, and how do I use it?

A flour sifter is a pretty handy kitchen utensil that will help you aerate the flour you need for your recipes. It usually looks like a tall cylinder and comes with a mesh on the bottom. Some models are wider than taller, but their principle is the same. You pour inside the quantity of flour required for your recipe, making sure that you don’t overload the sifter.

Then, depending on the type of design you have at your disposal, you either begin to shake it or operate the crank or squeeze the trigger. Don’t forget to have a bowl readily available, as this operation should be performed over it so that all the flour is caught and stored there for immediate use.

This process of aerating the flour has another purpose. It can also help you get rid of the impurities sometimes present in flour, which may affect the taste of your desserts.



Q: How do I clean my flour sifter?

Once you are done sifting your flour, here comes the less pleasant part of using one, which is to clean it so that you can store it away until the next time you bake cookies. As the manufacturers try to make the sifters they sell more and more comfortable to use, there is also an effort to make them quicker to clean.

The thing with flour sifters is that they can get flour stuck in the fine mesh at the bottom, and some lumps of flour can also adhere to the sides, which might make the entire process of cleaning them difficult. That is why you should first shake the excess flour as much as you can.

After that, you should wash the sifter with plenty of water and dishwashing soap. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly. In case you have a stainless steel model, you might also try to use the dishwasher for this task.


Q: What is the purpose of sifting flour?

Sifting flour is a process often required when baking because of some specific advantages it offers. For starters, it is a good idea to sift flour as it will eliminate all the lumps. Even if you make a recipe that doesn’t require sifting, in particular, you should know that lump-free flour can work wonders for the consistency of your baked goods.

Some recipes want you to sift the flour you use for your baked goods, sometimes even multiple times. What’s the deal with these recipes? You may wonder. The thing is that delicate pastry, as well as sponge cake, and other cakes and cookies, require you to aerate the flour a lot so that you can obtain that perfect texture.

Also, sifted flour combines better with other ingredients when it captures enough air between its particles. You are more likely to obtain a perfect result when you use sifted flour than when you don’t go through this stage of food preparation.