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What is the best 4-slice toaster from Faberware in 2021?


1.Farberware 4-slice Toaster


The good

Featuring 4 extra wide slots and separate controls, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best Faberware 4 slice toaster.

This 4 slice toaster features a durable stainless steel construction that is easy to clean, and it is also backed by a limited warranty.

Designed to be easy and convenient to use, this toaster will make it possible for busy families eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning.

With plenty of functions for browning different breads and frozen breakfast items, along with several shade settings, this model makes it easy for everyone to enjoy perfect toast every time.

You will appreciate the convenient extra features that are included with this surprisingly affordable toaster.


The bad

There have been mentions that this model might take longer to toast certain items, but this is usually due to the thickness of the bread and selected shade setting, and not an issue with the toaster’s performance.

Some consumers have noted that this toast can brown bread unevenly, but most performance problems are usually covered with the included product warranty.


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My opinion on this product


Often considered the best Faberware 4 slice toaster, you will appreciate the extra wide slots that can easily accommodate thick sliced bread and hearty bagels. The two sets of slots each feature its own set of controls so more than one person can use the toaster at the same time. You can toast sliced bread in one set of slots and bagels in the other, and even adjust the browning shades to meet individual preferences.

A.1 Farberware 4 slice toaster

This 4 slice toaster features a durable stainless steel construction that is designed to last through years of constant use. The internal heating elements are placed to ensure even browning, and are protected by the stainless steel housing. The sturdy casing is resistant to rust and corrosion and you will appreciate how easy it is to wipe clean. The toaster’s sleek design also blends in beautifully with most kitchen decors, including modern and industrial chic styles. As an added bonus, this well built 4 slice toaster also comes with a limited two year warranty.


You will appreciate how easy this 4 slice toaster is to use, and keep looking like new. The metal casing is easy to wipe clean, and you will appreciate the two removable crumb trays. The trays simply slide out for convenient emptying, and there is one for each side of the toaster. The one touch buttons are clearly labeled, and the convenient lever makes it easy to adjust the browning shades. Easy to use and maintain, this might be exactly what you need to ensure everyone eats a healthy breakfast even on busy mornings.


With plenty of toasting and browning options to choose from, this toaster can keep everyone happy. The wide slots are perfect for a variety of breads, and there is even a convenient function for toasting thick bagels. The “defrost” feature lets you thaw and toast frozen waffles and other breakfast items and you will love the convenient “reheating” setting. This lets you warm up cold forgotten toast without causing it to darken or burn. This Faberware toaster also comes with a button that lets you cancel a cycle, which is always a convenient feature to have.


Not only does this model include all the functions you need to ensure everyone in your family can enjoy perfectly browned toast and bagels, it also includes some convenient extra features. The carriage will automatically center the bread to ensure even toasting without burnt edges, and it also includes a helpful lift mechanism. This allows the carriage to lift the toast higher so you can easily grab it without burning your fingers. With everything included with this Faberware 4 slice toaster it is hard to believe it comes at an affordable price.



Given the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, this is one of the best 4 slice toasters. It features a durable construction that is backed by a limited warranty, and is priced to fit almost any budget. The stainless steel construction is durable and easy to clean, and the polished metal blends in beautifully with your other high end appliances. Large families will love having to sets of slots, each with its own controls, and you will appreciate the two removable crumb trays. Designed to make it easy for busy families to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, this 4 slice toaster might be exactly what you are looking for.


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