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3 Best Electric Woks – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Electric Wok + Reviews


If you are looking for the best electric wok, but you are pressed for time, Grandma Jen is here to help you with some quick information on the product that is worth your money. It is called the Aroma Housewares AEW-305, and it offers outstanding value for the money. Its large capacity recommends it, as you will be able to cook a lot of food in one go for the entire family. This wok is designed to retain heat easily, so you will not experience the usual waiting times for food to be ready. Because iwt is an electric model, it offers some great extra features, such as the possibility to adjust the temperature, for more control over the recipes you are preparing. If the Aroma Housewares AEW-305 is no longer available, Grandma Jen has a quick fix for this problem, in the shape of the Presto 5900, another excellent wok that is worth your investment.



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Stir frying is a cooking method that allows you to keep the most important nutrients in your food while cooking it evenly, and lending it a delicious texture. This method, especially popular with Asian cuisine, is easy to implement, and all you need is a good wok. We went through the best electric wok reviews and we’ve reached the conclusion that certain things are crucial for picking the right model.



It is essential to see what kind of material is used in the making of the wok you intend to buy. For woks that are not electric, cast iron is the usual choice, because it helps with searing food to perfection. However, electric woks need to keep weight to a minimum, which means that other materials are preferred to the cumbersome cast iron.

Stainless steel is a great option, and a type of material often used for cooking utensils, because it does not rust and it can handle a lot of wear and tear. It is also more lightweight and easy to wash, which is why people prefer it. If you search for the best stainless steel electric wok, you will find models that enjoy a lot of favorable feedback from users.


Non-stick coating

There is quite a debate going on in the community of home cooks who use woks in their cooking. Some say that non-stick coating can make searing more difficult, and you will not be able to stir fry properly. However, this type of surface is easier to clean, so there are definite advantages.

Modern woks that work with electricity usually come with non-stick coating, to make maintenance easier. If you want to stick to the safe side and prevent burning your food and having to deal with a burnt wok afterward, go for this type of coating. The best electric wok to buy should come equipped with such a feature.


Heat control

One thing that will make the best rated electric wok stand out from the rest is the number of extra features. Heat control is necessary because not all ingredients can be stir fried at the same temperature and you need to vary the temperature to obtain excellent results.



3 Best Electric Woks (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The top electric woks currently available for sale are listed below. Based on the positive feedback these woks got from users, we established that they offer a good balance between decent pricing, excellent performance, and extra features.



1. Aroma Housewares AEW-305 


The Aroma Housewares AEW-305 is one of the most praised models on the market, due to the many advantages it offers. The wok can hold 7 quarts of food, which means that cooking for a small party or a more numerous family is easy as a breeze. The high domed lid allows heat to accumulate fast so that the food becomes well cooked on all sides.

It is imperative for your wok to retain heat properly, and this is what this model does best. The wok is made from sleek metal, and it can quickly become your most trusted companion in the kitchen. The wok will heat up fast, allowing you to start cooking right away.

The Aroma Housewares AEW-305 comes equipped with full-range temperature control, so you can experiment with different recipes, without fearing that you will not get the right amount of heat to sear the ingredients properly.

It must be mentioned that the model has non-stick interior and lid, to prevent mishaps in the kitchen. However, that means that you need to pay extra attention when using the wok with other utensils. Metal utensils are forbidden and, when washing the wok, you need to do it using warm water, soap, and a soft sponge, since the model is not dishwasher safe.



The large 7-quart capacity allows you to cook plenty of food when organizing small parties at home, or you want to cook for the entire family.

The wok has perfect heat retention, due to its overall construction and design that allows it to heat up fast and keep a constant temperature inside.

The non-stick coating helps with preventing accidents in the kitchen, and you will not have to work hard to clean it after each use.

The base and the handles remain cool to touch so that you can manipulate the wok even during operation.

The full-range temperature control offers you the possibility to try different recipes with great ease.



Customers complain about the fact that the electric plug cannot be removed for easy washing.

The thermostat does not have a measured range, which means that you can adjust the heat, but you cannot know exactly what temperature is achieved at a certain level.


Buy from for ($49.99)





2. Presto 5900 Stainless Steel Electric Wok


Ease of use is one of the most important aspects of an electric wok. The Presto 5900 is advertised as being a great helper in the kitchen since it is straightforward and painless to use. Customers agree, and they are pleased with the sleek stainless steel housing of the wok that makes cleaning it a real breeze.

The base is covered with aluminum and helps the wok to heat up fast. Also, aluminum is known to distribute heat evenly, which represents another significant advantage of this particular wok. The model comes equipped with side handles, so you can quickly take it from one place and transfer it with another.

The lid is made from tempered glass, and its rim and handle are also made from stainless steel. You will be able to monitor what happens inside during cooking easily. One great thing about both the wok and the lid is that they can be placed inside a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Preparing stir fry recipes has never been easier. You will be able to cook healthier, too, since only very little oil is necessary for cooking most recipes. Your purchase includes a wooden spatula that will make stirring the food easy.



The stainless steel body of this wok makes it lightweight, easy to use, and easy to retain heat, for excellent results, and minimum maintenance.

The 1500-watt power that fuels this cooking device makes sure that you will not feel the difference between this wok and those that must be used on a gas range since they are non-electric.

The lid is made from tempered glass, allowing you to peek inside and watch how food is being prepared during the cooking process.

Both the wok and the lid are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a real breeze.

You will receive a wooden spatula along with your purchase, so you can start cooking right away.



Because it does not have a non-stick coating, you may get some burnt food remains on the bottom. However, since it is dishwasher safe, that should not be that much of a problem.

Some customers argue that only the bottom gets hot.


Buy from for ($67.34)





3. VonShef 7.4Qt Adjustable Temperature Control


This electric wok is large in size and, therefore, you can easily use it when preparing delicious meals for your loved ones. The choice is made of aluminum, and, consequently, it is likely to pass the test of time.

Moreover, this 14-inch wok has a non-stick interior that features an advanced coating that prevents the food from sticking to it. Even more so, given its features, this option can efficiently be used when preparing oil-free meals.

To adjust the cooking temperature, one just has to use the rotary dial and to select one of the four adjustments available. You can choose from warm 176°F, low 302°F, medium 374°F or high 446°F.

To help avoid any unhappy accidents, this unit has cool-touch handles that were made of heat-resistant silicone. The tempered glass lid that you can use to see the cooking process is also heat-resistant. Size-wise, this product measures L14.8” x D14” x 8.7,” and it weighs 5.5 lbs.

After you are done cooking, you can effortlessly separate the wok from the power cord, and you can set it on the table so that you can conveniently serve the food that you have just prepared. Its design is likely to catch your attention.



With a total capacity of 7.4qt, this option is sizable enough for you to be able to prepare enough food for your loved ones. It is perfect when making Asian-style dishes.

The adjustable temperature-control dial that the model features is easy to use and, overall, quite convenient.

Because the lid and the handles of the unit remain cool at all times, you won’t risk burning your fingers while handling it.

The interior of the wok consists of a non-stick surface that can prove useful when preparing oil-free meals.



There have been customers that were quick to point out that this product is a bit expensive when compared to other similar choices that are also available.

Because this item has not received numerous feedback comments from previous owners, it is somewhat difficult to say whether or not there are undisclosed issues with it that you should be particularly aware of.


Buy from for ($74.99)





Unavailable products


Breville The Hot Wok RMBEW600XL


You can use this product to cook various healthy meals for your family. Too much oil or fat in your food can turn any meal into one that is not a good option if you try following a healthier diet. Asian countries, where stir frying is a common cooking method, are known for the extended lifespan of their inhabitants.

The Breville RMBEW600XL can help you prepare food like an Asian home cook, and enjoy the same benefits.

The electric wok is capable of heating up to 425F, and it allows you to prepare a broad range of foods that will make a great impression on your taste buds and not only. This method helps to preserve nutrients and also creates a special crunchy texture that makes food even more enjoyable.

The non-stick coating helps with cooking efficiently, and the best part is, of course, that you will not have to work hard to remove burnt food from the bottom of the wok. The glass lid allows you to watch the food while it is being made and the family size of the wok – 6 quarts – contributes to its usefulness in the kitchen. Use the 15 heat settings for various types of meals.



The wok can heat up to 425F and has 15 different heat settings, which means that you can stir fry, but also cook other recipes, like pasta, soup, curry, and many others.

The wok is dishwasher safe, making things easy in the kitchen for you.

The Quantanium non-stick coating prevents food from getting stuck on the bottom and also makes cleaning the wok a real breeze.

You will need less oil to cook, due to the overall construction of the wok and its non-stick coating, which means that your meals will be healthier.

This wok performs almost just as good as a traditional wok that you must use on top of a gas range, offering extra convenience.



Some may argue that the non-stick coating affects the way you will stir fry your food and that you may not get the same great results like when cooking with a traditional wok.
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