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3 Best Electric Percolators – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Electric Percolator + Reviews


If you are looking to find the best electric percolator, but you have little time on your hands, Grandma Jen recommends the Presto 02822 as it is a very powerful device that can brew around 2 to 6 cups of coffee in just a few minutes. The unit is very easy to use, and it features a ready-to-serve indicator light that will let you know when the brewing is done, so you can safely disconnect the device. The automatic keep-warm mode will allow you to keep the coffee at ideal serving temperature for as long as you wish. It is made of luxurious stainless steel and includes a filter basket and a perk tube for easy cleaning and lasting beauty. If our first pick is not available for sale, but you still want to make a good purchase, we recommend you consider the Hamilton Beach 40621R since it offers similar features and performance.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding cheap electric percolators that can brew a delicious cup of coffee may seem complicated at first, but when equipped with the right knowledge, making a good purchase can become a lot easier.

Researching the market is an essential first step, but that can be time-consuming, and you might still end up feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options available today. If that is the case, you have come to the right place. In our guide below, you’ll find the factors to keep in mind if you want to find the right option for your every need.


With the wealth of options available on the market nowadays, you can find good electric percolators for every taste and need. Some options offer a small capacity and are only capable of providing one or two cups of coffee. These models are ideal for students or for people that live on their own and don’t want to brew more than they need.

If you have a large family, you are a coffee enthusiast, or you like having friends and family come by for a flavorful cup of coffee, there are lots of choices for you. There are many premium coffee percolators that can serve more than 12 people at once.


Build and design quality

The quality of the coffee maker is the most critical factor to consider. Unlike the capacity, it can be much harder to gauge the quality of a product, but certainly not impossible.

Try to look at the materials, if it is made of solid stainless steel you should have nothing to worry about since it is a material that can prevent corrosion and it handles high temperatures perfectly without affecting the quality of the coffee.

The design is also important. A coffee maker should be practical to use, but it should also look good. While looks might not be everything, if you do end up getting a unit that goes well with your kitchen, you will find yourself enjoying the daily ritual of brewing your coffee even more.


Additional features

What’s awesome about electric percolators is that they can come with lots of nifty features that would otherwise not be present in the classic stovetop model. Certain units come with a keep-warm heater that will maintain the coffee at the ideal serving temperature until you are ready to serve it.

Similarly, some might be more efficient than others at brewing, which is an excellent feature for people that are always in a hurry. While most units will prepare a cup in around a minute, you can find more expensive units that can get the job done in under a minute.




3 Best Electric Percolators (Updated Reviews) in 2021



While we can’t decide for you, we can suggest some of the critically acclaimed models currently available on the market. Below you will find the options that have garnered only positive electric percolators reviews, and that stood out due to their quality and reliability. Take a look and pick the one that meets your requirements.



1. Presto 02822 6 Cup Stainless Steel


The 500-watt stainless steel percolator can brew from 2 to 6 cups of coffee so that you can prepare just the amount you need without having to waste any of it. The hot water will circulate through grounds, which will create the familiar percolating sound that customers love.

It comes with a ready-to-serve indicator light that will shine brightly when the brewing process is complete. This way you’ll be alerted immediately so that you don’t waste any time checking the container, a feature that you will welcome when you’re in a hurry trying to get to work.

This model also comes with a detachable cord which will make transporting and storing the coffee maker much easier, and it will also help with the durability of the unit. The cord is the most fragile element of a percolator and having the ability to detach it when not in use will help you prevent any accidental damage to it.

You also get a drip-free spout for a graceful serving, together with a cool-touch knob and handle to ensure that you will not spill the contents. As a plus, the 02822 unit comes with a keep-warm mode that will keep the coffee ready to serve for as long as you want.


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2. Hamilton Beach 40621R 8 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator


The Hamilton Beach option is a very affordable pick that manages to pack a whole lot of useful features, especially when compared with other similarly priced models. It is a popular choice for brewing coffee that is consistently rich and robust in flavor. It can brew up to 8 cups in less than a minute per cup, a great feature for people that are always in a rush.

In the morning, you can start the coffee machine and go about your business because as soon as the ready-to-serve light turns on, the keep-warm heater will start. The heater ensures that your coffee will stay hot and fresh until you are ready to serve it. It can also be useful if you want to greet your friends with a hot brew, but you are not sure when they’ll arrive.

The use of stainless steel and the rounded design will make the percolator look attractive on the table whether it’s morning breakfast or after-dinner dessert. The detachable cord and the cool touch handle will make it even easier to serve.

Additionally, the 40621R isn’t just for coffee since you can also use it to heat water for tea, instant coffee, or hot cocoa.


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3. West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless Steel Electric Coffee


The West Bend can brew as few as 2 cups and as many as 12, making it a great and versatile percolator coffee maker since you can easily control the capacity by varying the amount of water poured into the pot and the amount of coffee grinds put in the basket. The ready-to-serve indicator light will let you know when the brewing process finishes.

You won’t have to babysit this product because once the coffee is made, the keep-warm mode will turn on automatically to keep the brew at the perfect serving temperature until you are ready to savor it. The cord is also detachable to prevent damage to it and for easy tabletop serving.

The unit’s base, as well as the handle, are made from black plastic that remains cool. The handle is heat resistant, and it will always stay cool which makes the serving process a lot safer and easier. Speaking of the handle, behind it you have a coffee level indicator so that you can see in real time just how much brew you have left.

Another additional feature that customers like comes from the perfectly designed spout for spill-free and effortless pouring.


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