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3 Best Electric Hot Plates – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Electric Hot Plate + Reviews


If you’ve been trying to get the best electric plate out there, but you are always running short on time, we are here to make this process easier for you. Therefore, to be of help, we have looked at what the experts and other buyers had to say on the topic and, consequently, we have decided that the Cuisinart CB-30 is the device that you should think about investing in. This product features a cast iron cooking surface that is highly durable, and that can retain heat for a long time. On top of that, this device features indicator lights that make the entire cooking process effortless. Because the cooking surface of the unit is flat, cleaning it won’t be at all challenging. If this particular hot plate happens to be out of stock, feel free to check out the Cadco CSR-3T, as it might also suit your needs.



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Installing a gas stove is hardly an option when you are away from home to study, or you live in a small house where such possibilities are limited. This is when an electric hot plate will come in handy. Harnessing the power of electricity to transform it into heat, such a device is handy for cooking. By reading the best electric hot plate reviews, we reached the conclusion that there are certain characteristics you need to keep in mind.

Cooking surface and size

These essential aspects must be evaluated in regards to how much space you have at your disposal and what kind of cooking you intend to do. Some models are small enough to allow you to make a cup of tea or boil an egg, but they are hardly suitable for anything else.

There are models with one burner that can serve for cooking certain dishes that do not require a lot of elaborate preparation, and there are also hot plates with two burners that can almost replace a full-fledged stove, by offering you the possibility to cook plenty of food.

Using such an electric hot plate cooker can save you a lot of time. Only you can decide the best electric hot plate for cooking from those available, based on these aspects.


Which is better: a coil heating element or a flat plate?

If you shop around a little, you will notice that two models seem more popular: a flat plate design and models with a coil heating element. Each of them has different advantages. For instance, the flat design is easier to clean, but some people argue that coil elements are better for transferring heat.


Temperature control

Don’t forget that the best portable electric hot plate should come equipped with proper temperature control. Adjusting the level of heat helps with avoiding to burn your food and will let you experiment with different recipes, as well.

The models that enjoy the highest popularity with consumers are those with several different temperature settings. They are easy to use, and they give you proper control over the cooking process.


3 Best Electric Hot Plates (Updated Reviews) in 2021



You can find the most popular hot electric plates for sale below. Gathering numerous positive reviews from buyers and offering certain advantages, they combine performance and attractive pricing and offer good value.



1. Cuisinart CB-30 Cast Iron Single Burner


The Cuisinart CB-30 is a highly reliable option if you are looking for a small cooking device that will still get the job done. First of all, notice that the hot plate is made from cast iron, a material that is excellent for retaining heat, which means that it is very efficient, as well.

The 1300 watts of power make sure that your hot plate will have enough power to heat up fast; also, you will notice that retaining heat is not an issue and you can use it to your heart’s content. It serves that the model comes equipped with indicator lights that let you know that the hot plate is in operation, so you don’t touch it by accident.

The flat plate is easy to clean, unlike coil models, so you can rest assured that you will be able to use it in case you need to take it along with it to college and install it in your student quarters. The stainless steel housing makes it a beautiful choice for any kitchen, and it will look good, no matter what.

Make use of the six available temperature settings to warm up meals, cook food, or just boil an egg. You will find it very versatile and dependable, and your meals will be much healthier than the junk food that is usually available.



The heavy duty cast iron cooking surface is excellent at retaining heat, and it is highly durable, which will extend the lifespan of your cooking device.

The 1300-watt power ensures that the plate will heat up fast and you will not have to worry about heat retention either.

Indicator lights show when the cooker is on and when it is ready to be used, eliminating guessing work and accidents in your kitchen.

The flat cooking surface is easy to clean and ideal for student accommodations, where such conveniences are much appreciated.

Its portable size is another great plus and contributes to the overall appeal of this model.



The black coating will start peeling off if you scrub too hard, as some reviewers indicate.

There is no indicator to let you know when the hot plate cools down, and it takes a while to do so.


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2. Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hi Power


The Cadco CSR-3T offers plenty of advantages when it comes to cooking in cramped places, where there is no room for a gas stove. One of its most important aspects is the 8-inch tubular heating element that contributes to quick heat up. The number one reason why some people prefer this design is because it manages to heat up faster than a flat plate.

You can control the temperature level by using the Robertshaw thermostat installed on the unit. Picking the right temperature is convenient, especially if you are planning on trying different recipes that require you to adjust the heat.

When the burner is on, a power light will let you know, so you can avoid touching it by accident. This will also tell you to start using it for cooking, boiling water, or warming up food, depending on what you have in mind.

The stainless housing is easy to keep clean and also makes the cooking device look nice in any setting, something you may want to bear in mind when you leave for college and you don’t want your cooker to draw unnecessary attention. Powered by 1500 watts, it is a good option for a portable hot plate.



The hot plate is powered by 1500 watts, enough for heating up fast and retaining the right temperature for as long as you need it.

The model uses a particular type of thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature as needed, for various recipes.

There is a power indicator light that will warn you the unit is on, and you should not touch the heating element with your bare hands.

The housing is made from stainless steel, and it is easy to clean. Also, it makes the hot plate look stylish, which is a significant gain.

The model comes with an 8-inch tubular element whose design helps the hot plate heat up fast.



The coil element can be quite difficult to clean, and the unit cannot be taken apart for easy cleaning, as some reviewers say in their comments.


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3. Cusimax CMHP-C180 Double Hot Plate


The Cusimax CMHP-C180 is an optimal choice for an office, student accommodations, camping purposes, RVs, and holiday homes. Also, if you are in dire need of an extra cooking device in your kitchen, this model may be just what you seek.

One great thing about this model is that it can be used with any cookware you may need, such as pots and pans, and even containers made from glass or aluminum. The unit has two burners, which makes it ideal for cooking food in larger quantities if this is something you need. You can use it for any meal you want, for making soup, pasta, grill cheese, or scrambled eggs. Its versatility highly recommends it.

The model comes with automatic shut-off function, which is paramount to keeping your home safe from fire hazards. Another plus is that the unit is easy to clean, as its housing is made from stainless steel. The two burners are easy to clean.

You can regulate the temperature using the available thermostat. For frequent use, this model is an indicated choice, as it is durable, convenient, and easy to clean. An 18-month warranty is offered with your purchase.



This unit has two burners and can be used for cooking a broad variety of foods, to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen work.

You can use any pot or pan with these burners without noticing heat loss or other problems.

The automatic shut-off is an essential add-on, as it ensures safety in the kitchen and prevents fires.

The stainless steel housing is durable and also easy to clean, so you will find it convenient to use frequently without having to worry about cleaning it afterward.

The flat surface of the burners is easy to clean, which means that occasional spills will not be a major issue.



The lack of an indicator light to let the user know when the burners are cooled off is seen as a disappointment, as you can read from some buyers’ comments.


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